Premiership leaderboard for weekending 5th December

An update of the top individual and team try-scorers as well as the leader in race to win the 'Golden Boot"


11 – Gregor Tait (Musselburgh)

8 – Scott Bickerstaff (Marr)

7 – Rhys Davies (Currie Chieftains), Max MacFarlane (GHA) and Matty Carryer & Ronan McKean (both Hawick)

6 – Ryan Southern (Currie Chieftains), Ru Campbell & Robbie Kent (both Edinburgh Accies), Lewis McNamara (Glasgow Hawks), Morgan Tait (Hawick), Paulo Ferreira (Jed-Forest), Sandy Watt (Musselburgh) and Ben Pickles (Selkirk)

5 – Kirk Ford (Hawick), Lewis Young (Jed-Forest) and Conor Bickerstaff & Jamie Shedden (both Marr)

4 – Callum Black, Cole Imrie, Mark Sinclair & Jamie Sole (all Edinburgh Accies), Fraser Gosse (Glasgow Hawks), Shawn Muir (Hawick) and Mackenzie Pearce & Jack Scott (both Marr)



53 – Currie Chieftains

50 – Edinburgh Accies

48 –  Marr

47 – Hawick

38 – Musselburgh

35 – Glasgow Hawks

33 – Selkirk

30 – Jed-Forest

29 – GHA

26 – Aberdeen Grammar


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107 – Gregor Hunter (Currie Chieftains)

86 – Liam Brims (Glasgow Hawks)

83 – Kirk Ford (Hawick)

78 – Danny Owenson (Musselburgh)

74 – Gary Munro (Jed-Forest)

61 – Tom Aplin (Aberdeen Grammar)

60 – Jamie Loomes (Edinburgh Accies)

48 – Scott Clark (Selkirk)

37 – Colin Sturgeon (Marr)

28 – George Baird (GHA)

This weekend’s Premiership reports:

Premiership: dynamic Hawick pack earns Border derby victory over Selkirk

Premiership: 14-man Marr get the better of Aberdeen in appalling conditions

Premiership: GHA force Currie Chieftains to dig deep for 11th consecutive win

Premiership: dominant first half sets up bonus point win for Edinburgh Accies over Musselburgh

Premiership: Glasgow Hawks edge a tense tussle against Jed-Forest


12 – Glasgow Hawks

11 – GHA (including one red)

9 – Jed-Forest

7 – Aberdeen Grammar (including one red)

6 – Musselburgh

5 – Hawick

4 – Edinburgh Accies and Selkirk

3 – Marr

2 – Currie Chieftains


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