Tennent’s Premiership Leaderboard – after 11th January matches

The Offside Line's record of top try-scorers (individual and team), most prolific kicker and most yellow-cards by team so far

Tom Aplin scored a try and kicked 10 points for Aberdeen Grammar against Musselburgh last weekend. Image: Howard Moles
Tom Aplin scored a try and kicked 10 points for Aberdeen Grammar against Musselburgh last weekend. Image: Howard Moles


11 – Conor Bickerstaff (Marr)

9 – Nathan Brown (Aberdeen Grammar) and Fergus Scott (Currie Chieftains)

8 –  Callum Young (Jed-Forest)

7 – Andrew Mitchell (Hawick)

6 – Nat Coe (Aberdeen Grammar), Steven Hamilton (Currie Chieftains), Craig Bachurzewski and Matt Carryer (both Hawick), Colin Sturgeon and Scott Bickerstaff (both Marr) and Henry Bithray and Josh Welsh (both Selkirk)

5 – Tom Aplin and Robin Cessford (both Aberdeen Grammar), Archie McLean and Mike Vernel (both Currie Chieftains), Max Love and Jamie Sole (both Edinburgh Accies), Jackson Baillie (GHA), Richard Dalgliesh, Mackenzie Pearce and Ollie Rossi (all Marr), Danny Owenson (Musselburgh), Ryan Cotterill and Scott McClymont (both Selkirk)

4 –  Murray Mitchell (Aberdeen Grammar), Charlie Brett and Wallace Nelson (both Currie Chieftains), Sean Crombie and Penalty Tries (both Edinburgh Accies), Grant Mollison (GHA), Max Priestly and Ryan Sweeney (both Glasgow Hawks), Logan Gordon-Wooley and Jae Linton (both Hawick), Monty Mitchell, Gary Munro, Lewis Young and Robbie Yourston (all Jed-Forest), Gregor Ness, Gregor Paxton and Iosefo Turaga (all Marr), Craig Owenson and Gregor Tait (both Musselburgh), James Bett (Selkirk)

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71 – Marr

61 – Currie Chieftains

49 – Aberdeen Grammar

48 – Selkirk

45 – Edinburgh Accies

44 – Jed-Forest and Musselburgh

43 – Hawick

41 – GHA

35 – Glasgow Hawks

Apartments in Leith


122 – Colin Sturgeon (Marr)

105 – Tom Aplin (Aberdeen Grammar)

101 – Liam Brims (Glasgow Hawks)

89 – Robbie Yourston (Jed-Forest)

84 – Danny Owenson (Musselburgh)

74 – Gregor Hunter (Currie Chieftains)

70 – Ali Weir (Hawick)

59 – Aaron McColm (Selkirk)

44 – Jack Anderson (GHA)

41 –  Jamie Loomes (Edinburgh Accies)

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14 – Jed-Forest (1 x red)

12 – Edinburgh Accies (1 x red)

10 – Hawick

9 – GHA (1 x red) and Selkirk

8 – Musselburgh

7 – Currie Chieftains and Marr

6 – Glasgow Hawks

3 –  Aberdeen Grammar

Cala Homes supports Currie Chieftains


Marr RFC1412115072252829160
Currie Chieftains14104046820026810252
Hawick RFC139313322051277146
Selkirk RFC1577133433135338
GHA RFC14590313440-1276329
Edinburgh ACC13472299338-395126
Glasgow Hawks144100291393-1025526
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