Melrose Sevens draw announced

A series of mouthwatering Borders versus city clashes will get the 2023 edition of the men's tournament off to a flying start

Action form the 2019 Melrose Sevens. Image: © Craig Watson -
Action form the 2019 Melrose Sevens. Image: © Craig Watson -

THE draw has been made for this year’s Melrose Sevens 1883 Cup (men’s competition) to be held on Saturday 8th April, kicking off at 11am, which will include some mouth-watering clashes between Borders and Edinburgh clubs in the preliminary rounds.

“It’s a really good looking draw for this year’s Melrose Sevens with some exciting clashes from the very first game and we are anticipating a very high standard of rugby this year,” said Tournament Director Phil Morris. “We know our knowledgeable Greenyards fans are going to enjoy a fabulous day of high-quality rugby sevens.”

Get your tickets for this year’s Melrose sevens HERE.

Melrose Sevens ready to launch a new chapter

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  1. The Border clubs are/were historically the bedrock of what made Melrose sevens and are now treated disgracefully by having to play in the preliminary round(apart from Melrose ofcourse).They should all withdraw from future Melrose sevens and let them get on with inviting unknown sevens sides with unknown funny names.

  2. The first round looks like the highlight of the day. Why did the Melrose committee think that a draw like this is in any way acceptable. Plonkers !!!

  3. I first played at Melrose as a 16 year old, unfortunately work meant I could no longer travel to play there. I have played at the sevens on a couple of occasions and have continued to return as a spectator ever since, my granddaughter has now started to come with me, we were both bitterly disappointed when we saw the draw for this year, I cannot see any of the teams and players we support getting past the first round. I will attend this year again as I promised my granddaughter I would.
    However, I think it will be the last, maybe I am old fashioned, but every team should have to play the same number of rounds without exception, the big boys should have no privileges, if they are that good they will survive the rounds like every other team who have won in the past. It tarnishes the efforts of previous winners. I guess the so called professional era has lost me from international level down.

  4. Couldn’t agree more with Ronnie Wood.
    Perhaps all the Scottish teams consigned to round one could decline to attend and hold their own “domestic” tournament nearby at say Netherdale to provide a realistic competition.
    Don’t suppose other than the guest sides get paid to appear at Melrose ?
    Funny how Melrose get a bye into round two.Will they be using some stupid 6 players like they did last year ?
    Melrose claim to have invented sevens but they are now managing to dismantle a great tradition.

  5. The Melrose Sevens, once the Blue Ribband of Sevens Rugby, has lost its shine, and is no longer the jewel in the crown.
    Far too many contrived teams creating a sham or fake event, which the great Bill McLaren would have had little to enthuse about. One or two teams from New Zealand, Australia or South Africa, and a domestic invitation side like the Cooptomists, the BaBas or the Scottish Thistles would suffice, and not a raft of invitation sides bearing mysterious names.

  6. Sadly, think Melrose 7,s over priced and over rated. Not the tournament it was and may well break Melrose. Nothing of interest for border clubs.

  7. Used to love watching the Melrose 7’s as a kid. Looking at that draw now and thinking it’s very likely that come the quarter final stage there will be no Scottish based team left in the tournament. Where’s the interest for supporters? Surely, for example, an all Borders Final would be far more exciting than watching two pro/semi-pro teams that nobody has any affiliation to?

    • It’s not compulsory to attend and I would imagine the absence of certain people would be a massive bonus to those that do attend.

  8. As said on previous threads so many pro / semi pro and ‘improvised sides’ really takes the sheen off. The club sides will be whipping boys for the most part. Shame as this was one of the absolute highlights of the rugby calendar. Can see why the BBC are no longer interested.


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