Melrose Sevens provided significant boost to local economy

Three day event delivered a direct economic impact of £2.5 million

The Melrose Sevens provided a £2.5m boost to the local economy in April. Image: © Craig Watson -
The Melrose Sevens provided a £2.5m boost to the local economy in April. Image: © Craig Watson -

MELROSE SEVENS delivered a direct economic impact of £2.5 million to the local economy this year, according to a Scottish Borders Council economic impact calculator.

The world famous tournament, which took place over three days in April, attracted over 8,000 rugby enthusiasts, athletes and visitors from across the world, significantly boosting tourism in the area.

“We are thrilled by the overwhelming support and turnout for this year’s tournament,” said Tournament Director Phil Morris. “The Melrose Sevens continues to be a pivotal event not just for the rugby community but also for the economic vitality of our region.

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“The £2.5 million impact is a testament to the hard work of our organisers, volunteers and the enthusiastic participation of teams and spectators alike.”

“This year’s tournament featured over 30 teams, including both men’s and women’s seniors and under-18s, highlighting top-tier rugby talent and providing unforgettable experiences for fans.

“As the Melrose Sevens looks towards future tournaments, the focus remains on enhancing the experience for attendees and further amplifying the economic benefits for the community.

“Planning is already underway for the 2025 Melrose Sevens, with expectations set high for another year of exceptional rugby and community impact.”

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  1. My best guess is £2.5m income for all the traders in Melrose plus actual event income BUT before deducting the costs of running the event .
    What was left for Melrose RFC?best guess again not a lot !

    • that would be my take.
      FWIW I have no connection with Melrose, nor do I think the current format is as attractive as it once was. But I don’t run Melrose RFC, its their decision not mine. But they guy is trying to promote Melrose 7s. He may have over egged it a it, so what? Its his role to promote them.
      Whatever the figure I’m sure the local businesses who gained some income are very happy to have it and happy to see the 7s promoted for next season.
      I really don’t understand the petty whinges. I guess its either wanting to turn the clock back or jealousy; probably a mix of both. Or just regular moaners about everything

  2. Just another Phil Morris piss take, free meals and drinks for his cronies all about his self promotion, I’d love to see where the 2.5million went, must have vanished into thin air!!. This articles a joke, The vast majority of comments I heard have been negative and I’m yet to see the positives of the event, gone are the good old days when it was about the game, and not an excuse for an underage piss up!!

  3. These figures seem a bit stretched, Melrose isn’t quite what it used to be. Was at The Edinburgh 7s at the weekend, great event

      • Accountancy,economic development & experience in a form of forensic accounting were liable to lead to a certain cynicism regarding the claims of certain bodies.

  4. While Phil Morris has expanded on the boost I understand that the figure of £2.5m actually comes from Scottish Borders Council

    • Not so fast, George. Read the text again – “from an SBC calculator”…..

      As we used to say back in the day when assessing the meaning of life on earth – “garbage in / garbage out”.

      That’s about it for tonight!

    • Not so sure it does, George. Looks like was produced using the “Cooncil Calculator”…

  5. Perhaps other Borders clubs should take notes from Melrose on how to grow a club the right way. Striving for semi-pro rugby – Hosting internationally renowned events – And delivering positive economic impact to their local community – A positive relationship with Scottish Rugby.

    If all the top borders club followed suit – imagine the growth it would have on the game.

    Any negative talk towards Melrose is pure jealousy.

  6. Come on Barney. You are better than this, what facts have they produced to back the claims.
    This is Daily Record level journalism.

  7. This extraordinary headline figure stretches credibility, even for those of us with a pretty good (professional) handle on such things. Consequently, independently authenticated data would be most welcome!

    When the main activity at MRFC7’s takes place on just one day, the vast majority of attendees arrive that morning, and leave in the evening. While the peripheral goings-on are essentially local and relatively tiny, in numerical terms – many Melrose residents get out of town for the weekend to avoid being over-run by “visitors” and the frequently regrettable behaviours they bring with them.

    Come, Phil Morris – pull the other one.


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