Scotland’s Autumn Nations Series schedule confirmed

Fiji, world champions South Africa, Portugal and Australia will visit Murrayfield on consecutive weekends during November

Scotland will kick-off their Autumn schedule against Fiji at Murrayfield on 2nd November. Image: © Craig Watson -
Scotland will kick-off their Autumn schedule against Fiji at Murrayfield on 2nd November. Image: © Craig Watson -

SCOTLAND’S four match Autumn Test schedule has been confirmed, with Fiji providing the opposition in the opening game on 2nd November, which will be played outside the international window meaning that none of the english or French based players in the squad will be available.

The three matches inside the international window will be against world champions South Africa on Sunday 10th November, Portugal on Saturday 16th November and Australia on Sunday 24th November. All four matches will be played at Murrayfield.

“It’s a really exciting prospect to have four home games in succession during November and the varied opposition will test us in different ways,” said Scotland head coach Gregor Townsend.

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“Fiji and Portugal both play a fast and open brand of rugby and performed very well in the Rugby World Cup in France. This will be a challenge for our defence but should make for two great games of rugby.

“Having South Africa as one of our opponents will make for a special occasion. Taking on the reigning world champions is the ultimate test for any team in rugby right now and that will be a game everyone will be looking forward to when the time comes around.

“Our final game against Australia will round off the month nicely, against a team we have fought out some entertaining and close encounters with over the last few years.

“This year’s Six Nations once again demonstrated how inspiring matchdays are at home for our players and we can’t wait to play in front of our supporters once again, four weeks in a row.”

Ticket and broadcast details will be announced in due course.

Scotland’s 2024 Autumn Nations Series fixtures

  • Saturday 2 November – Scotland v Fiji, Scottish Gas Murrayfield, kick off 5.40pm
  • Sunday 10 November – Scotland v South Africa, Scottish Gas Murrayfield, kick off 4.10pm
  • Saturday 16 November – Scotland v Portugal, Scottish Gas Murrayfield, kick off 3.10pm
  • Sunday 24 November – Scotland v Australia, Scottish Gas Murrayfield, kick off 1.40pm

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  1. For Scottish rugby to move on and get better then we must change coach , we need fresh ideas because the same old exc won’t wash any more I’m fed up of Gregor Townsend playing it safe and failing to build a team that can defend the first 20 minutes , then push on to a victory , he trots out the same wish washy responses as to why we didn’t follow the plan didn’t get exit strategy right blah blah blah .

  2. As well as SRU needing to get the most out of Murrayfield, there is the pure geography that dictates that for the majority of people wanting to watch Scotland play, Edinburgh is loads more convenient than somewhere like Aberdeen, Kilmarnock or Inverness. Murrayfield is relatively accessible to a huge proportion of the population – there is an argument that says that moving matches away from the capital might end up losing regular attendees (I use that phrase deliberately rather than “fan” since a lot of people going to Murrayfield don’t have much more than a passing interest in the game).
    I also like the idea of teams like Portugal playing there as not only does it mean we can blood some more players but there’s more chance of getting a ticket since it almost certainly won’t be sold out and the prices are a bit more reasonable.

  3. We never seem to play New Zeland these days. Are we so lowly ranked that the Kiwis just aren’t interested in either coming to Edinburgh or getting Scotland to play in NZ ?

  4. The portugal game at least should be played somewhere else to try and get more interest in rugby around the country. It would be great if it was played in the north somewhere like Aberdeen or Inverness because I doubt Murrayfield will be sold out for that game. The other three I see why they are being played in Edinburgh. The expectations should be that we win at least 3 out of 4 of those games. Disappointing that we couldn’t get an Argentina or a New Zealand and have more meaningful games. We need to use these games, along with the summer tour, to blood new players like the Williamsons and Samuels.

    I hope there is a new coach in place by then but I highly doubt it.

    • Inverness is far too limited in capacity. A one third full Murrayfield (it will far far more) would have more tickets sold than a full Pittodrie, and no need ot shell out on the cost of hiring it.

      It would be really nice to play outside Edinburgh, but financially its very very difficult to justify

      • I know there will be financial implications to doing it outside of Murrayfield but I think if the SRU can afford it then they need to do it. If the SRU wanna meet their goal of growing the game then taking smaller matches like this around the country will grow it. You need to get more areas interested in rugby and cant just rely on south of the central belt. Inverness is growing as a city incredibly quickly, why not use this as an opportunity to get more people into rugby to boost player numbers and get more talent into our teams.

    • What on earth do you mean by more meaningful games?

      I’m quite happy with that schedule, SA are the world champions and Australia will be a real challenge. Fiji and Portugal provide a option to be try out some options …

      • Well, a meaningful game is a game that will actually challenge the players and really help them develop by putting them in tough positions in the match. Teams like Georgia, Tonga, Samoa, Argentina, New Zealand, Japan would provide a greater challenge than Portugal making it a more meaningful game. Scotland is at the point where we will never win anything until we believe we can and we do that by putting ourselves under pressure with big games and winning them. The belief grows by winning more and expecting to win more. Tough games create tough players. Portugal won’t provide the same challenge as the list above. Which is why I want those teams to play against us.

    • Have you not noticed virtually every game at Murrayfield has been a sell out in the last 10 years, if I’m correct I think the lowest was the Georgia game before the WC which was 50,000 +. Given our current financial position it makes absolutely no sense to hold it anywhere bar Murrayfield.

  5. South Africa on Remembrance Sunday:O but tbh I’m quite happy with the schedule and hopefully we see some new caps against Fiji perhaps Tom Jordan as I believe he’s SQ a month beforehand 🤔. I really hope Gregor is still coach then but there seems to be unconfirmed rumours of a move upstairs for him 😕😕😱😱😱.

  6. have World Rugby changed the regs re release window? Clearly said release window is 1st 3 weekends in Nov, which would mean Aus outside the window

  7. Why all at Murrayfield? Doubt they’ll sell out, especially if the coach remains GT. Should be taking them around the country.

    • Australia sell out, SA sell out, Portugal and Fiji will get far more than any other stadium Scotland could realistically use (Pittodrie, Rugby Park etc)

      Remember the SRU are in a financial hole, they will sell as many tickets as possible and that means Murrayfield.

    • Four weeks in a row in Edinburgh is taking the public for granted. Is it reasonable to ask c270k people to find the money to attend? Considering travel and food costs, it’s a lot to ask. I read many rugby fan sites and we’re being ripped apart at every facet of our game, from governing body to under achieving egos. The 6 nations shows us regressing, ergo, get the game on the road and stop fleecing the public. Start taking the game seriously and give us fans a future to look forward to, not becoming a second tier nation once relegated.

  8. Any news on the Season passes? I live down south – not sure if I’ll go back for 2 x Sunday matches with work on Monday, and I’m not that bothered about spending hundreds on what will be B team fixtures v Fiji and Portugal.

    Still, the team continues to grow and develop under Townsend’s watch.

    • Fiji are a very strong team. Don’t imagine we’ll play a B team, if we do there’s a very big risk of looking like clowns by the end of it.

  9. “South Africa on 9th November, Portugal on 16th November and Australia on 23rd November.” is this correct or are South Africa and Australia on Sundays as at the end of the article?

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