Super6 Sprint fixtures and TV details announced

Millbrae match between Ayrshire Bulls and Boroughmuir Bears will kick off new competition

Ayrshire Bulls captain Blair MacPherson lifts the Super6 trophy. Imag: © Craig Watson -
Ayrshire Bulls became the first FOSROC Super6 champions last October and will kick off the new Sprint competition later this month. Image: © Craig Watson -

THE first Super6 Sprint tournament will kick off at Millbrae a week on Friday when Ayrshire Bulls take on Boroughmuir Bears. The following day Watsonians are at home to Stirling County while Heriot’s will welcome the Southern Knights.

Each team will play the other five once in the regular mini-season, with the pattern of one game on a Friday and two on a Saturday continuing. The league will then split into a top and bottom half for three weeks of additional games, with the teams in each half playing each other on a round-robin basis. League positions, total points, and points differential carry over from the pre-split section of the season.

All 21 matches in the tournament will be televised, with FreeSports showing the Friday games and the BBC screening the Saturday matches. The Saturday games will also be streamed on the SRU’s website.

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The Sprint will run until June, and will be followed by a full Super6 home-and-away competition, in which each side will play 10 matches followed by play-offs for the top four. The initial plan to also have a cross-border competition with Welsh clubs has now been put firmly on hold.

“Although the FOSROC Super6 Championship in the summer will be our main competition, the FOSROC Super6 Sprint Series will play a crucial part in building towards the first full season of Championship fixtures,” Grant McKelvey, the SRU’s Head of Performance Programmes, said.

“With cross-border opportunities on hold for this season due to the ongoing impact of the pandemic, we’re focused on delivering a quality season of rugby at this important level. The FOSROC Super6 Sprint Series gives all players and teams an opportunity to showcase themselves with the expansive brand of rugby we saw in the last edition, played in better, hopefully warmer, weather.

“Once all Super6 clubs have managed to reset after the Sprint we move into the block of 10 intensive fixtures for the FOSROC Super6 Championship, which culminates with the semi-final play-offs for the top four placed teams in the league, followed by the grand final at the end of October.

“We’re delighted that both FreeSports and BBC Scotland will be continuing as broadcast partners of the FOSROC Super6. To be able to broadcast all 21 matches to a worldwide audience is a significant landmark development for the competition.”



  • Fri 15: Ayrshire Bulls v Boroughmuir Bears (7.45pm)
  • Sat 16: Watsonians v Stirling County (2pm),  Heriot’s v Southern Knights (4.30pm)
  • Fri 22: Boroughmuir Bears v Heriot’s  (7.45pm)
  • Sat 23: Southern Knights v Watsonians (2pm), Stirling County v Ayrshire Bulls (4.30pm)
  • Fri 29: Southern Knights v Stirling County (7.45pm)
  • Sat 30: Boroughmuir Bears v Watsonians (2pm), Ayrshire Bulls v Heriot’s (4.30pm)


  • Fri 6: Stirling County v Boroughmuir Bears (7.45pm)
  • Sat 7: Watsonians  v Heriot’s (2pm), Southern Knights v Ayrshire Bulls (4.30pm)
  • Fri 20: Boroughmuir Bears v Southern Knights (7.45pm)
  • Sat 21: Ayrshire Bulls v Watsonians (2pm), Stirling County v Heriot’s (4.30pm)
  • Fri 27: 2nd v 3rd (7.45pm)
  • Sat 28: 5th v 6th (2pm)


  • Fri 3:  3rd v 1st (7.45pm)
  • Sat 4: 6th v 4th (2pm)
  • Fri 10: 1st v 2nd (7.45pm)
  • Sat 11: 4th v 5th (2pm)

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  1. Mr Cynic here – would I be wrong in leaping to the concern I have that the “Sprint” substitutes for the absence of a “Super8”?

  2. Well thanks again Septic+9 for trying to help out with the ‘link’, however I assure you I looked at the Super6 article but found no answer to my question, so rather than repeating for a third time how to find out the ‘schedule’, would you or someone inform me as to what is the format of the game, not what time its on the Tv., also what does ‘Sprint’ mean, as Daffy D suggested do they play in Spikes!
    Is ‘Sprint’ another made up competition from Dodson & Co. that basically is no different from the ‘normal’ Super6 papering over the cracks of a somewhat ersatz competition or does it mean something, and as a supplementary, what is the purported benefit for Scottish Rugby if it is just some of the same with a bit of ‘Badge engineering’ should we get the Pledge out in an attempt to polish the T….

    • Hi George,

      The format is five games – each team playing each other once – with league points distributed as usual. Thereafter, the top three and the bottom three split and each half of the league plays a round-robin format. I am awaiting confirmation on whether the league points from the first half of the season carry over into the second half and will update when I find out.

      I think the ‘Sprint’ part is just a way of saying it is a short, fast competition rather than a prolonged full league format. The season structure is certainly something which needs to be sorted out in Super6.

      I hope this helps?


      • Many thanks for the response David, so the ‘Sprint’ refers to the duration of the competition rather than anything else, still seems a bit of an ‘ersatz’ contrived competition however.

      • @JW – because when I post a link, the comment is shown (to me anyway) as awaiting moderation. I’ve no idea if others can see it or how long it will take for a moderator to review it. This is not a criticism of ToL in anyway, I understand why links should be checked.
        So I posted an explanation as to where the article was, which was immediately there to be read. And easily found IMHO.
        Brickbats for trying to help, eh. Only from some on ToL

      • Why didn’t you just post the link in the first place rather than expect someone to ignore the Super6 sub-headings and search through every story?

  3. To prove the point I made in the first place, I can’t find a link that tells me how the game is played, what makes the ‘sprint’ series different?
    More than happy to follow the link if I find it and it gives me the information I want.
    As for Daffy D – excellent, and it will help aerate the pitch at the same time, you have to hand it to the SRU must save a fortune on groundsmen’s oops sorry groundperson’s hourly wage bill.

    • its on this page. If you go to the home page then select the Super 6 section, its in there.

      As I said you commented on it

      The only point you’ve proved is that you seem unable to navigate a website or do a simple search on it. That of course will be the SRU’s fault

      • Rather comical that you criticise Ron for being full of insults and suggest I am too simple to navigate a web site, despite the fact that I was asking a question you didn’t answer, still never mind that will be your fault not the SRU’s: perhaps.

      • George, if I ever say I hope you die, then we can both call me out. But I won’t. Your pal on the other hand…………..

      • BTW George, I did not say you were too simple. I basically repeated what you had said yourself – you were unable to find the article

    • Ron, my initial post was to help George.
      Beyond that, thanks for wishing death on me. Such a nice person, full of insults (again) and malice.

    • In the release that included their squad list, they mentioned that it’s due to work on the pitch at Goldie.

  4. Forgive my lack of knowledge but what exactly is the super6sprint? Is it a shortened version of the XV a-side or what exactly.


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