Lee Jones joins final list of Glasgow leavers

Warriors have published final list of 18 departures from Danny Wilson's squad

Lee Jones in action for Glasgow against Munster in late 2017. Image: David Gibson.

GLASGOW have announced that a total of 18 players are leaving the squad at the end of the season, joining three others who have left during the course of the campaign.

While most of the departures were already known and in some cases announced months ago, it was confirmed today that winger Lee Jones would be added to the list of departures. The 30-year-old Scotland international has been with the Warriors for seven years, making 92 appearances in that time. That number would have been far greater but for long-term injuries.

Former Scotland Under-20s winger Robbie Nairn and prop George Thornton will also be taking their leave of Scotstoun, as will Fijan hooker Mesu Dolokoto. It was revealed on Friday night that loosehead prop Aki Seiuli would also be ending his stay with Danny Wilson’s team.

The full list of leavers, announced by Glasgow today, is: Alex Allan, Glenn Bryce, Mesu Dolokoto, Dylan Evans, Chris Fusaro, Adam Hastings, TJ Ioane, Huw Jones, Lee Jones, Ian Keatley, Paddy Kelly, Fotu Lokotui, Niko Matawalu, Robbie Nairn, Leone Nakarawa, Adam Nicol, D’Arcy Rae, Aki Seiuli, Tommy Seymour, Brandon Thomson, George Thornton.

New signings already announced: Lewis Bean, Simon Berghan, Jamie Bhatti, Sebastian Cancelliere, Rory Darge, Jack Dempsey, Josh McKay, Ally Miller, Domingo Miotti, Sione Tuipulotu, Duncan Weir.

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  1. I think Lineen built a really strong team I’m not sure Townsend moved it forward,. We definitely went backwards under Rennie. I think Jones sadly has to move on as his treatment by Glasgow has been very poor. I think he will truly flourish elsewhere which will be good for Scotland. But I am concerned at the steady drain of top talent, Jones and Hastings are not leaving for top Clubs – you could argue Glasgow have more Chance in the Champions Cup than the teams they are moving to. Does this suggest a bigger problem? On the other hand we do have 4-5 really good youngsters coming through. In certain positions you could argue there is too much talent and its not in the players or Scotland’s interest for them all to stay – I’m thinking No 9 and hooker. The team balance is not right.

    • Townsend definitely moved Glasgow on. Absolutely no doubt. Rennie didn’t. Absolutely no doubt. Big clear out now down to Rennie being late to the party, needing to learn about NH rugby, then leaving early

      Folk need to understand that rugby is a short career, players need to work out how to maximise it. Sometimes that is by sticking to one club and a squad player, sometimes its about a bigger club better salary and better chance of winning stuff, sometimes just much better money. Those with young families have to factor that in as well

      Their personal interest does not always align perfectly with club or country, but it trumps them. Rightly so. Think most sensible folk have the same relationship with an employer

    • “Jones and Hastings are not leaving for top Clubs”
      Jones especially…
      Moving to Bayonne (who lost v Biarritz to play in the second tier of french championship.
      A shame to see a so talented player far from the window…
      I fear for his international future.
      Don’t know if there was an agreement in his contract if Bayonne would play in the Propd D2.

      • For whatever reason, Edinburgh and Glasgow’s track record of getting the best out of Scottish talent has not been good in recent times.

        Bennett, Dunbar, Scott and Jones individually have not have not fulfilled a ton of promise. All had exceptional moments and lots of talent but had issues with form, fitness and perhaps most of all favour. Would love to know why.

        At prop we are releasing Allan, Rae, Nicol and McCallum. Surely we could have done a better job developing some or all of them?

        I still believe in the need for E&G, but we are far from getting a great return on our investment.

  2. Another 3 – Seymour, Nakarawa, Matawalu – of the 2015 winning team leaving, which leaves Glasgow with just 5 of that team around next season – Pete Horne, Ryan Wilson, Rob Harley, Fraser Brown and the returning, Duncan Weir. They are all strong culture setters though, and it is great to still have them. I’m inclined to agree with the posts above, though, that there are promising signs of a strong squad emerging again – Price, Fagerson, Cummings, Fagerson, Johnson – are the equal of anyone in the 2015 team, and Mclean, Thompson, Dobie, and Darge all look hugely promising. Can we get a balanced team to peak again together like 2015 and win the thing before we inevitably see the next gen of stars moving on?
    Other point of note: How long is it since Glasgow entered a season with NO Fijians on their books?

  3. Ian Keatley would be a good signing for Edinburgh I reckon – experience like his would be fantastic for young players to learn from and he could work with Chamberlain to help him develop. It’d also provide cover for Van Der Walt, meaning Kinghorn could stay at full-back.

  4. Contract lengths have in the past typically limited to a maximum of two years which means inevitably there will be a significant number of players out of contract simultaneously – I wonder if any of these new contracts of undisclosed length are different? Would make sense to extend for at least some key players l’d have thought, (though admittedly difficult to balance with risk of injury in context of limited budgets).

    • doubt they are any different. As you say most have been 2 yr. A few 3 yr also, and a not insignificant portion 1 yr. 3yr ones offered to top “keepers”, but players may not want to be tied down that long. One yr typically to new recruits from the academy, new “rugby risk” signings or existing players just making the cut; and again some really good players may think they are undervalued so will only agree to a 1 yr while they
      explore options for the following season.
      The undisclosed length seems to be a trend elsewhere as well. The only reason I’ve seen to justify them which makes any semblance of sense is they asked the players if they wanted to keep the length confidential, as the actual wage is, and players said ok. I doubt the players pushed for that however.

  5. We have lost far too many quality players from Glasgow in recent times-to mention a few- Russell,Hogg,DTH,Hughes,Dunbar,Sarto,Jones,Jones(H),Gray etc.. apart from retirements like good old Tommy. Can any team lose players like these and maintain standards? Little wonder it has been a very poor season for Warriors. Is it only money or is there something deeper within the club. We have had some wonderful long serving loyalists but can the club find more? I fear for the future.

    • some players just want to move on, try new places, experience new things. For them, its a career, short one, opportunities to get that experience with the job are very time limited, as is the time window to cash in.
      Thus there is also the money.
      It has always been a struggle TBH, worse when we lost Richie Gray who was a marketing icon as well as a top player, about the only one at the time, and when we would only offer Bennett an academy deal at what was effectively minimum wage for kids (he more than doubled that at Clermont).
      Glasgow had one season when it all came together, but have been punching above their weight for a while – on a player budget most of the time 50% less than clubs in England, France, and yes even Ireland

      • Sean Lineen deserves so much credit for getting Glasgow competitive with the squad he had.
        Toony took it to the next level but the core of that squad was never going to last forever.
        With superstars like Hogg, Gray (x2) and Russell being lured away by big money clubs, there’s only so much a coach can do before reforming the squad entirely.
        Seems mad with no more Matawalu, Swinson, Seymour, Fusaro, Jackson etc, but these names have been engraved into Scotstoun’s foundations and they’ll be forever club legends.

        The future is bright. There are some great youngsters in Glasgow’s squad and if it wasn’t for Covid, there would be a few more. (Flockhart etc)

    • A few of those you mention were getting old, or simply weren’t that great

      L Jones is excellent, when fit, he’s barely played for 2 years
      H Jones, has all in, for the most part, been a pretty poor signing and very rarely showed the Scotland player of 2018 for Glasgow
      Hughes, never been a starter in games of true importance easily replaced, keeping him and not using a Rufus McLean for instance? Nah
      Sarto and Finn have been away a long time now really, Glasgow have made a final since they left.

      Hogg, Gray and Russell went to what are widely accepted as big spending clubs, just look at the stadium Racing have. It’s no great shock they left

      Glasgow are about to bring in highly rated players from New Zealand, Australia, Argentina as well as bleeding in a class group of young Scottish players lately, I would say they are on the way to a pretty promising future and a total change in age profile of the squad

      Post seems a bit out of touch TBH

    • Surely it has reached a stage where the departures of Finn and Sarto have expired now? They left a good few years ago, Glasgow have since made the Final of the Pro league in a season when they were pretty dominant across the season.

      The departure of Finn was also to a club who it doesn’t take too long to see why he departed. The same could apply to Gray and Hogg, they have left for clubs who are widely accepted as being able to pay, pay well and compete at the top level to the extent a wider % of clubs than just Glasgow struggle to live with.

      DTH was moved on as he was simply getting old,
      Hughes, his retention likely comes at the expense of the minutes of a Rufus McLean, is it really worth it?
      Jones (L) and Sarto were both great servants but sadly suffered with injury and rarely fit
      Jones (H) has oft flattered to deceive in a Glasgow shirt, it’s rarely worked for either party as talented as he can on occasion be.

      Glasgow, as mentioned in the article are about to add young quality in the likes of McKay and Dempsey who are both highly rated, as well as the young talent being bled into the team in recent weeks who look to have a pretty high ceiling of talent (McLean, Dobbie, Darge, Lambert, Thompson)

      Throw in the growth of others i.e Fagerson (M), Cummings, Turner are on another level as players since Finn departed. A fear for the future seems pretty farfetched to me given the core of the side which will be balanced with a pretty decent blend of known servants and young talent.

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