‘I’m keen to stay’: Sean Everitt confirms talks on new Edinburgh contract

South African senior coach wants time to build on the positive start he has made since taking over in the summer

Sean Everitt
Sean Everitt at the players' entrance to the Hive Stadium. Image: © Craig Watson. www.craigwatson.co.uk

SEAN EVERITT has revealed that he is eager to remain in his post as Edinburgh’s senior coach beyond his present one-year contract, and has confirmed that talks have begun on a new deal.

The South African arrived in the summer as the successor to Mike Blair, who stood down as head coach after two seasons at the helm. The Edinburgh squad appeared to have lost their way latterly under Blair, and Everitt has succeeded in restoring their self-confidence as well as getting them to adopt a more pragmatic game plan. While the team are by no means the finished article as yet, it is clear they are making progress under the new boss.

“We are negotiating for me to stay on at the moment,” Everitt said earlier today [Wednesday 27th]. “I’ve got my family here and it’s something that we’ll discuss over the next few days.

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“I’m very keen to stay. Like I’ve said before, I’m not a coach that enjoys jumping from club to club. Building relationships with players and making them better is what I see as a reward in my job, so if I’m able to stay on that would be great.”

Asked what had been the priority when he arrived, he continued: “I think it was just giving the guys a clear plan, and then obviously building the game, not only from an attack point of view but from a defensive and game-management point of view too. Edinburgh – rightly with the attack that they have – have played from all areas of the field. 

“In the modern game that’s not always possible now, so to manage the game is really important. And I feel we’re still growing in that area, but we’ve made a big improvement.”


Edinburgh finished 12th in the URC last season under Blair but are seventh at the moment, and will improve on that position if they beat Glasgow at Murrayfield on Saturday. There will be a record attendance of more than 30,000 at the match, which is the second leg of this season’s 1872 Cup – the Warriors won the first leg 22-10 last Friday.

“We’re very pleased with how the ticket sales have gone, and I think both teams in Scotland deserve that,” the coach continued. “They’re in the top eight in the URC and both teams play good rugby. 

“So I think it’s going to be an awesome afternoon for the Scottish supporters to be able to come and watch their team, whichever one it is. But at the same time I think it’s just reward for the players and the effort that they’ve put in that they’re able to play in front of a crowd like that at home.” 

Everitt knows there are things that his team will need to improve on Saturday if they are first to win the match and then overcome that 12-point deficit from Scotstoun, and he is confident that the players understand that as well. “What you saw on Friday night in those conditions, it was tough, but you had two teams going as hard as they could at each other and it was a massive physical battle for us. This week it looks like the conditions will be slightly better so hopefully there will be more entertaining rugby.

“What’s good for us is you get a second bite at the same plan and it’s about executing it more accurately. We know now what worked and what didn’t work and the things that didn’t work we need to get better at or change. 

“And obviously there are things we did well and we need to stick to them. The guys have bought into it this morning. We know what let us down in that game. 

“We were leading at 10-8, although under the pump from the number of penalties we conceded consecutively. But we were leading 10-8 on 65 minutes then got the yellow card and conceded two tries. We knew we were in it all the way along and we just need to tidy up the discipline.”

Centre James Lang, who was injured in the first half at Scotstoun, has an AC shoulder injury. “Hopefully it will be OK in two weeks’ time,” Everitt added.

Melrose reclaim Waverley Cup with Boxing Day win over Gala

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  1. As a season ticket holder for 6 years I still se the old issues coming back again and again. We can’t stop teams scoring in our red zone. We have difficulty scoring in tight games and our line out is very, very frail.
    Look at film of Edinburgh 5 years ago and the players are making the same mistakes at the same pressure points in games. We haven’t moved on very far. Successive coaches haven’t rectified anything is Everitt going to address the basics or just keep flogging the same horse???

  2. It does seem strange that when Darcy signed a 3-year extension, one of the reasons he gave was that Everitt had great plans for the club. And yet here we find out that Everitt hasn’t even signed on beyond this season.

    Maybe the lad signed because it’s an easier option than that which Kinghorn took, or perhaps he’s sending the SRU a message that Everitt should be signed on? Who knows? Could someone follow up with Darcy, please?

    • great spot.
      Announcement of a signing is not when it happens of course, Graham probably signed up ages back and the announcement held over as a “xmas” present as per Edin twitter.
      But what you point out is the very uncoordinated and poorly managed comms from SRU these days, The Everitt “interview” did not have to be done, nor did Graham have to say anything about Everitt – in fact the lack of a head coach is the problem, not whether or not Everitt has plans for Edinburgh Rugby – no point in having plans of he isn’t in charge. Or maybe he will be in charge. Comms a shambles


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