Silver Saturday: full schedule and team lists for all seven matches

Hawick face Edinburgh Accies in men's Cup Final and Watsonians take on Hillhead Jordanhill in Sarah Beaney Cup

Hawick are hoping to repeat last year's Scottish Cup Final success when they take on Edinburgh Accies in the final match of Silver Saturday this weekend. Image: Rob Gray
Hawick are hoping to repeat last year's Scottish Cup Final success when they take on Edinburgh Accies in the final match of Silver Saturday this weekend. Image: Rob Gray
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National Bowl Final (Men) –

Irvine v Blairgowrie

  • 11am @ Hive Stadium

Irvine: C Ridout; J Storm, N McMillan, J Carson, B Mentiolay; C Hobson, S Auld; J Webster, B Auld, L Ferguson, S Thomson, J Hutton, I Speirs, J Wilson, R Filander ©. Replacements: A Robertson, R Festorazzi, A Nugent, C Scott, S Kerr, D Logan, M Baird.

Blairgowrie: D Rattray-Paterson; S Obure, L Walker, I Laing, J Connely; J McLaren, R Grant ©; P Duncan, C Michie, T Bannon, A Todd, A Watson, J Lynn, A McOuat, F Barron. Replacements: O Hepburn-Clark, A Guild, S Gordon, M McOuat, S Morrison, R Mason, T Helyer.

Irvine captain Ruchin Filander said:

It’s been a tough few seasons for the club after Covid and this year we’ve come a long way as a team. I am grateful to, and proud of, all those who put in the effort to reach this final today. With new coaches Calum Ridout and Liam Burnell coming in, no one knew what to expect, and it’s unbelievable how far we’ve come under their wings this season and I hope as a team on Saturday we can show what has brought us here.

As a community club, I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say we are all very excited to represent Irvine, and I would like to thank the club and our families for their support today.

Blairgowrie captain Rory Grant said:

To make it to the national bowl final for a second time is massive for the club and a testament to the hard work and dedication of the players, coaching staff and committee on and off the pitch this season. Myself and the lads are super-excited to get out there in front of our friends and families to compete for the silverware and to represent Blairgowrie Rugby club!

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National Plate Final (Women) –

Caithness Krakens v Uddingston Selkies

  • 4.30pm @ Hive Stadium

Caithness Krakens: C Harvey; C Erridge, L Gunn, K Bernard, M Douglas; C Flavell, A Simmonite; H Stewart, A Gunn, S Malcolm, J Mackay, E Anderson, N Mackay ©, H Richard, E Smith. Replacements: D Edwards, B Douglas, L Campbell, H Trick, O Henderson, E Flavell, L Dunnet.

Uddingston Selkies: E PlanT; C Brannan, E Hancock, H Ferguson, K Wilson; M Carlin, C Yule; C Fisher, K Harkness ©, E Drain, C Hopkins, C McEwan, S Buchanan, A Dallas, J Scahill. Replacements: L Peters, C Williams, C Gladwell, H Black, S Byers, M Kirkwood, S Brown.Kirsten Harkness (Captain) Comment:

Caithness captain Nicola Mackay said:

As a fairly new womens’ team, making it into the finals means so much to the team and the club. We’ve had a brilliant season so far and have really connected as a team. Our preparation coming into the final has been very good with everyone working hard to get our game to the level required to win. We are very excited to be playing at Murrayfield and expect a very tough game from Uddingston who have also had a great run coming into this Saturday’s game. Since starting the team, the Krakens family has grown with six Kraken babies arriving in that time and on on the way, hopefully continuing the legacy for the club going forward. We also have a fairly punishing away travel schedule clocking up over 2,000 miles one of the seasons in Caley North Division One and our cup competition.

Uddingston captain Kirsten Harkness said:

I’m not sure it will fully sink in that we are in the final of the National Plate until we’ve stepped out onto the pitch at the Hive. It is a privilege to captain this team on an historic day for Uddingston Rugby Club. I am so proud of this team and how far we have come since the beginning of this season, our first playing 15s after competing in the Aspiring League in 2022. The buzz at training and the effort everybody has put in has been unbelievable and hopefully that shows in the final.

Women’s rugby is growing at a phenomenal rate and our team is definitely contributing to that. Hopefully we can inspire the next generation of Selkies, as well as continuing to add to our current team.

We have been playing some great rugby during this Plate run, which is down to the cohesion of the squad and the quality of coaching we receive. I hope that we can continue our success into the final and take the win against Caithness Krakens.



National Shield Final (Men) –

Cumnock v Moray

  • 1.45pm @ Hive Stadium

Cumnock: J Watt; O Young, W Findlay, A Houston, L Young; N Davidson, Z Smith; E Bell, S Lowrie, J McMillan ©, B O’Dowd, M Thomson, J Caldwell, R McLaren, C Hill. Replacements: R Carmichael, J Crawford, M Anderson, G Glasgow, M Taylor, K Ferrans, R Watson.

Moray: R Millar, L Scott ©, C McWilliam, C Hughes, L Hay; D Ireland, C Ireland; M Taylor, M Higgins, J Westmacott, A Matthews, H Macrae, S Clark, D Clarke, N Alexander. Replacements: S Fletcher-Harrison, F Ireland, K Morrison, F Cameron, E Simpson, B Taylor.

Cumnock captain Jason McMillan said:

It’s a dream come true to reach the final. Winning would be special for everyone involved with the club. This group works incredibly hard for each other and that’s what we intend to show on Saturday … working hard for our mates and playing our game.

Moray captain Lewis Scott said: 

I think I speak on behalf of all Moray RFC to say just how much we are excited to have this opportunity to play for the National Shield. We have played some of the best teams to reach this stage and come Saturday we will get to showcase our rugby in front of family and friends at a professional stadium.



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National Shield Final (Women) –

Biggar v West of Scotland

  • 11am @ Murrayfield Stadium

Biggar: G Kim; A Philipps, F Lejkowski, A  Baillie, F Laing; F Conn, C Harris; M MacIver, A Henderson, P Clarkson, A Russell, L Glendinning, E Knights, A Orr ©, E Armstrong. Replacements: C Forrest, V Kennett, J Bell, E Coubrough, A Barrett, L Brown, E Armstrong.

West of Scotland: A Johnston; A Neilson, J Scott, R Todd, O MacCann; A Smith ©, R Morrison; N Burge, P Duffy, V Reid-Phelps, L Wilson, M Scullion, H MacDonald, R Broadhurst, E Williamson. Replacements: A Blair, C Campbell, R Millar, C Reilly, E Peden, B Francis, E Forsyth.
Captain’s Comments –

Biggar captain Emelia Knights said:

Being a part of this team is something so special. Hard work, dedication and a fierceness can be seen in every single member of this squad at training and games. Being able to showcase some of our best rugby in a National Final at Murrayfield is something that makes us all extremely proud. A lot of us came through the youth teams together so it’s amazing to be competing in our senior team too.

While it is fantastic that the rugby path for many of us has been through our youth section. I must acknowledge our pre-existing teammates who have been part of the senior women’s team previously and competed at Murrayfield two years ago. It’s important to give these players their due as they bring their experience and skills into our team which when you put us all together makes us who we are. We know regardless of the score, we all will be extremely proud of our season as a whole and to be finishing at Murrayfield!

Unfortunately, due to injury, I will not play in this final. However, having been captain to this exceptional squad for the past two seasons is an experience I will remember fondly. I believe in them.

West of Scotland captain Alexa Smith said: 

After such an exciting final last year, we made it our mission to return to Murrayfield again. We have
used this as motivation to train harder than ever this season and it’s amazing to see us succeed in
achieving this. It’s been so rewarding to see us grow as a team this season and we can’t wait to represent our club, our families and show everyone coming to watch the final why we deserve to be here again this year.

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National League Cup Final (Men) –

Lasswade v Falkirk

  • 1.45pm @ Murrayfield Stadium

Lasswade: R Gladstone ©; C Lamont, M Wilson, D Hall, G  Innes; M Smith, D Sutherland; G Cook, P Wilson, D Robertson, A Lamond, S Hunter, J Elliot, L Jackaman, B Smith. Replacements: C Blackie, M Billingham, G Wright, D Tiffney, N Elliot, S Sinclair, A Hall.

Falkirk: C Faulds; G Brodie, A Graham, E Cassells, G Ramsay; G Faulds, H Russell ©; S Serafini, A Gillespie, L Skinner, S Yarrow, G McKinnon, C Hunter, K Ross, G Dodd. Replacements: C Hazlett, J McKenna, K Williamson, C Ronald, T Paul, D Tompkins, L McNicoll.

Lasswade head coach Peter Wright said:

The cup is always a good distraction from league rugby with the carrot of getting a chance to play on the main pitch at Murrayfield, having the majority of the team that has come through the youth ranks of the club. Having come through two tough games to get to the final we are looking forward to locking horns with our league rivals, Falkirk, for the third time this season with the previous two games being high scoring exciting games.

Falkirk captain Harry Russell said:

I’ve only ever been to Murrayfield as a fan, so I’m really excited about getting onto the pitch. This current group of players have worked hard over the last five years and are continuing to grow and get better year on year. The whole club has seen significant growth over this time also, and on behalf of all the players at the club, we would like to thank our committee, coaches, sponsors and supporters who do everything they can to help us week on week. Hopefully we can get a result for everybody that has been part of the club’s journey.



Sarah Beaney Cup Final (Women) –

Watsonians v Hillhead Jordanhill

  • 4.30pm @ Murrayfield Stadium

Watsonians: S Macey; M Taoi, R Philipps, B McNamara, A Conchie; S Clements, R Law ©; A Tucker, M Poolman, C Abernethy, A Swan, S Anderson, L Winter, G Laverty, F Walker. Replacements: K King, S Donnelly, J Menday, C Hall, L Buckingham, A McKenzie, J Lyons.

Hillhead Jordanhill: R Fraser; S Smolina, H McHugh, E Barlow, B Carberry; C McDonald, H Dunnett; S Marra, F Campbell, P Abernethy, C McGowan, L Crawford, D Lee, H Telling ©,  K Yeomans. Replacements: R Millar, H Lockhart, R Davidson, S Petiet, M Wales, M Warren, B Tobin.

Watsonians head coach Bruce Millar said:

We’re excited to be back at Murrayfield with the opportunity to defend the Sarah Beaney Cup. We came through a difficult cup run which coincided with the Celtic Challenge, a competition we are proud to have had so many players involved in. In particular, we got a hard-fought win at Cougars in the first game, a side who are always incredibly hard to beat; and I’m very proud of the fact we went up to Stirling with a depleted squad of only 15 players and picked up a try bonus-point which was ultimately the difference between us getting to the final or being third in the table. We narrowly beat Hills three weeks ago in a game where momentum swung between the two teams and went right to the wire. They are a side we have huge respect for and I’m sure it will be an entertaining final.

Hillhead Jordanhill captain Hannah Telling said: 

We are super excited to be back at Silver Saturday competing for the Sarah Beaney Cup once more. We’ve been building to this point all season and we can’t wait to show what we can do on the main stage. We know Watsonians bring real physicality, strength and ruthlessness in attack. We’re ready to meet that head on. It’s been great to have our players back from their star turns representing Glasgow Warriors in the Celtic Challenge and we’ve seen some outstanding performances from Debbie Lee at No 8, Roma Fraser at full-back and Carla McDonald at stand-off since they’ve come back into the squad. Having such key players absent for the start of the cup run was tough, but is a reminder that getting to the biggest game in Scottish women’s rugby is a whole squad effort. We had over 30 players pulling on the Hills 1st XV shirt during the cup run and every player made a huge contribution to getting us to Silver Saturday. This will be my sixth – and last! – Sarah Beaney Cup Final with Hills and I don’t think I’ve ever played with a stronger, more united squad. It’s going to be an absolute honour leading the girls out on Saturday and I can’t wait for everyone to see what we can do.



Scottish Cup Final (Men) –

Edinburgh Academicals v Hawick

  • 7.15pm @ Murrayfield

Edinburgh Academicals: R Chalmers; G Welsh, R Kent, N Armstrong ©, M Wallace; B Appleson, P Ritchie; C Imrie, C Davies, C Crookshanks, J Mills, S Whittaker, T Drennan, A Wood, J Sole. Replacements: F McAslan, R Dunbar, C Bain, K Slingsby, R Cadzow, C Allan, F McNeill.

Hawick: K Ford; C Welsh, A Mitchell, L Armstrong, R McKean; K Brunton, G Welsh; S Muir ©, F Renwick, N Little, C Sutherland, D Redpath, S Graham, C Renwick, J Linton. Replacements: R Anderson, T Hope, R Graham, F Wilson, D Lightfoot, B Donaldson, M Tait,

Hawick coach Graham Hogg said:

 After a disjointed cup campaign, it’s brilliant to be back at Murrayfield in the showpiece event after tasting success here last season. Training has been excellent over the past couple of weeks and the boys have worked hard to put themselves in these positions. We’ll be doing all we can to emulate last season’s success and keep up a great tradition of Hawick sides in this cup competition.

Edinburgh Academicals captain Neil Armstrong said:

We’ve had a very enjoyable few weeks playing cup rugby and it’s been great to reward all the support we’ve had with a series of good wins. We are very aware that we underperformed in our league campaign, but we always knew we were capable of more and we’re just relishing the opportunity to win some silverware and make a success of this season.


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Sarah Beaney Cup: Abernethy twins face-off in Watsonians versus Hillhead Jordanhill clash

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  1. Too many players denied the opportunity to play on the International pitch. Have a men’s finals day and a women’s final day to allow everyone the opportunity of a lifetime and play on the main pitch. The Hive pitch is dangerous if you have seen the burn injuries suffered by many players on it, including Thursday’s “closed door” match.

  2. I’m watching live coverage of the Sarah Beaney final – great for ladies rugby and all involved. The idea that this tv will end and close off just as the Scottish Cup final is taking to the pitch is a joke. Thank goodness for Borders radio through TD9 channel. Get it sorted.

  3. Kick off time for the cup final is a farce. A lot of players in both squads will have children who won’t be able to attend due to kick off time. Personally, I know the kick off time has affected numbers attending. Will be interesting to see crowd size.
    The cup finals day should be played over a weekend to avoid these kind of situations. Why not play it over May Day weekend? Set the stall out from the start of the season so everyone is aware that it will be cup finals weekend. Give the clubs a chance.


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