‘Task Force’ to be set up to look into SRU governance

SRU President Dee Bradbury says the current Governance Working Party which has Gavin MacColl QC as its independent chair will be stood down

Dee Bradbury has announced that the SRU Council will assemble a 'Task Force' to look into the issue of governance.
Dee Bradbury has announced that the SRU Council will assemble a 'Task Force' to look into the issue of governance. Image: Fotosport/David Gibson

THE long running saga of what to do with the governance of Scottish Rugby took another twist this afternoon when SRU President Dee Bradbury issued a ‘club communication’ to announce the creation of a Task Force which will looking into the thorny issue.

There is no mention in the communication of the governance review conducted by Sir Bill Gammell and Norman Murray last year, which was presented to clubs at the start of December and received a fairly hostile reception.

The brief message from Bradbury said –

Following  the Scottish Rugby Council meeting last Thursday the decision was taken by the Scottish Rugby Council to form a Task Force to address the issues of Governance within Scottish Rugby. The current Governance Working Party will be stood down.  This new task force will be established swiftly. The population of this group will be a decision of Council and will be confirmed to clubs as soon as possible. The Scottish Rugby Board is fully supportive of this initiative.  It is anticipated that the task force will meet in the coming weeks to progress matters.

Opinion: ‘There is something rotten at the heart of Scottish Rugby’

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  1. So the SRU are going to assemble a task force to see if the SRU are doing a good job?

    Should waste a few more months then.

    My bet is business as usual and probably a pay rise for Mr Dodson.

  2. May be rather simplistic but why don’t the clubs have a vote of no confidence in Dodson and co.

    • I’m with you on that.
      Rotten at the top .the money they’re draining out of Scottish rugby could be put to the grass roots level .
      Who don’t seem to exist in Dodson & co’s world

  3. this Presidential statement is a late “get out of jail” card played to pacify the clubs of OUR UNION who were presented with the Gammell power grab report almost as the only solution in corporate top down styyle.I want the SRU to be well run and profitable and I agree with the analysis that the pro and amateur games are entirely different.Governance is therefore a key issue to be addressed but not rushed through almost eliminating the clubs in any say like some decree from the great and the good.The concurrent revelation of the disproportionate rewards/bonus of the CEO and some other executives has caused an uproar-rightly-when the trickle down funding to the grassroots clubs is under threat. £500000 of the CEO’s almost £1 million salary would really help the leagues/clubs. The shareholders ie the clubs have to regain control of the process and in democratic,transparent fashion without damaging disruptive division.

  4. Is this Dee Bradbury finally exerting her authority to try to recover the current shambles? I hope so. A sports organisation based on the efforts of volunteers cannot sit back and let Dodson and co. draw gratuitous salaries on the back of very mediocre performance. I am all for a professional set up at Murrayfield but not one driven by greed and ego.

  5. So the current Governance Working Party, led by a QC, is being “stood down”, but no mention of the “independent” review carried out by Gammell.

    What does this say about the Councils confidence in the Chair of the Governance Working Party?

    Is Mr MacColl the first to be relieved of his duties as a result of the various reviews that have been carried out over the years?

    Guessing he told them something they didn’t want to hear.

  6. From Dee saying “move along son, nothing to see here” we now have the forensic team moving in en masse in their white coats and wellies. Best putting on face masks, it is amazing how things stink when they have been rotting in dark places for a long time.

    And take photographs folks, we need to ensure the evidence does not become contaminated.

  7. Hope it’s done by independent people not under Dodson’s & co’s rule or scrutiny
    If any fiddling done they will be outed and sacked .
    Fans are really dissallusioned by present shower up at Murrayfield

  8. Terms of reference? Selection criteria for getting on the task force?

    This is the sort of thing that got us into this bother in the first place. Also need to be done at the right pace not in a panic.

  9. I am very concerned, this has the taste of certain senior individuals at hq wanting to take even more control , when the direction of the whole set up has been waysome for some time.
    Assuming clubs get dictated to about who is appointed we are likely to be treated like mushrooms again. Most clubs will not put up with this disastrous shambles for much longer….i hope.

  10. Here’s hoping for credibility in the participants and their findings otherwise it will be the old Deckchair routine on the Titanic.

  11. It appears to be an “emergency” measure to stem something that has gone wildly up the left. It also looks to be a vote of no confidence in the direction and decision-making of the board, and the existing governance structure.

    Hardly surprising considering some of the behaviors being exhibited in the last couple of years by certain individuals.


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