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Scottish Rugby promises ‘unprecedented’ funding allocation for club game

Mark Dodson and John Jeffrey have issued a statement on club funding. Image: © Craig Watson -

As Scottish Rugby chairman, John Jeffrey (right) has developed a close - if at times socially distanced - working relationship with CEO Mark Dodson (left). Image: © Craig Watson -

MURRAYFIELD has responded to criticism about Scottish Rugby’s failure so far to pass on any of the £15 million grant funding it recently received from the Scottish Government to member clubs by announcing that an “unprecedented” allocation of money will be directed to the grassroots game over the next five years.

There is no detail at this stage on how much money is involved and on what terms it will be distributed.

The plan has already been unanimously approved by the Scottish Rugby Board and was presented to the Scottish Rugby Council on 15th March. It will be discussed again when the Council meet by video conference tomorrow [Wednesday] night.

Clubs seek answers from Scottish Rugby over use of £15m government grant

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A statement issued on behalf of Scottish Rugby Chairman John Jeffrey and Chief Executive Mark Dodson said:

“Scottish Rugby has developed an substantial funding plan to help restart rugby following the pandemic.

“The plan will see unprecedented funding allocated to the grassroots game in Scotland both in the short term as we emerge from the lockdown enforced by Covid-19 and in the longer term over the next five years.

“The objective is to provide financial security for the game and fund initiatives to drive growth and participation to help rugby in Scotland continue to thrive.

“The funding plan has been unanimously approved by the Scottish Rugby Board and was first presented to the Scottish Rugby Council including the President and Vice-President, on Monday 15 March.

“The funding plan will be further discussed by the Council on Wednesday evening.

“Once agreed, funding will be made available to member clubs in line with the return to rugby timetable in the coming months and in accordance with the terms of the Scottish Government grant and loan funding.”

Clubs seek answers from Scottish Rugby over use of £15m government grant

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