Scottish Rugby Council Taskforce members revealed

President Dee Bradbury to spearhead group who will try to come up with an acceptable management and ownership model for the governing body

SRU Dee Bradbury will lead the Taskforce which will look into the governance of Scottish Rugby. Image: ©Fotosport/David Gibson
SRU Dee Bradbury will lead the Taskforce which will look into the governance of Scottish Rugby. Image: ©Fotosport/David Gibson

THE identity of the seven individuals who hope to succeed where Sir Bill Gammell and Norman Murray seem to have failed with their review into the governance of Scottish Rugby has been revealed.

The Taskforce spearheaded by SRU President Dee Bradbury will try to come up with a proposal for the future governance of Scottish Rugby which will be acceptable to member clubs. The findings of this Taskforce will be presented to Scottish Rugby’s Council at an unspecified date.

The members of the Taskforce will consist of –

Dee Bradbury – President, Council and Board Member

Julia Bracewell – Independent Non-Executive Board Member

Bob Richmond – North Regional Area Council Representative

Colin Rigby – National Division 1 Council Representative

Adam Gray – Glasgow Regional Area South Council Representative and Board Member

Ian Rankin – Co-opted Council Member with responsibility for Pro14

Andrew Little – National Division 3 Council Representative

“I am pleased that Scottish Rugby’s Council have  agreed to establish this Governance Taskforce,” said Bradbury. “Our objective is to review the governance of Scottish Rugby and make recommendations to our members on our findings in due course.”

The decision to convene this Taskforce was made at an SRU Council meeting last month after the radical proposals put forward by Gammell and Murray following a six month governance review met with widespread opposition from member clubs.

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  1. Can anyone tell me what Russell’s vision for club rugby was that got him hounded out of his job.

  2. There is no debate required re the complexity of relationships all the way from the top management tier down through the boards & committees at the top of the pyramid down through area reps, the district/regional reps, the clubs & & their committees & players & members all the way to the folk who pay to spectate.
    The cure for this is to drive policy re structures, et al from the bottom up not from the remote, un (ill) informed top down.
    Back to my pyramid analogy: knock the top off & the structure remains stable & robust: undermine the bottom layers & the structure is in danger of collapse.

  3. Whilst I agree fully with Dee’s (?) decision to allow/force/accept the proposal to have a further review of the SRU’s over-bridging Governance structure, to have the review conducted by 7 members (indepenent?) who are entrenched in the SRU’s current culture is ridiculous. The Gammell/Murray review was meant to be independent, yet played to the demands of the Executive. The response is to bring its successor even more in house – only difference being the panel is not on the payroll or answers to the Executive.

    Yet again, OUR SRU is letting us, the members of constituent clubs down. The over-reaching pull of the SRU Board and its power is again showing its strength.

    Motions and votes at the AGM are required to sort this out – how many more years can the SRU’s constituent clubs allow the current Board/Executive/Council ride rough-shod over them……………

  4. Got rid of the “Independent” governance review group and replaced it with this?

    Stood down the McCall led team.

    Bit like creating the exam question yourself then getting to mark it as well.

    If any of this task force think that’s going to cut it they are kidding themselves.

  5. Council rep / Board member
    Board member
    Council rep
    Council rep
    Council rep / Board member
    Council rep
    Council rep

    So where does the independent thinking on our governance come from?

    These are the same people who sat nodding their heads in agreement that has got us to where we’re are.

  6. Lot of big rugby names in there i see what about getting some ex international s involed


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