Governance Task Force presses on despite concerns

Update issued to clubs acknowledges that concerns have been expressed to SRU Council members, but does not mention letter signed by 38 clubs

SRU President Dee Bradbury is leading the governance Task Force Image: Fotosport/David Gibson
SRU President Dee Bradbury is leading the governance Task Force Image: Fotosport/David Gibson

THE TASK FORCE which has been set up by President Dee Bradbury to review the governance of the SRU will carry on with its work, despite concerns being expressed by a number of clubs about the timing, timescale and scope of the initiative.

A communication issued to member clubs this afternoon acknowledged that concerns had been expressed to SRU Council members about the Task Force, but made no mention of the letter signed by 38 clubs which was sent to Bradbury last Friday, which called for the Task Force to be disbanded and for the issue to be revisited after August’s AGM, by which time Ian Barr will have taken over the Presidency.

“The Task Force are considering and addressing the feedback from the Clubs which have been voiced to Council Members and is committed to keeping the interests of the Clubs at the centre of discussions,” said the communication. “The Task Force appreciates that this process may take some time but all members are willing to dedicate the necessary hours to ensure that any recommendations made have been carefully considered, discussed and are fully informed.”

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That was the Premiership season that almost was: GHA

“The group has met by conference call with positive and productive progress being made.  The COVID-19 lock-down restrictions have given the group additional time to consider the relevant issues and meet online more regularly. Accordingly, consensus has been reached on a number of key topics and further work remains to be done on some outstanding issues.

“Once any recommendations have been reached the Task Force will report those findings to the Council for their consideration. Any recommendations will be subject to full consultation with Scottish Rugby’s clubs and other relevant stakeholders.

The communication also confirmed that Hazel Swankie, the Council representative for the Midlands region, has replaced Adam Graywho passed away last month – on the Task Force

The Task Force has seven members:

  • Dee Bradbury – President
  • Colin Rigby – National Division 1 Council Representative
  • Andrew Little – National Division 3 Council Representative
  • Hazel Swankie – Midlands Regional Council Representative
  • Bob Richmond – North Regional Council Representative
  • Ian Rankin – Co-opted Pro14 Council Representative
  • Julia Bracewell – Scottish Rugby Board Member

That was the Premiership season that almost was: GHA

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  1. After all the posturing, huffing and puffing, stood down and hung out to dry.

    Such is the legacy for the outgoing President.

  2. Did the gemmell report not suggest that the assets of murrayfield which I beleive are held by the centenary trust be transferred to the board. In light of the impending financial strife. Would this not jeopardise their assets

  3. There is no way this governance review will be ready for the annual general meeting of the Scottish Rugby Union.
    They will need to call a special General meeting for the clubs.
    And there is no guarantee that the clubs will accept the governance review. Personally I think that they should have two representatives of each region in Scotland on it
    Two each from the clubs in Edinburgh, Glasgow, North Midlands and the South.

  4. Interesting move by the President, especially considering so many Members have voiced a need to postpone.


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