Melrose Sevens Live Blog … double delight for Shogun Rugby

Shogun win the Mike Bleasdale Cup

Shogun Rugby (men) celebrate with the 1883 Centenary Cup. Image: Bryan Robertson
Shogun Rugby (men) celebrate with the 1883 Centenary Cup. Image: Bryan Robertson

19.39pm: Shogun Rugby have won both the 1883 Centenary Cup (men’s tournament) and the Mike Bleasdale Cup  (women’s tournament) on another big Melrose Sevens afternoon at The Greenyards.

South of Scotland Barbarians head coach Scott Wight:

Disappointing, but for a group of boys just pulled together this morning you have to take your hat off to them.

There wasn’t much in it. The Shoguns team was fairly loaded [with several Scotland and/or Team GB 7s players involved] but I thought the attitude of our boys was first class.

We met up this morning in Earlston for breakfast and had an orhganisational session, but that was it.

There were a lot of the Shogun boys who have been in camp all year with GB Sevens. It was a great opportunity for our young guys. It was brilliant and that’s what the day is all about.

Congrats to Shoguns. They deserved it in the end. They played better in the final but we wreen’t far away. 

Shogun Rugby (Men) co-coach and Selkirk 7s legend Fraser Harkness: 

Finally, after 25 years of trying as a player and as a coach … for a Border lad it’s just unreal. It hits different, and I’ve been explaining tat to the boys over this weekend – that this is important.

Terry Sands [Shogun’s performance director] puts in so much work, and all the staff in the background.

I’ve been involved with them for 15 years on and off, they’ve taken me all over the world and I’m massively grateful for that.

A lot of people don’t realise that you bring in 15 boys and maybe a handful of them know each other, some have played against each other in the past, and they’ll never play together as a team every again – so they’ve come together and done something special. We’ve loved it and we’re going to enjoy tonight.

19.20pm: 1883 CENTENARY CUP FINAL RESULT: Shogun Rugby 21-5 South of Scotland Barbarians

19.33pm: Will Glover try for Shogun Rugby could  be decisive. Converted by Freddie Roddick. 21-5 to Shogun Rugby.

19.28pm: Scott Bickerstaff strikes back for the South of Scotland Barbarians, but no conversion. 

19.25pm: Jordan Edmunds – back on after his spell on naughty step – doubles Shoguns’ account. 14-0 at half-time.

19.22pm: Shoguns score despite being down to six men, with Matty Davidson converting his own try. 7-0.

19.20pm: 1883 CENTENARY CUP FINAL: Jordan Edmunds of Shoguns yellow-carded for a deliberate knock-on

19.11pm: MIKE BLEASDALE CUP FINAL RESULT: Shogun 38-7 Hammerhead 7s

18.54pm: 1883 CENTENARY CUP SEMI-FINAL RESULT: Shogun Rugby: 43-7 OG 7s

18.35pm: 1883 CENTENARY CUP SEMI-FINAL RESULT: Durham University 7-32 South of Scotland Barbarians

18.18pm: MIKE BLEASDALE CUP RESULT: Eric Liddell 100 10-24 Hammerhead 7s

18.01pm: MIKE BLEASDALE CUP RESULT: Shogun 39-5 Hearts + Balls

17.40pm: 1883 CUP QUARTER-FINAL RESULT: Lions 0-28 OG 7s

17.21pm: 1883 CUP QUARTER-FINAL RESULT: Shoguns 38-5 Selkirk

17.04pm: 1883 CUP QUARTER-FINAL RESULT: Hearts + Balls 7-38 South of Scotland Barbarians

16.49pm: 1883 CUP QUARTER-FINAL RESULT: Currie Chieftains 0-36 Durham University

Last year;'s finalists, The British Army lost to Lion Rugby 7s in the second round. Image: Bryan Robertson
Last year’s finalists, The British Army, lost to Lion Rugby 7s in the second round of the 1883 Centenary Cup. Image: Bryan Robertson

A request over the PA has called for the owner of a silver Land Rover to remove their vehicle from the Fan Zone. How very Melrose!

16.31pm: MIKE BLEASDALE CUP RESULT: Eric Liddell 17-28 Lionesses

16.13pm: MIKE BLEASDALE CUP RESULT: Hammerhead 7s 31-7 Hearts + Balls

15.54pm: 1883 CUP SECOND ROUND RESULT: OG 7s 21-14 Monaco Impi’s

15.37pm: 1883 CUP SECOND ROUND RESULT: Lions Rugby 7s 24-19 British Army AET

15.15pm: 1883 CUP SECOND ROUND RESULT: Melrose 7-22 Selkirk

15.00pm: 1883 CUP SECOND ROUND RESULT: Eric Liddell100 7-19 Shogun

14-31pm: 1883 CUP SECOND ROUND RESULT: South of Scotland Barbarians 40-7 Watsonians

14.29: The weather has deteriorated …


14.16pm: 1883 CUP SECOND ROUND RESULT: Hearts + Balls 15-12 Jed-Forest

14.00pm: 1883 CUP SECOND ROUND RESULT: Durham University 31-5 Gala

13-41pm: 1883 CUP SECOND ROUND RESULT: Assassins 7s 17-19 Currie Chieftains

13.23pm: 1883 CUP SECOND ROUND RESULT: Glasgow Accies 0-38 Monaco Impi’s

13.07pm: MIKE BLEASDALE CUP RESULT: Shogun Rugby 47-7 Lionesses

12.49pm: 1883 CUP FIRST ROUND RESULT: Selkirk 32-5 Edinburgh Accies

12.36pm: 1883 CUP FIRST ROUND RESULT: Shogun Rugby 50-0 Heriot’s Blues

12.13pm: 1883 CUP FIRST ROUND RESULT: Watsonians 28-10 Boroughmuir

12.05pm: 1883 CUP FIRST ROUND RESULT: Jed-Forest 17-12 Kelso

11.43am: FIRST ROUND RESULT: Gala 22-12 Peebles

11.18am: FIRST ROUND RESULT: Hawick 5-29 Currie Chieftains

Melrose Sevens Hall of Fame: “It’s not just for myself, it’s for all the Magnificent Seven” – Arthur ‘Hovis’ Brown

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  1. A lot of good quality running and handling by men and ladies alike on Saturday but what was missing was applause and the roar of the crowd, probably because few club sides shone and 7 out of the last 8 were invitation sides

  2. Is there a way of grouping it, so there are tournaments within the tournament ie the local teams play for a Borders 7’s, the invitation teams play the Scottish non border clubs play and the top 2 go from each group to the 1/4 final stage. So everyone has more to play for. And you see more like vs like competition.

    • maybe time you went for your afternoon sleep ein and wake up without your rather one sided opinions which after a year or so gets somewhat predictable and makes you come across and one of the old blokes in the muppets

  3. Enjoyed watching the tournament on the telly.
    However,it has lost a lot of it’s magic and excitement.
    I’d like to see the guest sides reduced to four ( ten is far too many)

  4. Boring to watch. I remember the days when it was all the Clubs fighting it out. I understand the lure to get as many people getting pissed as possible but they will still come in their hoards to the Melrose 7s. Get it back to what it was. The clubs arent taking it seriously because they know its unlikely they will get out of the first round and if they happen to make it through, highly unlikley to get any further. Well done to Currie though. Id love to see the Melrose 7s back to its roots with clubs and no poncy invitational or “made up” sides. Maybe then the clubs would take it more seriously and send proper squads

  5. I thought Fergus Watson in the South Barbarians team did not look out of place up against the experienced GB internationals in the Shogun team in the final. Hector Patterson too looked lively. Patterson has only just turned 19 and Watson, I think is still 18, so lots of promise there. Was great to see big Jordan Edmunds back in action too, looking strong and fit. Mattie Davidson was a stand out for the Shogun team all day – he really is a skillful and athletic performer.

  6. i thought the quality of rugby was exellent and the women’s teams were outstanding
    it’s little wonder MRFC have to invite so many teams as the quality of our own club sides are at best poor ( especially the borders team with the exception of selkirk )
    well done Melrose for not listining to the old aye been brigade and negitive key board warriors

  7. First of all it was a fun day, my first Melrose 7s even though I’m an ‘oldie’ 60+. I understand that the pro sides, Saracens, Warriors etc want paying, feeding and accommodation so no longer viable. So why not invite clubs that are amateur or semi pro from Wales, Ireland and England. Kelso v Cork Constitution or Hawick v Llandovery would be cracking matches and mean something and get the crowd going. And I bet they would love to be invited!! Well done to Currie and Selkirk for playing some good 7’s yesterday.

  8. An over-expensive plastic pastiche of a once-compelling tournament, played out by too many “here today, gone tomorrow” contrived cardboard cut-out sides on an artificial pitch….

    Stale bread & corny circuses for the great unwashed.

    • Come now ‘Ein Stein’ if you don’t enjoy the Melrose sevens anymore (unlike the majority of people) why comment on it?

      Clearly Melrose are going down a different more mainstream path and you don’t appear to be the target audience.

      It appears from the comment section that a lot of people enjoyed the day out.

  9. I find it shambolic and not what it used to be. It’s forever in favour of the invitational sides now as so many of the clubs are still playing competitive 15’s rugby and had to field 2nd/3rd team players at Melrose. The likes of Currie, Boroughmuir, Heriots, Edinburgh Accies and Hawick all seriously depleted due to club games still being played, as well as other clubs losing players to play super 6 now so it’s just not as competitive anymore and is a huge gulf in class between some of these invitational sides and the club sides. Hopefully the SRU can sort out the fixtures scheduled much better next season to allow the best players to compete at the tournament. Everyone cheers for the local Scottish sides over the invitational sides, so it would be good to see them better represented. Melrose 7’s is a huge occasion for those who play in it and the 15’s fixtures schedule should allow players to participate.

    • Its the Clubs who decide the fixture dates and if they leave Melrose Sevens alone not the SRU. The only bit the Union do when regulating is that anyone invited could get dispensation from punishment if they had say a rearranged league fixture
      It was always respected and seen as important for players but we have some very narrow minds making those decisions now

      • Really? Perhaps you can show me where the clubs in each division get together to agree the fixture dates?

        Or agreed to cup/shield/plate semi finals?

        Or managed the weather to completely screw up the leagues? Those pesky standby dates….

  10. Quarter finals: 36-0. 38-7. 38-5. 28-0.
    Semi finals: 32-7. 44-7.
    Final: 21-5.
    Think again, Melrose.

  11. With some trepidation i headed to the Greenyards I’m a lover of the halcyon days when the best of scottish talent like Hovis Brown,Chris Patterson, Scott Hastings etc created what they recall as being some of their best career moments. When local kids took on the best the World had to offer in Campese, the Ella’s Serge Blanco. The list is endless. All in front of 10000 plus standing on steep grassy bankings.
    Unfortunately that world doesn’t exist anymore.
    Health and safety has cut the capacity and the bankings have had to be reduced.
    Scottish clubs have in their wisdom decided to do other things on the day. Moaning it’s no fair cos some of the opposition is too good.
    We have the welcome sight of a capacity attendance for the Womans 6 nations game.
    So what did i see. I saw a full stand sit for 8 hours watching rugby
    I saw full hospitality tents coming and going as they pleased. Watching rugby when the sun was out, eating drinking and watching the rugby or the grand national on
    The fanzone was heaving and the food zone looked very busy both areas aided by big screens.
    The woman’s event highlighted how far uts advanced with some wonderful athletes on show.
    The men’s event final was a display of high quality modern sevens.
    Yes some of the early ties showed how far the club sides have slipped
    Melrose themselves were poor. Surely the answer is too get better
    As someone in my 70th year did I long for the past,absolutely. However I appreciate why it’s changed and why if I want scottish rugby to move on I welcome the ambition to keep a World renowned event alive.
    I was struck by the number of sub 25yr old attendees yesterday. God forbid they enjoyed their day and come back and spoil our blether on a Saturday. Sorry I forgot we don’t go anymore it’s no the same.
    Congrats to those who worked to keep an important event alive and for those who want to bring it down abd prevent young players creating memories. You lost Move over if you have the games interest at heart

    • Well said, we need to keep changing and evolving in todays world. The woman’s game is a great example to what is good in our game. So many moan and complain about what is happening in our game, yes it’s not all good but let’s be positive and come up with ideas that can improve our game. I go on about it, our make club game needs to change and embrace the world as it is today.

      • Unfortunately Iain I fear for the games future. I can remember Scott Hastings telling me winning the 7s was one of the highlights of his playing career. Yesterday I spoke to a number of players and ex players who to a man wanted to test themselves.
        It’s auld folk in the bar who mump and moan and make the decisions not to allow players the chance to play in front of a big crowd.
        Its symptomatic of our club game and we seem determined to go backwards rather than stretch our ambitions.
        They don’t seem to grasp its why players head off to Dubai. Hong Kong etc to play in invitational sides. Players want to play and push themselves

    • Clubs dont take it seriously any more and I dont blame them. Too many invitation and made up teams.

  12. Great spectacle but local clubs must step up and represent Scotland better against touring sides – 7’s is our game – should there be more a focus on it throughout the season?

    As an aside, while i understand why Melrose bring in touring sides, i would like to a least see a little more separation until the play-offs between the exhibition and local sides until later into the tournament so more local rivalries can play against each other.

    • What touring sides?? Most of the made up ‘invitation’ sides were the S6 rejects and cast offs. It’s telling that the side that had no prep and had club players from Marr made the final. A dire event where the hosts hubris was reflected in their knockout by a side they thought they could steam roller and the Currie 2nd lads showed up some of the ‘pros’.

      • Also telling that the Edinburgh uni team (Eric Liddell) got closest to the winners in scoreline yet we continue to ignore the universities

      • And perhaps telling that the Edinburgh university side ran the winners the closest on the scoreboard, showing that there is a lot of talent missed through that route

      • Little made of the Edinburgh university boys who ran the winners the closest on the scoreboard. Shows how much talent there is in the universities and we ignore it


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