Glasgow Warriors help launch Kiltwalk 2017

GLASGOW WARRIORS duo Nick Grigg and James Malcolm were joined by Lucy Kerr, the current Miss Scotland, to launch the Glasgow Royal Bank of Scotland Kiltwalk 2017 this weekend. The event, where philanthropic Scots can raise money for Scotland’s charities, takes place on April 30 and starts at Glasgow Green, finishing in Loch Lomond. 

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The Warriors are encouraging the Warrior Nation to take part for Hearts & Balls, a charity which helps rugby look after its own.

“Hearts & Balls can’t function without donations so support from people fundraising is vital. The Kiltwalk is the perfect way to raise money as it’s a physical challenge with a real sense of achievement. A number of rugby players took part last year and they all raved about their experience,” said centre Grigg, who scored two tries during the Warriors’ most recent win against Newport Gwent Dragons.

Sir Tom Hunter and The Hunter Foundation has pledged that 110% of all fundraising at each of the four 2017 Royal Bank of Scotland Kiltwalk events will go to charity, meaning that for every £1 raised, £1.10 will go to walkers’ chosen charities.

Furthermore, platinum sponsor Arnold Clark has generously pledged that one lucky Kiltwalker from each of the four 2017 events will win a brand new Renault Clio. Simply register to take part in any 2017 Royal Bank of Scotland Kiltwalk and the more you fundraise, the higher your chances are of winning a car.

For the first time ever, the Kiltwalk is open to all charities and so walkers can raise money for any cause close to their hearts. Last year, 8,000 people took part in the Kiltwalk and raised almost £900,000.

Kiltwalk has raised more than £3.5 million for Scottish charitable causes since 2011. The dates for The Royal Bank of Scotland Kiltwalk 2017 are: Glasgow (April 30), Aberdeen (June 4), Dundee (August 20) and Edinburgh (September 17).

Walkers can choose to walk the Mighty Stride (23 miles), the Big Stroll (15 miles) or the Wee Wander (6 miles) so people of all ages and abilities can take part.

To sign up for any of the four Royal Bank of Scotland Kiltwalks in Glasgow, Aberdeen, Dundee or Edinburgh simply visit:


With less than two months to go until the first 2017 Royal Bank of Scotland Kiltwalk the countdown is officially on! Here are a number of top tips to ensure you put the best foot forward on Glasgow Green on the 30th of April. 

Getting started…

Dr Stuart Gray, Lecturer in Exercise and Metabolic Health at the British Heart Foundation Glasgow Cardiovascular Research Centre. 

* Check with your GP before starting any exercise programme and build your training up slowly.

* Recommendations are for 150 minutes of moderate exercise per day. Moderate intensity is hard to define and measure but it is important to reach the required intensity. Doing something that leaves you a bit short of breath would be good, a slow amble probably isn’t enough. Doing anything is better than nothing, but the more you can do, the better!

* Have a realistic training plan but be prepared to be flexible as we know life can get in the way! Try and find a training buddy and get your family and friends involved, social support can really help.

* Eat a healthy balanced diet. There is no single perfect diet for everyone so find one that works for you. When you start training more you will need to eat more, but don’t go over the top. Fuel yourself with plenty of carbohydrates (pasta etc.) and protein (milk, meat, pulses etc.) for training, during the Kiltwalk and for recovery afterwards.

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail

Colin Gregor, Former Scotland 7s rugby captain and co-founder of fitness classes PHIT which he runs with Commonwealth Games medallist Charline Joiner 

* Undertake some strength training. Even 4 sets of 10 bodyweight squats 3-4 times a week will help. Having some muscle strength will help endurance and protect your joints from the impact of 23 miles of walking.

* Do some core work. Maintaining good posture will limit build-up of stress on lower back and pelvis.

* Start by holding a plank as long as you can without losing form (back sinks or head drops). Rest and repeat. Also look at some glute activation. Simple straight leg raises when lying on your side are a great way to start. Hold for 5 seconds. Aim for 6 repetitions each side and build from there.

* Improve your flexibility. Again it helps endurance and will ensure good form for the walk.

* Practice walking! Take the stairs when you have a chance. And maybe walk one stop on your commute to or from work. Download a podcast or phone somebody and you won’t even realise you’re covering the miles!

Raise those funds!

Jill Watson, Community Events Manager for the Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity, for which walkers raised £95,000 during last year’s Kiltwalks 

* Get started on your fundraising journey as soon as possible. If you need some help or advice then get in touch with your chosen charity.

* Set up your Everyday Hero page to maximise fundraising. This will allow you to share your story and let people know why you are walking the Kiltwalk. You can keep track of how much you have raised so far and you can gain additional funds through claiming Gift Aid.

* Promote your online page on social networks to let friends and family know about your fundraising and how sponsoring you will help. Why not add a link to your page in your email signature at work too?

* Take your supporters on a journey with updates on your progress, reminding them why they should sponsor you. If you choose to walk for Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity you can join one of our many training walks and share photos and updates of your progress. You will also be invited for a hospital tour to see the importance of your fundraising and that’s definitely worth a share!

* Why not encourage friends and family members to join you and participate as a Team! As they say…Together Everyone Achieves More!

* Find out if your workplace offers a matched giving scheme whereby whatever money you raise for charity, your company will match this amount.

* Remember if you’re walking to raise money for the Kiltwalk, every penny you raise will be distributed by the STV Children’s Appeal.

Walking 23 miles in style

Jilli Blackwood, textile artist and designer of the 2014 Team Scotland Commonwealth Games opening ceremony uniforms 

* Wear a kilt you’ve worn before and you know you will feel comfortable in. Practice walking in your kilt in different weather conditions if possible in the weeks leading up to the event so there aren’t any surprises on the day.

* There are loads of different kilts out there, some are made from heavier fabrics than others. A lighter kilt might be a better option for those walking the full 23 miles as you don’t want to be carrying dead weight.

* As well as different types of kilt there are a huge variety of tartans available and, of course, a kilt doesn’t have to be made out of tartan. You want to stand out from the crowd and be noticed for your efforts so why not be daring and go for something that’s a bit different? After all, this is your moment to shine for your chosen charity!

* The Kiltwalk is about having fun and enjoying yourself in the fresh air whilst raising money for your charity. Wearing your kilt, whatever you choose, will make you feel great, enhance your performance and boost your stamina to make it to the end.

Why should I sign-up?

* The Glasgow Kiltwalk takes place on the 30th of April and starts on Glasgow Green. The full Kiltwalk ends on the banks of picturesque Loch Lomond.

* Anyone can do it. You can sign up for the Mighty Stride (23 miles) the Big Stroll (15 miles) or the Wee Wander (6 miles).

* If you can’t make the Glasgow Kiltwalk, there are three more chances this year, in Aberdeen on June 4, Dundee on August 20 or Edinburgh on September 17.

* This year the Kiltwalk is open to all charities so you can choose to fundraise for any cause close to your heart.

* For every £1 raised, £1.10 will go to your chosen charity. This is thanks to Sir Tom Hunter and The Hunter Foundation pledging that 110% of all fundraising goes to the charity of your choice.

* Arnold Clark is a platinum sponsor and has pledged that one lucky Kiltwalker from each of the four 2017 events will win a brand new Renault Clio.

Sign up and join us for an unforgettable day – with each step you’re raising money for incredibly worthwhile charities and getting fit and healthy at the same time. Register for the Kiltwalk here


Businesses across Scotland have come together to support the Kiltwalk: 

* Royal Bank of Scotland is the headline sponsor of the four events across Scotland once again.

* The Hunter Foundation and Sir Tom Hunter underwrite all costs and this year have generously pledged that 110% of all fundraising at each of the events will go to charity.

* STV Children’s Appeal is the official grant making partner so those who choose to walk for the Kiltwalk itself will raise money that will be distributed through the STV Children’s Appeal.

* Highland Spring – bottled water partner keeping thirsty walkers hydrated on route.

* Trespass – quality uniforms supplied for Kiltwalk’s army of Kiltie volunteers and event day staff uniforms.




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