Scotland v New Zealand: Cam Redpath released back to Bath

Sione Tuipulotu is obvious candidate to take over the No 12 jersey

Cam Redpath has been released by Scotland to play for Bath tomorrow [Friday] night. Image: © Craig Watson -
Cam Redpath has been released by Scotland to play for Bath tomorrow [Friday] night. Image: © Craig Watson -

SCOTLAND are set to make at least two changes in midfield from the team which started against Fiji last weekend ahead of Sunday’s clash against New Zealand, with stand-off Adam Hastings ruled out on Monday through injury and inside-centre Cam Redpath being released today [Thursday] to his club Bath this weekend. 

Redpath will start tomorrow night’s match against Leicester Tigers on the bench, alongside back-row Josh Bayliss, who has also been released by Scotland having not featured yet in the match-day squad during this Autumn Test Series.

An intriguing selection of potential midfield line-ups is now on the cards. The most likely selection, which will be announced tomorrow afternoon, is for either the recalled Finn Russell or Blair Kinghorn to start at No 10 with Sione Tuipulotu wearing No 12 as he did against Fiji a fortnight ago.

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There has been speculation that head coach Gregor Townsend might throw his most audacious selection curve-ball yet by selecting both Russell and Kinghorn together at Nos 10 and 12, but that would be a reckless gamble against a team of New Zealand’s calibre given both players’ lack of experience at inside-centre and the very little time Russell has had to prepare with the squad since his arrival in camp on Tuesday.

Uncapped Stafford McDowall is the other recognised inside-centre in Scotland’s current Autumn Test Series training squad.

Asked yesterday about the prospect of Russell and Kinghorn teaming-up together in midfield, Scotland assistant coach AB Zondagh said: “I think Finn and Blair have a really good relationship. They feed well off each other off the field, they help each other out, so in terms of Blair’s performance or how he feels about it, I think he’s happy to have Finn back in the squad too.

“I think it’s really difficult to say if they will play together or not. It all depends on what happens in the game.

“You can’t predict injuries or tactical subs. But I think it would be exciting, personally, if both of them were on the field at the same time.”

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    • Sadly I think you are right. Much as I hugely admire Harris’s defensive work (he was amazing in the win in Paris for example) and understand why he is so often preferred, with ST inside him and Hogg at FB there is no-one able to release effectively release our wingers. The only ball Darcy or DvdM would get would be from kicks, either from the ABs or Russell (assuming he gets to play).

  1. The reports suggest that Russell starts at 10, so will have the donkey brothers outside him, so what’s he supposed to do??? Your never going to challenge the all blacks with solid centres. Now have Russell at 10, then Redpath and Bennett then we have something to work with pace and guile that might not challenge the all blacks but it would have been some game to watch.

    • I agree, minus Bennet for Harris – he was great in the past but lacks pace at the international level. Hasn’t given us much go forward, although that may be due to lack of ball. who knows… I hope we come out with serious energy and intent, the last couple of games looked like we lacked conviction and belief.

  2. I told my mate last night this would happen. Also watch out for Richie Gray being dropped after a stellar showing against Fiji, also wouldnt be surprised of Kinghorn starts and Russell gets a 5 minute cameo at the end once the AB’s have racked up 60 points.
    Redpath is our most naturally talented 12 and he needed more test gametime I would have started him this weekend. Tuipolotu is fairly solid but has yet to show anything inspirational in a Scotland jersey for me. Redpath would add some guile to the midfield centre combination with a defensive workhorse (and limited attacker) outside him at 13 in Harris. Tuipolotu will run hard and crash ball into the opposition but that combination will offer little to the back 3 in terms of craft and creativity.

    • Townsend’s treatment of Finn Russel is embarrassing but I see Finn is in for the All Blacks game. Townsend pulls another one out of the bag, as he drops Redpath who had a brilliant game against Fiji … Shocking decision unless Redpath is injured

  3. A real shame, the game is not on “free” TV!
    I’m afraid of the AB’s backs pace, Harris is a good soldier, however no creativity and too slow.
    Only one year to go for the WC, a bit late to build, too tough v SA and Ireland i’m afraid.

  4. Playing for Scotland is a bit like dancing strip the willow. One minute you’re called into action and the next you’re on the sidelines. When was the last time we had a settled side.

  5. Does he think the all blacks will overwhelm and is saving Redpath for Argentina? Similarly did he give Russell a longer break with baby due and not being available for the Oz game anyway, to save him for the big one.

  6. Toony just obviously does not like “talented” players. Hutch, Redpath, Russell, Bennett – all dumped in favour of hard-working, but limited, players like Harris / tuipulotu / Sam johnson etc. Give me strength

  7. Is Townsend getting paid by SA or Ireland to ensure we reach the World Cup with not a single key combination who have ever played together ? We should have a nailed on first team by now and they should know each other inside out.

  8. I’ve been a supporter of Townsend. He has a good record and I think he has good points, for example he is innovative, but…

    I just don’t know how you build direction, confidence and momentum with a selection policy like this.

    I can imagine how I personally would feel if I was one of the players brought into start then dropped completely out of the squad next game.

    P’d off…..

  9. I’ll just come out and say it. I think Townsend must be worse now than Matt Williams. At least he (Williams) picked something that remotely resembled our strongest starting XV and maximised our chances of winning games.
    Since and including the 2019 world cup (after which he should have been fired), Townsend’s managed to almost completely ignore a generation of outstanding midfield talent (Jones, Bennett, Scott and Huchison – perhaps I’ll call them the fab 4) who could have helped propel Scotland to the top of the world game. Instead he persists with a donkey in Harris at 13 who continually fails to fire the outside backs and causes the play to break down every time he touches the ball. Then we had the undroppable Johnson until we thought he had seen some sense by picking Redpath – now this, combined the Russell Malarkey surely makes Townsend’s position untenable.

  10. Can someone get the Men in white coats to take Townsend away please .
    He’s lost it .
    In any other job with his record he’d be sacked

      • I’m sick of listening to this crap paraded out by people like you every time someone criticises Townsend. Take out all the victories against Mickey Mouse opposition and focus on the games that matter and his win record crashes.Although to his credit his win ratio against England is good. His win ratio against Ireland and wales is appalling.

      • Lazy response put forward by all Townsend apologists. Ignore the results against mickey mouse opposition and his win ratio is poor.Focus on the last 18 months and his record is even poorer.Against England his record is good , against Ireland and Wales his record is appalling.

    • @Tasmanian Tiger
      criticise Townsend all you like. I’ve no issue with that. But if someone refers to his record, best to stick to facts. He has the best win record of any Scotland coach. Its a fact. Not an opinion. Deal in facts, you won’t feel so sick

      • Read what I said. Not what you want to hear. Is there anything in my response that is factually incorrect.

  11. So if Russell doesn’t start, back to no recognised goal-kicker on the pitch and no-one from 10-14 who is particularly noted for kicking from hand. Suggest that Toonie watches the Eng vs Arg match for why you need both.
    I can only imagine the attitude is “we’re going to lose to the AB’s anyway so might as well just have a bit of fun with selection.” Toonie is going to make himself less and less employable after RWC, be it with Scotland or anyone else. Or has he already been told his contact won’t be renewed so he’s doing this out of spite?

  12. Townsend obviously suffered more head knocks as a player than anyone realised.
    What is he playing at with Redpath? The best 12 we have wasn’t available for the 1st match and now he’s released before the 3rd back to his club.

    • I think Townsend has already decided that Redpath won’t be in the AB match but will bring him g
      Back for Argentina. Therefore he wants Redpath to have some limited game time with Bath to ensure he is match sharp for next weekend.. Still prefer Bennett to Harris but I doubt Townsend will pair Bennett and Tuipuiotu.
      As for a kicker if Russell does not start why not play Horne at No 9 – he is better than Priceat the moment as is White but White is not a kicker.

  13. This gets more ludicrous by the day. New midfield combos every match. Quality player sent back to Bath when we have two big matches coming up. When will the SRU bring an end to the tombola.

  14. This is simply outrageous and infuriating.

    There is no need to release Redpath whether he is playing this weekend or not. The SRU owes Bath nothing; different story if players are being released for Edinburgh or Glasgow games where the SRU has a stake in the outcome.

    How do you build a squad when, as soon as you finally get a foreign-based player back in camp after months of unavailability, he is sent back to his club?

    This is utterly clueless and shambolic on so many levels. I am now beginning to question the Scottish coaching team’s basic competence, never mind its selection preferences.

    • wrong. Squad has to be reduced to 26, and those not in the 26 made available to their clubs

      I’m surprised and disappointed he has cut Redpath, but once he did…………..

  15. I give up , I thought Redpath was one of Gregor’s blue eyed men. So he sends him homewards to think again. Surly if there is an injury in training you need a couple of 12 options especially against the AB’s, so might it be better to at least keep Redpath in camp. He is the only out and out 12 as far as I can see.

  16. Can anyone work out what GT is thinking, our best 12 released (2nd best 12 – Dean not in squad) a 13 will likely play 12, by far best 10 ignored until this week. Obsessed with a solid 13 rather than 13s who can actually play. Strangely keen to shoehorn Kinghorn into a position he clearly lacks the fundamental skills for
    It’s a bloody circus……

  17. I’m guessing White, Russell, VDM, Tuipulotu, Harris, Graham, Hogg in the back line. Not much change in forwards other than Ashman in.

    If I was the Scotland coach I’d change the back row to Crosbie, Dempsey and Fagerson. Richie just back from injury and needs club game time. Ashman for sure at hooker.

    Backs of Horne, Russell, VDM, Redpath, Harris, Graham and maybe Kinghorn over Hogg to ruffle his hair.

  18. Kinghorn is at best a utility back as they are better players in every position. Russell should start and George Horn should be starting at 9 and Bennett at 13. God knows what the team will be, fingers crossed.

  19. In the Autumn series we will have started with 3 completely different centre partnerships in 3 games and at least 2 different fly halves.


  20. In out in out in out shake it all about.
    Allowing a team to build?..

    Oh we’ll, we shall see.

  21. I am fast losing interest in the current shambles. Selection is now becoming a joke, albeit not a funny one. Can’t imagine what being part of this nonsense does for squad morale. No wonder half of them were out on the bevvy during the 6N!

  22. What the hell is happening iin the Scotland camp. A First XV selection sent back to his club after a reasonable outing in the previous match. The prodigal son recalled to the squad as the 4th best in his position, after injury to the first choice and press & supporter pressure. Fans fearfully awaiting the announcement of the next team as the tombola twirls. The next RWC less than a year off. The fat controller, stuffing his bank balance, chuckles in the background with his protégé in the crosshairs.

    • Redpath away to Bath! Better Toonie away there for an early one! To be fair if he plans to use Finn Redpath might be too fragile to take through Finn’s offloads. Redpath looks majestic but is there scope for that flair at International level?

  23. Insanity prevails ( potentially ). You could not make this up and we might chose to experiment against NZ.

  24. Well of course our most talented inside centre will be released back to his club. Did you actually think Townsend would pick an on form centre in his correct position to play the All Blacks? Expect the usual mix of turgid unexciting out of form favourites playing out of position where possible. Think Japan 2019 and then cut and paste as often as necessary until the SRU grow a pair and end this omnishambles.

    • Kinghorn is a winger or FB. Russell is a stand off. Redpath is an inside centre or 2nd 5/8 to quote NZ terms, as that’s the way he plays, and why he is so effective.
      No logic to sending him back to Bath, strong carriers are needed v the ABs. I’m looking forward to the game but not the result…


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