FOSROC Super6 Championship fixtures announced for autumn campaign

Ayrshire Bulls finished the season as Super6 champions. Image: © Craig Watson -
Ayrshire Bulls were Super6 champions last season. Image: © Craig Watson -

AYRSHIRE Bulls will begin the defence of their FOSROC Super6 Championship title with a home game against Heriot’s on Friday 5 August – the first match of the new tournament.  The first round of fixtures will be completed the following day, when Stirling County are at home to Boroughmuir Bears then the Southern Knights welcome Watsonians to the Greenyards.

As last year, the teams will play each other home and away in a league format. The top four will then go into two semi-finals, with the final itself to be played at the end of October.

The venues for the semi-finals and final have yet to be decided. Last year’s final saw the Bulls beat the Southern Knights at the DAM Health Stadium.

Freesports will show all ten Friday games live. Broadcasting details for the Saturday matches have yet to be announced.

FOSROC Super6 Championship 2022:


Fri 5  Ayrshire Bulls v Heriot’s 7.45pm

Sat 6 Stirling County v Boroughmuir Bears 2pm, Southern Knights v Watsonians 4.30pm

Fri 12 Southern Knights v Boroughmuir Bears 7.45pm

Sat 13 Watsonians v Ayrshire Bulls 2pm, Stirling County v Heriot’s 4.30pm

Fri 19 Stirling County v Southern Knights 7.45pm

Sat 20 Ayrshire Bulls v Boroughmuir Bears 2pm, Heriot’s v Watsonians  4.30pm

Fri 26 Ayrshire Bulls v Watsonians  7.45pm

Sat 27 Boroughmuir Bears v Southern Knights 2pm, Heriot’s  v Stirling County 4.30pm


Fri 2 Boroughmuir Bears v Heriot’s  7.45pm

Sat 3 Southern Knights v Ayrshire Bulls 1pm, Watsonians v Stirling County 5pm

Fri 16  Southern Knights v Heriot’s  7.45pm

Sat 17 Watsonians v Boroughmuir Bears 1pm, Stirling County v Ayrshire Bulls 5pm

Fri 23 Stirling County v Watsonians  7.45pm

Sat 24 Heriot’s  v Boroughmur Bears 1pm, Ayrshire Bulls v Southern Knights 5pm

Fri 30 Boroughmuir Bears v Stirling County 7.45pm


Sat 1 Heriot’s v Ayrshire Bulls 1pm, Watsonians  v Southern Knights 5pm

Fri 7 Ayrshire Bulls v Stirling County 7.45pm

Sat 8 Boroughmuir Bears v Watsonians  1pm, Heriot’s v Southern Knights 5pm

Fri 14 Watsonians v Heriot’s  7.45pm

Sat 15 Southern Knights v Stirling County 1pm, Borougmuir Bears v Ayrshire Bulls 5pm

Fri 21 Semi-final 1 (venue tbc) 7.45pm

Sat 22 Semi-final 2 (venue tbc) 1pm

Weekend of Fri 28 to Sun 30: Final (venue and kick-off time tbc).

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  1. All too cosy,same teams, same coaches,same venues,same players ( all the younger ones have come through same academy system). These young, hopefully to be professional ,rugby players need to be exposed to different styles, environments, and pressures (promotion/relegation),nothing tells a player more about himself or his teammates than a good relegation dogfight. Sprint Series definitely improved week on week and the Watsonians v Stirling match was a good advert for the S6 concept,but we are now having an 8 week break, just when teams seem to be getting into their stride and becoming match fit.I don’t have much faith in S6 to benefit any level of rugby in Scotland but if it is too succeed needs to grow and offer more opportunities for all younger players to develop .Any word on them playing anyone else? Totally agree with Dom, as a new venture let’s have info on all aspects so we can assess how S6 is progressing, or not.

    • Players need to play during the rugby season and then rest. Not exist in a stop-start environment. Just decide when the rugby season is and arrange the competition during it.

      It really isn’t rocket science.

  2. The best way to increase the height of a pyramid is to pull the whole pyramid up enough to create space at the bottom.
    The idea works in commerce so no reason why it can’t work in rugby.

  3. Hopefully this will be the last season with only 6 teams. I’m sure another 2 teans can be added, ideally one from Glasgow and one from the North. Perhaps even remove one Edinburgh team and add a second borders team.

    • I’m curious where you think a team from the North would come from? Aberdeen Grammar are rebuilding after relegation. Dundee tried in first application process and were undermined by lack of at least £100k.

      More concerning for any team outside of central belt is travel. On max £12k per year get yourself to a major conurbation from Perth northwards. Good luck attracting players for that.

      Would be much more interesting to get some data from the competition. How many players moved into pro ranks? How much has it all cost – both SR and license contributions. Is anyone actually wiping their face? Etc

      I suspect that won’t be forthcoming but one always hopes.

      • Super 6 may allow a young player to live the dream. I had the opportunity to live the dream, it cost me money, it delayed my job career but it was worth every penny. Money will not prevent a young player from living the dream if he or she really wants it!!
        On value for money, you should maybe look at how much the Premiership clubs received and how wisely they spent the money…… foreign imports comes to mind.


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