Scottish Cup: Hawick headed for Murrayfield after powering past Currie Chieftains

Reigning champions will face either Edinburgh Accies or Marr on Silver Saturday in a fortnight's time

Hawick celebrate Fraser Renwick's second try against Currie Chieftains after a 25 metre line-out drive. Image: Malcolm Grant
Hawick celebrate Fraser Renwick's second try against Currie Chieftains after a 25 metre line-out drive. Image: Malcolm Grant

Hawick 16

Currie Chieftains 3

ALAN LORIMER @ Mansfield Park

HAWICK put themselves in the position to achieve back-to-back Cup successes after securing their place in the final of the competition with a characterful win over Currie Chieftains, from a performance that relied heavily on the experience and nous of the Greens’ front five. 

This was the first game for Hawick under their new interim head coach Graham Hogg and fellow mentors, Scott McLeod and Roddy Deans. So was there any change in the Greens’ approach?  Subtle changes certainly and much of that surrounding the mindset of the players.

Hogg admitted: “We spoke a lot about emotional control this weekend and also about rugby IQ – how intelligent we can be, because we’ve not really shown that all season.”

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Certainly Hawick revealed these qualities in the second half and doubly so in the last quarter when they dominated the game by retaining possession for long periods and by snuffing out any attempts by Currie to make an escape from their own half.

The final quarter was played with Kirk Ford at stand-off and there is little doubt that his clever distribution helped considerably in Hawick’s domination of proceedings as full-time approached. That said, Kyle Brunton featured well in the first half in the stand-off role with a couple of long touch finders that proved crucial to Hawick in securing points.

If the game was very much undecided at half-time then Hawick’s second half performance altered that perception. “That second half showed what this group’s all about,” agreed Hawick. “We went in 11 points up at half-time playing with the wind. We knew what we would be up against in the second half but we had a game plan. We asked them to do little details defensively this week and little things in attack.

“In the last quarter, when we got the driving line-out try, you could see the boys really lift. And the confidence they got from that allowed them to play a wee bit wider. There’s a lot of experience and a lot of very good rugby players out there.”

Meanwhile, Currie Chieftains head coach Mark Cairns conceded that his side did not have enough of the ball. “We can’t win the game without possession,” he said. “We put ourselves in a good position in the first half. 11 points wasn’t too bad at half-time playing in that wind. We wanted to use the wind in the second half and kick long, but we never kicked deep.

“They kicked better than us and their line-out went better. That was the telling factor in the end. We were dominant in the scrum at times and we made some big collisions. They’ve got some really good kickers in their backs and they used them particularly in the first half,” Cairns reasoned.



After some seven minutes of mutual softening-up there was little to separate the two teams. That remained the situation until Brunton made a 50 metre territorial gain with a spiralling kick. From the ensuing line-out, Hawick gained possession and seconds later were awarded a penalty, efficiently converted into a three point gain by the boot of Ford.

Currie tried to respond immediately but inaccuracy in the final pass proved costly. In the event, Hawick hit back with a penalty kick to the corner and then a driving maul that gave Fraser Renwick an unconverted try.

Then, when Currie were ruled offside after Hawick had attacked through trenchant driving play from their forwards, Ford landed his second goal to put the Greens two scores clear.

Just after the restart, Hawick conceded a similar penalty but the goal attempt by Jamie Forbes into the stiff breeze was just wide. At the other end, Ford tried a long range shot at goal but again the kick was just off target leaving Hawick going into the break with an 11-0 advantage.

The second half started almost as a mirror image of the first half … well almost, as Forbes, seeking to emulate Ford, drove wide a kick at goal. But from the ensuing 22 drop-out. Callum Beckett, fresh from his campaign with Caledonia, grabbed Currie’s first points with a drop-goal.

If the three-pointer was a shock to Hawick, then the Greens quickly recovered by putting sustained pressure on Currie. Then after a powerful run out of defence by Ronan McKean, Hawick were awarded a penalty.

Ford opted to  kick to the corner and from the resultant line-out the Hawick forwards set up a driving maul that gained an unstoppable momentum, ending with a second try for Fraser Renwick.

It was the score Hawick needed to put a big gap between them and Currie. There was still time for Currie to hit back but Hawick made sure that scenario was never going to happen by putting on a master class in how to close out a game to seal their place in the final.


Teams –

Hawick: K Ford; C Welsh, A Mitchell, L Armstrong, R McKean; K Brunton, G Welsh; S Muir©, F Renwick, N Little, C Sutherland, D Redpath, S Graham, C Renwick, J Linton. Subs: R Anderson, T Hope, F Wilson, H Donaldson, D Lightfoot, B Donaldson, M Tait.

Currie Chieftains: C Brett; J McCaig, DJ Innes, J Forbes©, R Daley; C Beckett, P Boyer; T Jeffrey, R Stewart, G Carson, A Bain, C West, R Davies, A Fletcher, S Cardosi. Subs: C Anderson, R Vucago, A McCallum, K Steel, G Christie, C Gray, C Taylor.

Referee: Rob McDowall


Scorers –

Hawick: Tries: F Renwick 2; Pens: Ford 2.

Currie Chieftains: DG: Beckett

Scoring Sequence (Hawick first): 3-0; 8-0; 11-0 (h-t) 11-3; 16-3.


Man-of-the-Match: In heavy conditions made worse by a strong wind and squally showers that all mitigated against fast and open rugby, this was a test of forward power. In the event Hawick’s front five could collectively claim the award but Dalton Redpath, especially for his contribution in the second half, shades it

Talking point: It was impossible to avoid the fall-out from the turbulence surrounding Hawick’s announcement of the changes to their coaching set-up. In the event, the win over Currie showed that the interim coaching team proved their effectiveness, but as to next season we shall have to await further developments. Lifting the Cup for a second successive season and making it a double by winning the Premiership play-off final would, however,  be an ample endorsement for the trio currently in charge at Mansfield Park.

Scottish Cup: Edinburgh Accies see off Heriot’s Blues to book last four showdown against Marr

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  4. A stunningly powerful, cohesive, unified and complete performance today, following upon exactly the same last friday with the Force’s cup win.
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