Monaco Impis to defend Melrose Sevens title in 2024

Tournament will take place at The Greenyards between 11th and 13th April next year

Monaco Impi's were Melrose Sevens champions in 2023. Image: Rob Gray
Monaco Impi's were Melrose Sevens champions in 2023. Image: Rob Gray

MONACO IMPIS will return to the Scottish Borders next Spring – 2024 – to defend their Melrose Sevens title.

The invitational side which represents the Monaco Rugby Federation and the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation in international tournaments emerged victorious last year as the surprise package of the world famous Greenyards event.

The Impis (meaning ‘warriors’ in the Zulu language) provides young Monegasque players an opportunity to improve and learn whilst playing alongside guest teammates and opponents of an international level. Since their first outing in December 2017, the Impis have participated in multiple editions of the Emirates Dubai 7s Tournament in both Invitational categories (International Invitation and International Open).

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“Our first participation in the Melrose Sevens was a wonderful adventure, and a true underdog story,” said Gareth Wittstock, who is Princess Charlene of Monaco’s brother, Secretary General of the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation and Honorary President of the Monaco Rugby Federation.

“The Impis name stands for resilience, courage and strength through adversity. We were proud to showcase that last year and to be rewarded with such a meaningful trophy. We are extremely delighted to come back to Scotland in 2024. We know that we will be the team to beat, and that the trophy will be even harder to win now. But rest assured of one thing: we will defend our title with honour and determination.”

Tournament Director, Phil Morris, commented: “We are thrilled to welcome back Monaco Impi’s, the defending champions of the 1883 Centenary Cup Tournament. Their performance last year was nothing short of exceptional, and we are eager to witness the prowess and tenacity they bring to the field once again. The Melrose Sevens has always been a platform for showcasing the best in sevens rugby and Monaco Impi’s exemplify that spirit.”

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  1. I’m with those with no interest in Scottish rugby’s equivalent of the Harlem Globetrotters. There may be some quality sevens but the event is disconnected from the Borders.

  2. I agree with the other posts, I used to love Melrose 7s but have very little interest in it now, partly because all the best Scottish talent is hoovered up by Super 6, Pro sides & Scotland U20s, club sides have very little chance. Even the likes of Saracens & Harlequins have disappeared, it now seems to be aimed at ‘specialist’ 7s sides like Samurai and the Imps.

    As a suggestion why not take it out of the Kings circuit, invite the super 6 sides, the 4 districts and maybe the kings top seeds with a few guest teams???

  3. With no BBC there now.
    Why spend money on these made up guest teams .
    Melrose should ditch these kind of sides and give Scottish sides a chance of winning their 7s for a change .
    Home 7s teams have turned up and supported Melrose for years but have always been drawn in early rounds .
    but guest sides always seeded .
    What a filip for a Scottish side it would be for a club to hopefully take part and have a chance of winning instead of being used as cannon fodder

    • Yep it’s awfully soulless now. Historically lots of kids got into rugby watching their local side live on TV at Melrose 7s. Real shame.

    • AngryGala2
      Someone’s says black you’ll say white .
      You can’t accept most people don’t agree with you .give it a rest please
      You’re making yourself look a right plonker

      • Sevens is a deminishing product, other Border events are struggling. Local Border clubs no longer attend each others tournaments in the way they did if at all. Covid destroyed the Hsbc world series and it doesn’t suit tv anymore.
        Clubs from afar want their transport and accommodation paid for whereas teams like Monaco pay their own way.
        I wish sevens was as it used to be but It’s not so I applaud Melrose for doing its best to protect its history by being inventive . Unfortunately there would be more folk at last year’s tournament than the rest put together.
        The sooner clubs go back to sending the best they have to each others tournaments and attracting more new support for their own days the better
        I used to love a day out at selkirk 7s gala 7s jed 7s etc.
        We can’t turn the clock back, domestic rugby is totally different nowadays. Let’s not speed up the process of decline by being part of the problem.

    • AngryGala2 .
      They darent fall out with the local clubs or their 7s will go to the wall .

      That’s what keeps this event going .
      No local teams .no 7s .
      Take note Melrose .


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