2024 Inter-District Championship squads announced

Old heads and new faces in Caledonian Reds, Edinburgh District, Glasgow & The West and The South squads

Caledonia Reds celebrate winning the 2023 Inter-District Championship. Image: Colin Robinson
Caledonia Reds celebrate winning the 2023 Inter-District Championship. Image: Colin Robinson

ALL squads plus coaching teams for this season’s Inter District Championship have been announced ahead of the tournament kicking off on 23rd March when Edinburgh will play The South at Stoneyhill (Musselburgh) and Glasgow & the West will take on champions Caledonia Reds at Braidholm (GHA).

2024 Inter-District Championship Squads

Glasgow & The West  –

Forwards: Rohan Pottie (Ayr), Ruaridh Airlie (Ayr), Tom Martin (Ayr), Dario Ewing (GHA), Paul Cairncross (Glasgow Hawks), Marcus Goodwin (Glasgow Hawks), Stephen Leckey (Glasgow Hawks), Max Crumlish (Glasgow Hawks), Tiaan Wright (Glasgow Hawks), Struan Reekie (Marr), Alex Apthorpe (Marr), William Farquhar (Marr), David Andrew (Marr), Fraser Grant (Marr), Blair Jardine (Marr)

Backs: Tom Lanni (Ayr), Andrew Goudie (GHA), Charlie Lonergran (GHA), Max McFarlane (GHA), Matt Holland (Glasgow Academicals), Sam Graham (Glasgow Hawks), James Couper (Glasgow Hawks), Grant Baird (Marr), Colin Sturgeon (Marr), Conor Bickerstaff (Marr), Gregor Paxton (Marr), Scott Bickerstaff (Marr), Robbie Baird (Marr), Jake Jacobson (Marr), Mark McCornick (Newton Stewart), Russell Morton (Newton Stewart)

Caledonia Reds –

Head coach: Colin Sangster

Forwards: Fraser Allan (Howe of Fife), Glen Brough (Gala / Orkney), Ross Brown (Musselburgh / Ellon), Sam Cardosi (Currie Chieftains / Dundee), Callum Carson (Highland), Struan Cessford (Heriot’s Rugby / Dundee), Adam Flynn (Dundee / High School of Dundee). Gordon Gregor (Highland), Alistair Johnstone (Heriots / Dollar Academy), Malachy Keough (Heriots / High School of Dundee), Connor MacFarlane (Aberdeenshire / Grangemouth), Calum Macpherson (Highland), Stephen Murray (Highland), Jacob Ramsay (Currie Chieftains / Kirkcaldy), Bryce Robertson (Watsonians/Stirling County), Struan Robertson (Gordonians / Strathallan & Kirkcaldy), Lewis Skinner (Falkirk)

Backs: Callum Beckett (Currie Chieftains / Stirling County), Fionnlagh Call (Musselburgh / Highland), Glen Faulds (Falkirk), Connor Faulds (Falkirk), Ryan Flett (Glasgow Hawks / Crieff), Magnus Hendry (Highland), James Imrie (Glasgow Hawks / Stirling County), DJ Innes (Currie Chieftains / Grangemouth), Dom Martin (Howe of Fife),  James McCaig (Currie Chieftains / Strathallan), Murray Mitchell (Strathmore), Adriu Muritoki (Highland), Scott Rendall (Orkney), Harry Russell (Falkirk), Max Wallace (Edinburgh Academical / Deeside)



The South –

Head coach: Matty Douglas

Backs: Ben Gill (Gala), Kirk Ford (Hawick), Andrew Mitchell (Hawick), Lee Armstrong (Hawick), Archie Barbour (Kelso), Dwain Patterson (Kelso), Frankie Robson (Kelso), Andy Tait (Kelso), Donald Crawford (Melrose), Struan Hutchison (Melrose), Doug Crawford (Melrose), Callum Anderson (Selkirk), Josh Welsh (Selkirk), Aaron McColm (Selkirk).

Forwards: Angus Dun (Gala), Liam Scott (Gala), Calum Renwick (Hawick), Jae Linton (Hawick), Connor Sutherland (Hawick), Dalton Redpath (Hawick), Fraser Renwick (Hawick), Ross Graham (Hawick), Nicky Little (Hawick), Shawn Muir CAPTAIN (Hawick), Clark Skeldon (Jed-Forest), Bruce McNeil (Kelso), Keith Melbourne (Kelso), Terry Logan (Kelso), Grant Shiells (Kelso), Andrew McColm (Selkirk), James Bett (Selkirk), Luke Pettie (Selkirk).

Edinburgh District –

Head coach: Bob McKillop

Forwards: Chris Anderson (Currie Chieftains), Ross Dunbar (Edinburgh Academical), Cole Imrie (Edinburgh Academical),  Thomas Jeffrey (Currie Chieftains), Craig Owenson (Musselburgh), Neil McNairn (Musselburgh), Graeme Carson (Currie Chieftains), Thomas Gracie (Watsonians), Arran Hain (Edinburgh Academical), John Lascelles (Heriot’s Rugby), Matthew Pritchard (Watsonians), Rory Jackson (Heriot’s Rugby), Ryan Stewart (Currie Chieftains), Cal Davies (Edinburgh Academical), Andrew McInnes (Watsonians), Michael Badenhorst (Musselburgh), Courtney West (Currie Chieftains), Struan Whittaker (Edinburgh Academical), Ali Bain (Currie Chieftains), Ally McCallum (Currie Chieftains), Jake Mills (Edinburgh Academical), Jamie Sword (Stewart’s Melville), Guy Napier (Edinburgh Academical), Rory Kirkpatrick (Heriot’s Rugby), Stuart Allison (Watsonians), Jamie Sole (Edinburgh Academical), Rhys Davies (Currie Chieftains), Josh Minty (Watsonians), Paul Bogie (Musselburgh),

Backs: Matthew Crawford (Musselburgh) Patrick Richie (Edinburgh Academical), Cammy Lessells (Currie Chieftains), Danny Owenson (Musselburgh), Gregor Christie (Currie Chieftains), Jamie Forbes (Currie Chieftains), Connor Allan (Edinburgh Academical), Ben Appleson (Edinburgh Academical), Scott Clark (Preston Lodge), Neil Armstrong (Edinburgh Academical), Robbie Kent (Edinburgh Academical), Rory Watt (Musselburgh), Ben Heber (Musselburgh), Rory Smith (Musselburgh), Sandy Watt (Musselburgh), Cammy Meager (Heriot’s Rugby), Paul Christie (Heriot’s Rugby), Ian Sim (Currie Chieftains), Finlay MacNeill (Edinburgh Academical), Robbie Chalmers (Edinburgh Academical), Charlie Brett CAPTAIN (Currie Chieftains), Rory Hindhaugh (Musselburgh), Paul Cunningham (Musselburgh), Josh Mitchell (Watsonians), Ryan Daley (Currie Chieftains).


Fixture schedule –

  • Saturday 23 March (kick off 3pm)
    • Edinburgh v The South – Stoneyhill, Musselburgh
    • Glasgow & the West v Caledonia Reds – Braidholm, Glasgow
  •  Saturday 30 March (kick off 3pm)
    • Edinburgh v Caledonia Reds – Raeburn Place, Edinburgh
    • The South v Glasgow & the West – Poynder Park, Kelso
  • Saturday 6 April (kick off 3pm)
    • Glasgow & the West v Edinburgh – Braidholm, Glasgow
    • Caledonia Reds v The South – Canal Park, Inverness



Caledonia Reds head coach Colin Sangster said: “We are delighted to announce our 32 man squad for the forthcoming Inter district championship.  There are quite a few returning players from last year, however we have included several new players this season, from all over the region, giving them an opportunity to show what they can do at this level.

“To be included in the squad is a reward for high levels of performance at club level, and it’s up to the players to push on and challenge themselves in the competitive environment of district rugby.”

Edinburgh District head coach Bob McKillop said: “We are very excited about the next few weeks – whilst all coaches and players loved the IDC experience last season we walked away feeling Edinburgh’s performance had been well below potential.

“We’ve had some good review sessions with key players and within the coaching team and will aim to put that right this year.  Rhys Davies did a superb job as captain last season, but we have decided to hand the reins to Charlie Brett who has been in superb form for Currie”.

The South head coach Matty Douglas said: “Selection has been extremely difficult this season with the quality of players that were put forward from each club.  There are some very good players who have just missed out on selection which demonstrates how competitive this seasons squad is. However, with the help of a selection committee and coaches input, we feel that we have a squad which can be very competitive and put us in a great place to win a championship 

“We feel we have a good balance of players from the region and I’m excited to see how this group apply themselves at this level and what we can achieve. It will be hard work to try and win a championship but it’s a challenge that I know the coaching group and the players are looking forward to.

“And I’m delighted to announce Shawn Muir as South captain for a second season. Shawn is a great leader on and off the park, and he will be aided by a number of senior players to help get the best out of everyone in the squad”. 



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  1. The teams should demonstrate the collective strength and unity of the overall district they represent imo. Not just select the best players from a few top teams, this is what forces players to switch clubs.

    At least 1 player from every club in a regions district should be involved in the squad (not necessarily the match-day 23 although this would be ideal) regardless of the league they are in. This would encourage higher supporter turnouts from all clubs.

    I would suggest a cap of 3 players per club maximum and those players should be put forward by the individual clubs themselves. Plenty of ways you can manage this so that all positions are covered.

    I appreciate others will have different views on this, i just don’t think district games should be looked at as a performance pathway but instead a celebration of all the clubs in that region.

    • Agree with just about everything here. There should be a cap on the number of players per club. Absolutely no way are all of the best players in any district playing in the Prem. I’ve seen some excellent players in the National leagues that would walk into most Prem sides.

      • Can’t speak for other regions but Caley Reds seem to pick from right through the leagues. Not really in favour of a cap tbh – I think the coaches / selectors should be free to pick the best squad they can, and ultimately while we all have opinions , coaches / selectors will be judged on the success or failure during during the tournament. Many in the rugby media were horrified by Telfer n Geechs selections in 97…..imagi e if they had been given a quota on hot to pick? This isn’t development rugby it’s the top tier for club rugby so I’m all for the coaches / selectors putting out what they think the best squad available to them. Throwing other criteria and considerations at them is pointless. If the squad they pick fails, then a different regime will take over for next season….just as it was back in the old inter district champs. Pretty sure back then there weren’t too many guys from way down in 3rd n 4th tier being picked just for sake of perceived fairness or equality. If guys were picked from outside top tier it’s cos they were genuinely seen as best option for that jersey. I’d hate to to think Highland stalwart Brian Bell was capped so many times by North Midlands cos so eone thought it would be nice for a then 3rd tier Highland to have a token player in the side!!….and it would have been a brave soul indeed to say it out loud at the time. He was there out of pure merit. Sure so e selections will be wrong in all the squads…but could say same for 6n !

  2. The South must have shifted their Borders from last year where Musselburgh were included last year. Was this the South being the South and going back to the “aye been” , it’s not like Edinburgh needed the Musselburgh players so suspect this would be a “South” driven decision. Despite losing last seasons Musselburgh players still very little young blood in the squad , would have thought this provided a good opportunity to involve younger players.
    Very little change from last seasons South squad other than removing some of the very few younger players that managed to make the cut. Disappointing given there are a number of young players that would benefit from this experience whether or not they actually made the playing squad. Interesting to note that the players were “put forward “ for selection by their club coaches , explains a lot. Didn’t know the South had “selectors “ would be interesting to know who they were ….
    Would have liked to have been a fly in the wall when they discussed the merits of this squad.
    No enthusiasm to watch this at all , no excitement in the selection or anticipation around players breaking through.

  3. Disappointed that Glasgow didn’t move one of their home matches out of the city. One of the joys of Inter District is taking games to grounds to raise the profile of the sport. Might get a better crowd at an Ayrshire ground.

  4. Have the South just copied and pasted last years squad ??
    All the “old “ faithfuls trotted out again ….
    Jeds season must have been bad if they couldn’t still squeeze in the Young brothers and Buckley from Jed into this aging outfit …
    There should have had to be a quota of U23 players in each squad and a significant quota at that – I would have suggested 70% under 23 plus 30% over 23 to give a blend of youth and experience.
    Edinburgh have just picked everybody by the look of it …
    Again selections blinkered by the “ rewards “ of winning a trophy for a 3 game tournament that will be forgotten a week after the event.

  5. South”s job description for this squad must have stipulated that players must be nearing bus pass age and have played for the South countless times already. So refreshing to see youth given a chance ….. not.
    Surely this exercise must have more value than trotting out 30 somethings in the hope of winning a 3 game tournament ….
    So depressing to see the lack of vision in this selection and the number of decent young players overlooked for the “aye beens”.
    The age profile of this squad is ridiculous.

    The inter district cup should have been an U25 process.

    The imbalance in opportunities for players in Scottish rugby at present is scandalous – some players get everything thrown at them and others get nothing and end up lost to the game. We wonder why the game is dying …
    Donald Crawford of Melrose for example has played a season of Knights then back to Melrose club squad and now into the South squad. Surely there is more merit in giving at least some of these opportunities to young and emerging players.
    Woeful selection ….

    • Same goes for Glasgow & the West. There are maybe a few younger players in there that I don’t know, but there are certainly plenty of familiar names that are very ‘experienced’.

      Come on, about 20 players between Marr & Hawks, that’s not interesting, or a realistic representation of where all of the best players are.

      It just seems like a very lazy selection process.

    • When Andy Farrell picks the British & Irish Lions will you expect him to pick the best players available to him or to discriminate against people based on their age? The coaches job is to pick who he believes to be the best players available to him. End of story. Hopefully a reversal of fortunes for the South from last year. Best of luck.

    • I don’t understand your issue. The district squads are picked on merit and the best players regardless of age are selected. What would you bring in younger players for, what are they being developed for? In the future I hope this competition rewards players for selection for club internationals.

      • Surprised there are no Glasgow Accies players in the G&W squad, yet two from Newton Stewart (which is great, there should be more from lower leagues).

      • My mistake, one from Glasgow Accies. Still surprisingly low given they could finish second in Nat1.

    • Why? You are rewarding the best players regardless of age. What would you be developing young players for? That’s what age group rugby is for. At the moment this completion is the pinnacle of the club players career, let’s hope it leads to club internationals in the future.

      • Also fair to say that given how recent the S6 announcement was, there was no way this was going to be the new development/ pathway route at such short notice. At the moment it is the pinnacle for the best club players (and agree club international matches are the natural progression for the future). Moving forward a u23 or u25 tournament to flow from u20 should address development or at least be part of an integrated development system (whether that happens who knows??).

    • Why??the while point is to try and pick a winning team. Its not a development competition and never should be

  6. Squads look really good and competitive this year. Couple surprising emissions especially for Caledonia. Interesting to see James Brough isn’t selected, thought he was stand out last season when he was involved. Really took charge of the line out and dynamic in open play.

    • Couldn’t agree more with you lad, James was consistently Stirling best player in a tumultuous campaign this year. He filled in at a carousel of second rows as key players went MIA. His try at Peebles at the start of the season shows James’ ability to play outside the 15s and not stuck as some standard workhorse second row. Cant see Caledonia repeating there victory with his omission.

      • Hopefully with James not being selected, it might be a small insight into him playing in the Sprint Series with the wolves? Personally I was pretty disappointed when I saw the team and realised he wasn’t selected. Talent like that needs to be snapped up.

    • Is he not involved in the wider training squad with lads like Callum Hunter? Sure I saw that somewhere.

  7. Anyone know the reason that Edinburgh have announced a squad with 20 more players than the other districts? 50 odd from my count, seems a bit overkill…

  8. Interesting to see how Marr Hawks fare against the other districts?

    Same selection guidelines being used here as the pathway system perhaps?

    • At least one of these clubs is surely way over represented given their league position?

      I thought way more clubs would have been represented. That would make it more interesting and appeal to a wider audience.


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