Scotland’s World Cup warm-up matches announced

Gregor Townsends team will play Italy, France twice and Georgia inside a five week window from the end of July to the end of August

The last of Scotland's four World Cup warm-up matches will be against Georgia at Murrayfield on Saturday 26th August. Image: © Craig Watson -
The last of Scotland's four World Cup warm-up matches will be against Georgia at Murrayfield on Saturday 26th August. Image: © Craig Watson -

SCOTLAND will play against Italy, France twice and then Georgia this summer as their warm-up matches ahead of this autumn’s World Cup in France, with three of these matches to be played at Murrayfield and the venue for the second French match still to be confirmed.

Scotland’s 2023 Summer Test Schedule (kick-off times TBC):

  • Scotland v Italy on Saturday 29th July @ BT Murrayfield
  • Scotland v France on Saturday 5th August @ BT Murrayfield
  • France v Scotland on Saturday 12th August @ TBC
  • Scotland v Georgia on Saturday 26th August @ BT Murrayfield

The World Cup kicks off on 8th September, with Scotland’s first match being played two days later on 10th September against reigning champions South Africa in Marseille. Their other pool matches are against Tonga in Nice on 24th September, Romania in Lille on 30th September and Ireland at Stade de France (Paris) on 7th October.

“2023 is a huge year for our national team and after the Guinness 6 Nations our focus will quickly turn to the Rugby World Cup,” said head coach Gregor Townsend, who has apparently enquired about taking over as France’s attack coach after the World Cup according to respected French newspaper Midi Olympique.

“All four fixtures will provide invaluable experiences in our preparation for the tournament. Having the opportunity to play at home on three occasions before we depart will enable our players to feel the backing of our supporters ahead of setting off for the World Cup.

“The match against France away from home will be very important as we are going to spend time at our training base for the World Cup in Nice prior to the match and replicate the schedule our players will experience during the tournament itself.”

Glasgow Warriors return puts Huw Jones in frame for Scotland recall


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  1. I took a friend to see the last warm-up game aganust Georgia 4 years ago and was embarrassed by hoiw poor a game it was. I fervently hope this year’s effort is more professional.

  2. I sometimes wonder what is achieved from these ‘warm up games’ prior to a World Cup, what will the French in particular bring to the park, probably not any special moves or even their best XV and bench, will Italy and Georgia with potentially less of a player pool, apart from us, really make it a meaningful competition? We shall see no doubt, but I hope we get a better start than the last WC against Ireland, that was a disaster especially with Japan as a banana skin, as they proved.
    Then what about the other apparent News regarding Mr. Townsend.
    I suppose it’s the Machiavellian in us, or me anyway, that wonders what is behind the alleged news of GT showing interest in what on the face of it is a sort of Franco Smith move, well perhaps a bit more prestigious remaining in the International scene, but nonetheless.
    Is this a feeling of impending doom on his part or is it a ‘cunning plan M’Lord’ for a pay increase?
    Without any particular evidence other than my memory, never the best yardstick, it isn’t so much that I think Townsend has failed, it’s just that it could have been so much better, not just the Russell controversy, or for that matter in collusion with Mike Blair the determination to make a Sow’s ear out of a Silk Purse, some of the selection issues have often raised a thought in my mind, ‘but what about so and so’ if you get my drift.
    We have just seen a performance from Huw Jones back in a Glasgow shirt that has attracted nothing but praise and the odd, ‘it looks as if he is back in form’, but I don’t think its an outlandish claim to say you don’t turn out for Harlequins week in week out without a bit of form, to say the least and there are others performing week in week out in the English Premiership yet he only seems to see Harris, who no harm to him, isn’t on everyone’s first up team sheet, and players like Maitland at Saracens, arguably well worth a squad position. There are a lot of GT critics out there, and at times I’ve joined them wanting to see a meaningful squad and plan commencing with the 6N and continuity in order to give us a chance in a very difficult World Cup draw. Players in their appropriate and proper positions, selection on form and avoid as one commentator [Sonsie on the Warriors game] suggested selecting a side to defend rather than one that can score tries.
    Selecting a Team and Bench with the mind-set of saving 9 tries out of 10 when you can’t score 2 yourself isn’t a winning formula.

    • “… what is achieved from these ‘warm up games’”

      £££’s – remember it is an entertainment BUSINESS.

    • Harris is in midfield because he’s one of the best defensive centres in the northern hemisphere. I don’t think anyone doubts that, and a Lions call up cemented it.

      Jones has defensive issues, sadly. That’s why he won’t be a first choice for Scitland any time soon.

      • Harris has attack issues, why is this not equally punished? Our back Three are crying out for an Outside Centre who can finish the breaks made and also put the wings into space.

        Admittedly Jones has only played two games since his return but i can recall a good few examples of him working hard in defence with good tackle technique, hopefully this continues.

      • I don’t disagree for a moment with your assessment but consider the attention they give to Russell, unpredictable, and the effect of that on the opposition is indecision, it is to a degree the reverse with Harris, whereas Jones for instance [and others] may not be as able a defensive player but has that touch that brings indecision and who hasn’t played against a player with a reputation for being either fast or elusive at any level of the game and missed a tackle because of their indecision.
        There isn’t much point in keeping the score down if you can create a XV that can score tries, offer up speed pace and guile and that puts the opposition on the back foot, if you have the type of player to accomplish that: but OK if you haven’t then base your team on defensive ability by all means, but injuries apart we have the players to do that, they just need to be selected, as they say, in my opinion.

      • Aye he’s left Leinster with no hope of scoring a try here….oh wait no they have the try scoring bonus before half time. Harris mythical defensive traits are vastly over rated and in no way mitigate for how slow he is and how poor his handling skills are.

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