Ramiro Moyano on list of Edinburgh leavers

Nathan Chamberlain, Sam Grahamslaw and James Johnstone also on list of departures

Ramiro Moyano is leaving after a single season with Edinburgh. Image: © Craig Watson. www.craigwatson.co.uk

RAMIRO Moyano is to leave Edinburgh at the end of the current campaign, having made a considerable impact during what has turned out to be his only season with the club. The Argentine international wing is among a group of seven players whose departure was announced this morning, with Nathan Chamberlain, Sam Grahamslaw and James Johnstone being the other new names on the list.

It was already known that Magnus Bradbury and Ben Toolis would be moving on, while George Taylor‘s retirement has been previously announced.

“First and foremost, it’s important to recognise that every player moving on has given their all to the jersey and we wish them the very best in their future rugby careers,” head coach Mike Blair said on the Edinburgh website. “It’s a really difficult job balancing the squad and the budget.

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“We can’t keep everyone unfortunately and players move on for different reasons. We hope these players leave with fond memories of the club and feel that they have improved and been challenged.

“It’s been an absolute pleasure coaching them and they’ve all shown great commitment to better themselves and the club since day one. Their contributions both on and off the field cannot be understated and we wish them all the best for the future.”

Moyano made his debut last October after joining from Toulon and has played 13 times for the team. He is currently out of action with a bicep injury. He may have been overshadowed by his countryman Emiliano Boffelli, who is a strong candidate for Edinburgh’s player of the season, but he has still contributed significantly to the new attacking style adopted by Blair this season.

Stand-off Chamberlain, who has made 11 appearances and is currently playing in Super6 with the Southern Knights, has been out of favour since Blair took up the reins and has fallen behind Charlie Savala in the pecking order. He had some impressive performances under Richard Cockerill, having been recruited in 2020 after playing in all five of Scotland’s Under-20 Six Nations campaign.

Grahamslaw, a loosehead prop who has also been capped at under-20 level, has made five appearances. He has also fallen down the pecking order this season.

Johnstone has played 68 times for Edinburgh and has also represented Scotland Sevens. A reliable performer at centre, he has faded out of the picture following the emergence of Matt Currie and Cameron Hutchison.

Bradbury’s summer departure for Bristol was announced earlier this year, as was Toolis’s decision to leave for Japan. Taylor’s retirement on health grounds was announced in January.

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  1. Chamberlain is an interesting one. IIRC both competed for the same spot final year in U20s. Chamberlain clearly the more mature and effective player. One each went to Glasgow and Edinburgh
    Both edinburgh and Glasgow had injuries in that position (10). At Glasgow, the head coach was forced to give Thomson game time and di, and he came good. At edinburgh Cockerill would do anything but pick Chamberlain – often forced to but left him on the bench for 80 minutes too often instead of building game time

    Its often a mistake to play young players before they are obviously ready, but sometimes circumstances force you to pick the lad earlier than ideal and hothouse him. Worked for Thomson, Chamberlain wasn’t really given the same chances and clearly not the head coach’s backing.
    It would indeed have been interesting to knwo what would have happened had they gone to the opposite clubs. What we do know is Cockerill was not exactly well known for backing young guys and would rather sign any older player

  2. The surprise with Moyano and Boffelli in all honesty is that they came in the first place. Sad to see Moyano move on, good work to keep Boffelli, easily the better of the two

  3. Chamberlain has had 16 appearances for Edinburgh. In what universe is that not enough of an opportunity? He had some good moments but also looked fairly ordinary for the most part. As for the laughable suggestion that he’d have done as well as Thompson at Glasgow, that only insults Thompson who seized his opportunity with both hands. Ludicrous.

    • 16 appearances but how many starts? I can’t remember many. And he had only just finished as an under 20. That is the kind of opportunity only a once in a generation talent can grasp and nobody is suggesting Chamberlain falls into that category.

      But he is a natural 10 who has the potential to be developed into a very good player, unlike certain seasoned professionals I might mention who, for whatever reason, have their severe deficiencies overlooked time and time again on the promise that they look world class 10 in training.

      Edinburgh is on the brink of failing to qualify for the Champions Cup next season. It is time to be realistic about what has actually been achieved and to decide whether we want entertainment or success because with our current options and budget we can’t have both.

      We have had some great nights of rugby this season at home but, all too often, we have lacked the composure and control to get over the line in very winnable games away and, sadly, that has now caught up with us at home too.

      Soapy is so right, Kinghorn is not the answer at 10 if we want to become consistent winners. And for god’s sake let Jaco start kicking our penalties to touch.

      • Gary,thanks, at least your argument is well put together and worthy of consideration. I watched Chamberlain, hoping to see something that would mark him as an Edinburgh 10 and perhaps a Scotland 10 going forward. Sorry to say, I saw nothing to encourage me. His stats (available on opta) bear me out, I repeat, he had some good moments but consistency is a must have and in that he was sadly lacking. I hope he goes on to prove me wrong, no-one would be happier than me. In the meantime, can I suggest you check out Kinghorn’s carrying and passing stats before you completely dismiss him because they are not unimpressive and although his place kicking lets him down, he’s at least proved why Mike Blair is prepared to chance his arm with him. Remember, this is Mike’s career too, he’ll stand and fall over these decisions.

  4. I agree with “Soapy”. I don’t see Kinghorn becoming the stand off Townsend would like him
    to be.

    • Kind of depends what kind of stand off he wants. Morne Steyn or Beauden Barrett. Both great players and fine examples to emulate. But differing styles with one kicking but not great at running and the other brilliant running but unreliable in the kicking department.
      Very few measure up to the complete player that we seem to measure our players against.

  5. Sad news re Chamberlain. Hopefully there is an “exciting young prospect” ,perhaps the 10 from this year’s U20 team who can step up and fill Chamberlain’s boots. Now, what was his name again, Hindu Daltry? No that wasn’t it, I’m sure it will come to me in due course.

  6. Its a shame re Chamberlain and particularly Moyano. Wasn’t surprised at Bradbury’s move as we have a surfeit of back row players. Would have liked to see a top notch 1 and 3 recruited – Nel can’t go on forever (or can he?). Toolis deserves a nice payday at the end of his carreer

  7. Chamberlain always looked like a wee laddie playing for Edinburgh, maybe needs a season of playing 1st team rugby before trying again.

    • If Thomson had signed for Edinburgh and Chamberlain for Glasgow I’m sure we’d have seen Chamberlain grow and Thomson’s career similarly stall. I’d say Chamberlain was/is just as good as Thomson but Thomson has benefited from others misfortune/lack of form and got an extended opportunity that Chamberlain never got close to. Of course, Mike Blair has also got into bed with Townsend to cuddle Kinghorn rather than try to properly develop Savala and Chamberlain. His choice of course but a big risk and I still can’t see Kinghorn being a 10 around which he can build a winning team.

  8. Disappointed Nathan Chamberlain hasn’t made more of the opportunity. It’s a position Scotland simply must have depth and quality in.

    Shame Moyano isn’t staying too but hanging onto Boffelli is good news.

    • What opportunity….if coaches refuse to even look at you and punt you to a league noone cares about how are you supposed to progress…. hopefully he finds a coaching team that will back him rather than just find another foreign import.

      • Dogma .
        The one know one cares to talk about.
        What league could you be talking about ?


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