Premiership: Hawick sweep past depleted Jed-Forest

Last season's champions streak to nine tries to zero victory

Jae Linton scores one of Hawick's nine tries versus Jed-Forest. Image: Malcolm Grant
Jae Linton scores one of Hawick's nine tries versus Jed-Forest. Image: Malcolm Grant

Jed-Forest 0

Hawick 61

ALAN LORIMER @ Riverside Park

HAWICK duly delivered what was expected of them in scoring nine tries and conceding none to overrun a Jed-Forest side that stuck in gamely but which, in its depleted form, never stood a chance against the reigning Premiership champions. 

Jed’s coach, David Grieve, admitted this has been one of the most difficult weeks for the Riverside club, saying: “Trying to pick a squad was very difficult. To be honest, the game was in doubt on Thursday night. It’s getting front-row replacements. Five of the [front-row] boys from last week are all injured”.

Grieve, however, although feeling a bit down, has not lost hope and believes this is not the end for Jed. “The boys who played today showed they can perform at this level. The did themselves justice. The scoreline is a bit harsh but the boys can do it.

“We need them to believe and come down to training. At the end of the day it’s their club, not the committee’s. We’ll have a couple of boys back next week so maybe that might help”.

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As for Hawick, the heat was on the Greens knowing that they were playing against a Jed team in difficulty long before kick-off.

“With the build up and injuries to their team there was a little pressure on us,” admitted Matty Douglas, the Hawick coach. “We were expected to win but these derbies can be different. I thought Jed started pretty well in the first 15 minutes. But once we got the first two tries we cracked them. I also thought defensively we were very good today.”

Hawick displayed some neat touches, especially commendable in the unhelpful wet conditions both overhead and underfoot, and once the Greens found top gear with their handling game the scores piled up.

Among the Hawick players to catch the eye were centre Lee Armstrong, back-rows Jae Linton and Connor Sutherland and second-rows Fraser Wilson and Sam Frizzel.  The bench, too, contributed well with Declan Lightbody featuring well as replacement scrum-half and Fraser Renwick and Charlie Welsh proving their worth.

As if defying predictions, it was Jed who looked the more likely to claim first points after dominating both possession and territory in the opening period. The hosts had the chance to drive a line-out close to the Hawick line but a loss of ball at the throw-in thwarted their early ambitions.

It was all a false dawn for Jed, who were quickly shown why Hawick are currently in the top three, the Greens displaying composure with a decisive attack before Armstrong put in a low diagonal kick that proved to be a killer blow.

Fellow centre Andrew Mitchell, following up Armstrong’s kick with a rapid chase touched down in the corner for an unconverted try to put Hawick on their way to an eventually massive win. Then within what seemed a short time lapse, Mitchell was again on the score sheet, this time after the ball was hacked down the left touchline.

Ford’s conversion gave Hawick a 12-0 lead and when Mitchell showed soft hands to send Linton powering through a gap for his side’s third try, the Kirk was again on target with the extras to put the Greens ahead by 19-0.

Hawick now had the sniff of the bonus point and sated their appetite after their forwards switched to pick-and-drive mode setting up a try under the posts for prop Tom Hope, easily converted by Ford.

The visitors’ desire for further points was quickly realised with Armstrong judging his pass perfectly to put scrum-half Sean Goodfellow on course for try number five, and Ford, now enjoying a fiesta first half with the boot, succeeded with his fourth conversion goal to give the defending champions a massive 33-0 interval advantage.


Hawick were in no mood to let up after the break and showed their intent with a try and conversion by Ford after waves of attacks. Then just a minute after coming off the bench, Welsh sailed over after supporting winger Ronan McKean, Ford yet again converting.

The flow of points for Hawick continued with Mitchell completing his hat-trick at the end of some slick handling by the Greens and then Ford hacking the ball ahead before skilfully sliding over for his side’s ninth try, then converting both scores to give the defending champions a handsome win at Riverside and the Hawick full back a personal tally of 26 points.


Teams –

Jed-Forest: L Young; G Young, O Cranston, B Roff, R Shirra-Gibb; L Walker, L Elder; M Purves, H Keith, N Bates, C Skeldon, J Hynd, H Stenhouse, E Lauder, D Wardrop. Subs: G Munro, S Anderson, N Cook, R Anderson, K Grieve.

Hawick: K Ford; F Anderson, A Mitchell, L Armstrong, R McKean; K Brunton, S Goodfellow; S Muir, R Anderson, T Hope, F Wilson, S Frizzel, S Graham, C Sutherland, J Linton. Subs: F Renwick, R Linton, H Donaldson, D Lightfoot, C Welsh.

Referee: S O’Neill


Scorers –

Jed-Forest: No scorers

Hawick: Tries; Mitchell 3, Linton, Goodfellow, Ford 2, Hope, Welsh; Cons: Ford 8.

Scoring Sequence (Jed-Forest first): 0-5; 0-10; 0-12; 0-17; 0-19; 0-24; 0-26; 0-31; 0-33 (h-t) 0-38; 0-40; 0-45; 0-47; 0-52; 0-54; 0-59, 0-61.


Man-of-the-Match: Hawick’s centre Lee Armstrong looked back to his creative best, displaying soft hands and skill with the boot to create scoring opportunities for those around him and fully deserves the MOTM accolade.

Talking point: While Hawick put points in the bank, the focus after the Riverside derby is more on Jed-Forest, who are fighting to ward off a club-busting crisis.  With the list of front-row casualties lengthening, Jed are having to dig deep to field a viable team. They have got out of jail before this season but with six rounds of the Premiership played and no wins yet recorded it is not looking good for the Riverside club.

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  1. Joe Smith – you give no constructive opinion in relation to the points that Galafirefox makes , some of which are true , all you do is abuse others for having an opinion. If they are so wide of the mark then let’s hear your points. Contributors should not be abused for having an opinion but then again you seem to be a prime example of the closed minds that plague this site , willing to lambast others without having the intelligence to contribute towards discussion or present a counter argument. Is it really a delusional view of Borders rugby or is it simply accurate….
    If it carries on like this it will be too late, probably is already for some clubs…
    Joe Smith – If you can’t provide some type of value to a thread then don’t bother making senseless comments …

    • Galafirefox posts unsubstantiated abuse about others which you seem to support. Where’s the evidence? “Some of which is true” is not evidence.

      My posts relating to his rubbish was far more constructive than anything he posted and as fare as your last sentence I suggest you take your own advice.

  2. Senior players have too much power / influence in a number of Borders clubs and when that is coupled with a weak coaching team it is a recipe for disaster. These senior players are too happy to play themselves at the expense of the longer term future of the club and scunnering so many young players in the process. So many examples of this last year amongst the Borders clubs … too many legends being big fish in small ponds…
    There was a prime example of this in the players picked for the South , far too many ageing club legends and not enough development of youth.

    • You keep talking about the South here. Who in your opinion should not have been in the squad and who should have?

      Or are you just out to cause trouble?

  3. Jed not looking in a good place from what was seen yesterday both on and off the pitch.
    Looks like a poor set up from top to bottom. Rumour has it the Young twins are the huge problem and have been for numerous years? Boys on the bench not wanting to play?
    Shame to see a good club with good people be spoilt by the minority.
    Hawick on the other hand… another clinical performance keeping us all happy.

    • Jed have been sleep walking into the problems they are now encountering. Absolutely ridiculous to lay any blame on the Young twins, two talented lads who gave up international 7s to play for their hometown, tremendous servants of the club.
      Yes, general player behaviours over the years should have been reined in at times, however, problems always stem from the very top, it’s not only lack of players but also virtually no committee either, when certain individuals that have put alot of effort and time in, but run the club like some mafia like secret sect with no business head on and not willing to listen, share or compromise then you get this outcome.

      Jed semi junior club in great health and by all accounts the minis aswell unfortunately the main club will be lucky to stay an entity in the top 3 divisions in the next 3 years unless there is some serious changes and an influx of players and committee come in. Sad times!!

  4. Jed spirit in adversity was excellent against a strong Hawick side.
    Surprised no mention of Shawn Muir, what an engine.

  5. Jed only got themselves to blame , too much reliance on senior and ageing players and not enough emphasis on bringing young players through. Jed Thistle had a good team 2/3 years ago but very few have come through for pretty obvious reasons. They really are heading for trouble as these senior players are nearing time and there is nothing coming through or if there is they are not being given the opportunities. Other examples of this in the Borders , like Melrose where too much reliance on certain senior players at the expense of giving youth an opportunity. We wonder why the game is dying in the Borders , look no further than these actions. The Borders Junior League is already struggling with teams lacking numbers and the quality in show is pretty average …
    Don’t worry though because all these senior players will still get their opportunity with the South

    • For those of us not up on borders rugby politics what were the obvious reasons for these Jed players not coming through( again not trying to be a so n so)just aware they had a fine youth set up pre covid so unaware of what the issue is?

    • You seem a very bitter and twisted person with a delusional view of Borders rugby. In my view your opinions are worthless.

  6. Well done Hawick .

    60 point grannie .
    Feel sorry for Jed’s predicament .
    Relying on a certain few for years obviously scunnering others


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