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19/11/16 BT Murrayfield - Edinburgh Scotland v Argentina Scotlands Huw Jones tackles Argentinas Pablo Matera Photo credit should read: © Craig Watson Craig Watson, 07479748060

Maybe not a classic – but job done

Disappointing game. Scotland did not play as well as they did against Australia last week – but did, on balance, deserve to win. The ‘no-arm’ tackle was low enough for the critical penalty to be considered harsh, but we know that referees have been instructed to adopt a zero tolerance approach to reckless challenges. As a team, Scotland dug deep and had the hard edge needed to get what was a very important result against solid southern hemisphere opposition. Hopefully, no wanton ‘nearly men’ chat in the media this week!

The nuts and bolts

Top dogs


‘Small margins’ only come into play once robust structures are in place – and these structures are now in place.

Mark Dodson must be distinctly nervous about having allowed himself to be pressurised into the premature dumping of Vern Cotter in order to accommodate Gregor Townsend.

We are where we are

Now seventh in the World Rugby rankings – three places higher than rating in terms of playing numbers.

The real challenge facing Scottish Rugby is to regenerate the badly eroded rugby playing population – perhaps with consideration of Argentina’s recent successful move towards rebuilding their game addressing the problem from the bottom up, rather than from the top down.

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