SRU Super6 League Table

Upcoming fixtures, results and table for the FOSROC Super6 League

Table as it stands (19/01/20)

Ayrshire Bulls7520141110313023
Heriot's Rugby7520159141182123
Southern Knights724115214752315
Boroughmuir Bears7160154225-71329
Stirling County7151115165-50118

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SRU Super6 Results

from 18/01/20
Stirling County4PM15 - 16Heriot's Rugby
Watsonians2PM27 - 10Ayrshire Bulls
Southern Knights2PM46 - 27Boroughmuir Bears
Boroughmuir Bears12 - 31Southern Knights
Heriot's Rugby29 - 19Stirling County
Ayrshire Bulls19 - 13Watsonians
from 14/12/19
Heriot's Rugby22 - 16Southern Knights
Ayrshire Bulls30 - 8Stirling County
Boroughmuir Bears20 - 30Watsonians
from 07/12/19
Southern Knights12 - 19Heriot's Rugby
Watsonians28 - 10Boroughmuir Bears
Stirling County0 - 8Ayrshire Bulls
from 30/11/19
Heriot's Rugby2PMPStirling County
Watsonians3PMPAyrshire Bulls
Boroughmuir Bears2PMPSouthern Knights
w/e 22/11/19
Boroughmuir Bears34 - 3122/11/19Heriot's Rugby
Southern Knights10 - 2423/11/19Ayrshire Bulls
Watsonians34 - 2224/11/19Stirling County
from 16/11/19
Ayrshire Bulls32 - 2716/11/19Boroughmuir Bears
Stirling County24 - 2416/11/19Southern Knights
Heriot's Rugby17 - 3217/11/19Watsonians
from 08/11/19
Boroughmuir Bears24 - 2708/11/19Stirling County
Southern Knights13 - 1409/11/19Watsonians
Ayrshire Bulls13 - 2510/11/19Heriot's Rugby

On TV: Ayrshire Bulls v Heriot’s Rugby will be live streamed on BBC Sport Scotland website.

SRU Super6 Fixtures

from 25/01/20
Heriot's Rugby2PM25/01/20Boroughmuir Bears
Stirling County3PM26/01/20Watsonians
Ayrshire Bulls2PM26/01/20Southern Knights

On TV: Ayrshire Bulls v Southern Knights will be live streamed on BBC Sport Scotland website.

from 14/02/20
Watsonians2PM14/02/20Heriot's Rugby
Boroughmuir Bears3PM15/02/20Ayrshire Bulls
Southern Knights2PM16/02/20Stirling County

On TV: Southern Knights v Stirling County will be live streamed on BBC Sport Scotland website.

Watsonians2PM01/03/20Southern Knights
Stirling County2PM01/03/20Boroughmuir Bears
Heriot's Rugby2PM01/03/20Ayrshire Bulls

On TV: Heriot’s Rugby v Ayrshire Bulls will be live streamed on BBC Sport Scotland website.

Friday 20th – Sunday 22nd March – Play-Offs

Friday 27th – Sunday 29th March – Finals – Live on BBC Scotland TV channel


06/10/19Falcons3pmHeriot'sKingston Park
02/11/19Falcons4:30pmStirling CountyKingston Park
28/12/19Falcons3pmSouthern KnightsKingston Park
01/02/20Falcons7:30pmAyrshire BullsKingston Park
03/04/20Falcons7:30pmBoroughmuir BearsKingston Park

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Heriot's v Bears