Tennent’s Premiership Leaderboard – after 15th February matches

Jed-Forest's Robbie Yourston made strides up the try-scoring and golden boot charts with a 29-point haul from Saturday's win over GHA

Jed-Forest's Robbie Yourston scored three tries and kicked 14 points on Saturday. Image: John Williamson
Jed-Forest's Robbie Yourston scored three tries and kicked 14 points on Saturday. Image: John Williamson


11 – Conor Bickerstaff (Marr)

10 – Fergus Scott (Currie Chieftains)

9 – Nathan Brown (Aberdeen Grammar) and Andrew Mitchell (Hawick)

8 – Callum Young (Jed-Forest) and Scott Bickerstaff (Marr)

7 – Robbie Yourston (Jed-Forest)

6 – Tom Aplin and Nat Coe (both Aberdeen Grammar), Steven Hamilton and Mike Vernel (both Currie Chieftains), Craig Bachurzewski and Matt Carryer (both Hawick), Lewis Young (Jed-Forest), Colin Sturgeon (Marr) and Henry Bithray, Scott McClymont and Josh Welsh (all Selkirk)

5 – Murray Mitchell and Robin Cessford (both Aberdeen Grammar), Graeme Carson, Gregor Christie and Archie McLean (all Currie Chieftains), Max Love and Jamie Sole (both Edinburgh Accies), Jackson Baillie, Jordan Craig and Grant Mollison (all GHA), Kerr Gossman (Glasgow Hawks), Logan Gordon-Wooley (Hawick), Garry Young and Rory Marshall (all Jed-Forest), Richard Dalgliesh, Mackenzie Pearce and Ollie Rossi (all Marr), Craig Owenson and Danny Owenson (both Musselburgh), Ryan Cotterill (Selkirk)

CCL Logistics


74 – Marr

72 – Currie Chieftains

57 – Jed-Forest

54 – Aberdeen Grammar

53 – Musselburgh

52 – Selkirk

48 – GHA and Hawick

45 – Edinburgh Accies

39 – Glasgow Hawks

Apartments in Leith


122 – Colin Sturgeon (Marr)

118 – Tom Aplin (Aberdeen Grammar)

109 – Robbie Yourston (Jed-Forest)

105 – Liam Brims (Glasgow Hawks)

96 – Danny Owenson (Musselburgh)

86 – Gregor Hunter (Currie Chieftains)

76 – Ali Weir (Hawick)

65 – Aaron McColm (Selkirk)

44 – Jack Anderson (GHA)

41 –  Jamie Loomes (Edinburgh Accies)

This week’s Premiership Match Reports:

Musselburgh battle out a potentially valuable draw in the Stoneyhill mud

Aberdeen Grammar v Currie Chieftains: Storm Dennis meets its match at Rubislaw

Jed-Forest v GHA: hosts ease relegation fears whilst pushing visitors into danger-zone

Premiership talking points from Saturday 15th February


14 – Jed-Forest (1 x red)

13 – Edinburgh Accies (1 x red)

11 – Hawick

10 – GHA (1 x red) and Selkirk

8 – Musselburgh

7 – Currie Chieftains and Marr

6 – Glasgow Hawks

4 –  Aberdeen Grammar

Cala Homes supports Currie Chieftains


Marr RFC16141157125231910169
Currie Chieftains17134055826729113267
Hawick RFC1612314502472039160
Selkirk RFC18972392375176349
GHA RFC186120361539-1786434
Glasgow Hawks175120337425-885732
Edinburgh Acc164102332408-765227
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Premiership talking points from Saturday 15th February

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