Stuart Hogg signs for Montpellier, according to club chairman Mohed Altrad

Former Scotland full-back and captain has apparently signed a two-year contract with a one extra year option

Reports from France indicate that Stuart Hogg has signed for Montpellier. Image: © Craig Watson -
Reports from France indicate that Stuart Hogg has signed for Montpellier. Image: © Craig Watson -

STUART HOGG has signed for Montpellier according to the French Top 14 club’s chairman Mohed Altrad, as reported in the French press.

Confirmation of the former Scotland full-back and captain’s recruitment appears to have been confirmed during a press briefing on Tuesday at which Altrad delivered an update on staff changes ahead of next season.

Whilst announcing that Bernard Laporte – the former France national team head coach who was fined €75,000 in December 2022 and given a suspended two year  suspended prison sentence – is to remain as Director of Rugby at the club, Altrad said:  “He has a very clear role, he keeps it. He’s not here to coach, he doesn’t want to. He is there to bring his considerable experience.

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“He has connections for recruitment, he was quite valuable at that level, for example in recruiting Stuart Hogg. He will continue to bring his vision of the game, he discusses with the staff on the playing system, the choice of teams, strategy, tactics, etc. There may be friction in a group, but he has the last word. Bernard Laporte is the boss. And it is there for the medium to long term.”

According to Rugbyrama website, Altrad was asked how long 31-year-old Hogg – who announced his retirement from playing last summer stating that his body was no longer capable of coping with the demands of professional – has signed up for.

“I think it’s three years. Two years plus one it seems to me,” replied Altrad.

Hogg has experienced a turbulent year since announcing his retirement from playing, and at the end of April he published a message on social media which said:

“I was lost, I needed help, direction, time away from the spotlight to be able to breathe and think.

“Spending time in a rehab centre allowed me to get my act together, learn about myself, and talk about how I was feeling, without being judged.

“It wasn’t easy, but it was the best thing to do. Taking responsibility for myself was the first step in the right direction. I recognize that I made mistakes and I understand why I acted the way I did. Personal and private issues being exposed and online abuse are things that have affected me greatly.’

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  1. Delighted to hear this. I don’t care what has happened in his personal life, that’s not my business. He is the greatest Scotland player of the modern era, I want him to be happy and doing what he does best.

    A bit of respect wouldn’t go a miss from some.

  2. Ive gotten totally fed up on social media streams with the absolute vitriol and self-righteous condemnation of Hogg. The guy clearly has a few demons and has clearly made some mistakes, most of us dont really know the extent of it. What has annoyed me the most is the fact he has talked very openly about how affected and hurt he has been over the years by online abuse, yet it seems people are queueing up (many of them Scotland ‘fans’) to stick the knife in to Hogg. Let’s just hope he finds a happier place and that this return to rugby works out for him and also his family/kids in the long run.

    • Well said sir, loads negative thumbs to our positive posts……. backs up your point

  3. Hope Hogg finds peace in his new career, stays off social media and behaves himself.
    Unquestionably he has made many mistakes, but he has created so many memories

  4. Beware this is not a wind up.
    How can your body be broken one minute not able to hack it .
    then miraculously just turn up and play at pro level after a whole year out .

    • Not seen this story on any other site with proof to back it up.
      Personally Can’t see him returning to pro rugby from a year out
      A lot of stories doing the rounds on this guy .some are true
      He has got to get his life sorted out or he’ll get this treatment .
      the rest of his days

    • You have answered your own question, hes had a year out.
      He will have lost conditioning for sure but regained the hunger and focus to compete. His body has muscle memory so will have the summer to get in some kind of shape an do pre season with Montpellier in the heat and be challenged to hit those numbers. I’m sure if he doesn’t meet conditioning he won’t get all his bonuses and will be let go.

    • He needs money coming in pronto to pay for all this going on in his life .
      His many other avenues for funds will have dried up .
      Is he up to it now ?
      Who knows .
      he said his body was finished with pro rugby
      Hope it works for him .
      If it doesn’t he’ll be found out and ridiculed

  5. What next for Montpellier? Appoint Mohammed Haouas as community liason officer? Jarryd Hayne as equalities manager?

  6. Disappointing end in Scotland to what was a great career- certainly now tainted with the knowledge that his injury was anything but. Good luck to him in France.

  7. Ach fair play to him. hopefully this move gives him peace away from the headlines and he can get back on his feet. never nice seeing anyone struggle regardless of what they did or didnt etc. All the best Hoggy

    • Well said. Even if he has done some stupid things in his personal life, the holier-than-thou criticism from some quarters has been over the top.

  8. Hopefully a resolution to the many issues. Out of sight out of mind. May the self generated dust settle.


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