Melrose Sevens draw pitches Premiership finalists against each other

Hawick and Currie Chieftains face each other in opening round of 1883 Centenary Cup

Monaco Impi’s will klick off their 1883 Centenary Cup defence against Glasgow Accies. Image: © Craig Watson -
Monaco Impi’s will klick off their 1883 Centenary Cup defence against Glasgow Accies. Image: © Craig Watson -

THE MELROSE SEVENS 1883 CENTENARY CUP draw has pitched this season’s Premiership finalists – Hawick and Currie Chieftains – against each other in the opening tie of the day.

That will be followed by back-t0-back Border derbies between Gala versus Peebles then Jed-Forest versus Kelso, before capital pair Boroughmuir and Watsonians battle it out for the opportunity to face the South of Scotland Barbarians in round two.

The full draws for both the men’s 1883 Centenary Cup and the women’s Mike Bleasdale Cup are printed below.

South of Scotland Barbarians team to compete at Melrose Sevens

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Tournament Director, Phil Morris, commented: “We are thrilled to unveil the fixtures draw for the 1883 Centenary Cup and Mike Bleasdale Cup tournaments at this year’s Melrose Sevens. With a lineup of exciting matches and the chance for sponsorship, we invite rugby enthusiasts and businesses alike to be part of this historic event.”

  • For more information on the 2024 Melrose Sevens, click HERE.

  • For both draws, there is a unique opportunity for sponsorship. Individuals or businesses can sponsor a match for £100 and have their name or logo displayed on the big screens, in the tournament programme, and announced just before the kick-off of the chosen tie.
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South of Scotland Barbarians team to compete at Melrose Sevens

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  1. That is a dreadful personal insult and you should be ashamed of yourself, I would hope you are removed from the TOL.

    Better to try and fail and than never try at all.

    What are MRFC to do, you tell me Ein?? You like to critique but offer nothing. What would you do? You could offer to go and advise, help, roll your sleeves up like the other volunteers, offer your expertise.

    When all the Borders 7s (other than Jed) are seeing challenging times, you innovate, be creative or accept the inevitable. Doing nothing is not an option.

    For clarity Ein, 2 years ago a Hawick committee man played to make up the numbers at Gala 7s, Ayr withdrew from Melrose with a week to go last year. There have been lots of last minute no shows over the last 3 years at Borders events. The cup semi finals were always going to clash with the Melrose 7s date or another 7s.
    Can you blame these teams for sending weakened teams to the 7s? No I don’t. The priority is somewhere else.
    Do I blame Melrose for having clubs that want to play at melrose 7s? No I don’t. I admire them for trying. They work hard and if you don’t like Melrose, don’t go to Melrose.
    I would love to see a full quota of Scottish teams at Melrose, I would love to see clubs from overseas as guests but they ask for all expenses and fees now.
    If you don’t change and adapt, you die! That’s evolution.
    It’s funny how almost all of the criticism in the article comes from Borders people who at the same time question why Scottish rugby don’t take the Borders seriously. If all these people want to do is rip each other apart, who can blame the SRU?

    • What principle. Committee men taking away players opportunities, sound pretty backwards. Keep your principles to yourself and let the boys play.
      Teams that’s dont to come won’t be missed, plenty of others will

  2. So at least 4 club sides with either second XV teams or alternatively have to withdraw because of clash with Scottish cup semi finals. As if the gap between teams is not going to be big enough. The draw is too predictable
    Why are Monaco Impi’s as defending champions having to play a first round tie ?
    The “made up” sevens of Hearts and balls , south barbarians and Eric Lidddel 7 all given bye into second round – who’s in these sevens , anyone have a clue? Why do Monaco Impi’s play a first round tie and they don’t ?
    The draw makes little or no sense and again is devalued by the clash with Scottish Cup , the likelihood of at least 4 second XV sevens and the almost certain huge imbalance in quality between the club sides and the journeyman sevens sides that appear in the second round.
    Used to really enjoy Melrose 7’s but it’s not for me any more , not paying good money to go and watch made up 7’s teams dominate from 2nd round onwards. They really have made a pigs ear of what used to be an exciting , prestige event ….

  3. First tie at 11am with the final at 7pm what a nonsense.
    Those teams in the first round are being discriminated against and are sadly the teams with the biggest potential travelling support on the day.
    What a joke of a tournament.

    • Boroughmuir managed to win it from the first round in 2002. Pretty sure our lads started about mid-day. Had a lovely day putting 3 guest sides out along the way.

    • Indeed: perhaps all non-border teams that are involved in the Border 7’s should withdraw all their invites, just like the border teams that never entered the Cup…


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