Glasgow believe they can hold onto Huw Jones while Sione Tuipulotu set to miss Six Nations finale

Warriors believe Jones will turn down interest from Montpellier

Sione Tuipulotu and Huw Jones could yet extend their Huwipulotu partnership beyond the summer Image: © Craig Watson -
Sione Tuipulotu and Huw Jones could yet extend their Huwipulotu partnership beyond the summer Image: © Craig Watson -

THE ‘Huwipulotu’ partnership is set to be broken – but for how long?

The understanding between Huw Jones and Sione Tuipulotu has been so effective for Glasgow and Scotland in recent times that it was no surprise that the pair were given their own portmanteau nickname.

Alas, the duo is now to be separated, in the short-term at least. The knee injury sustained by Tuipulotu in Saturday’s Calcutta Cup victory over England isn’t deemed to be serious but is grave enough to all but rule him out of Scotland’s remaining Six Nations matches away to Italy and then Ireland.

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Warriors are still awaiting the results of the player’s scan but attack coach Nigel Carolan estimates it is an injury likely to keep him out of action for the next four to five weeks, meaning only an almost super-human recuperation will see him play any rugby in March.

Given how well the Australian-born centre has been playing – his pass to Jones that led to Duhan van der Merwe’s first try on Saturday was sublime – that will come as a significant blow to Scotland head coach Gregor Townsend given what it is at stake over the coming weeks.

“Sione came in yesterday and was in a knee brace so we’re just waiting for the results of his scan,” said Carolan. “The fact it happened early in the game and he played for 40 minutes suggests it might not be too bad, perhaps similar to Rory Darge when he hurt his knee.

“I don’t think it’s as bad as first feared and hopefully we’ll have Sione back for the not-too-distant future. Whether he makes it back in the next couple of weeks – probably not.

“I’d say he could be four or five weeks away. I’d say [definitely not] for Italy and an outside chance for Ireland.”

Jones has been in the news, too, over these last few days and not just for his two assists for van der Merwe.

The 30-year-old has been linked strongly in the French media with a summer move to Montpellier when his Warriors contract is due to expire.

But there is a feeling that Jones might not necessarily jump at that chance, especially with his first baby on the way and with how much he has been enjoying his rugby with club and country.



Asked if he was resigned to losing the player in the summer, Carolan added: “Absolutely not.

“Huw is very happy here and you can see that in the way he’s playing, not just for Glasgow but also for Scotland.

“He’s on fire and we’re very happy with how he’s tracking along.

“As far as I’m aware negotiations are going very well with him.

“Huw is playing some great rugby and we’re very confident he’ll be looking forward to another couple of years with Glasgow.

“He’s in the form of his life and he and Sione have formed a tremendous partnership both for us and for Scotland.

“Rumours are always going to be rife at this time of year so we don’t pay too much attention to that.

“We’re just continuing to work with Huw to try to ensure that we can do everything possible for him to stay. Talks are ongoing.

“This is what happens when you start to win. Your stock rises.

“With every player it’s our responsibility to try to get the best out of them. And when the team is winning their stock goes up and performance is currency.

“When players are playing well, teams do well, and then everyone wants a piece of them.

“But at the moment these guys are happy playing here and they’re looking to stay here.”

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  1. Real shame for Tuipulotu that he’s probably out for the rest of 6N, even if he’s not a stand out player, and often he is, then he always seems reliable at the very least. From a Scottish perspective however, Redpath is in good form and should slot in fairly seamlessly and would be really pleased if McDowall is then elevated to the bench (though could be Rowe to cover back 3 with Steyn covering midfield, not as good a choice IMO). McDowall could really add something as has a great all-round skill set and has also covered FH on occasion I believe. Can see the argument either way for Jones staying or moving on to get more experience in the French league (plus a deserved pay cheque), only time will tell and hope he’s happy with whichever option he goes for.

  2. It’s more completed than just birthplace. There is also if a grandparent has a link, Regarding Van Du Merwe he moved to the UK nearly 7 years ago. Has played in Scotland and England and nearly went to a French club had any of these moves other than him eventually settling in Scotland been a success he under IRB rules could have been playing for France or England. There is no nation that has not used an import so I suggest everyone remember that the next foreign import star might just be playing for your home team.

    • Not sure what this got to do with you and the other journalists on this site constantly mentioning it. Give it a rest. Why no mention of Huw Jones or Rory Darge’s Birthplace? At least be consistent.

      • The comment under Iain Morrison’s name was not from the Iain Morrison who wrote the article. Seems like a bit of a fluke that the commenter has the same name as our journalist, but, then again, who calls their son or daughter ‘AngryGala2’?

        To your point, journalists mention Duhan’s South African background so much because it is a way of differentiating him from, say, another player in the team. He scored three tries on Saturday so typing ‘van der merwe’ over and over again would be boring for us and for the reader. We also mention that he is ‘big’, ‘powerful’, ‘fast’ and ‘still has immaculate hair even after scoring three tries’ [although I didn’t notice that until it was pointed out on Twitter].

        The bigger question for me remains, why does it offend you that his South African heritage is mentioned? Is it bad that he is South African?

    • I’m not sure what your point is Mr Morrison regarding Duhan van der Merwe.
      Under WR regulations (not IRB rules) he is fairly selected, as you say just like other countries selct “imports” – altho in another article you referred to his selection as an “ethical! matter. I did ask why. No answer.
      You seem confused

  3. ‘Given how well the Australian born centre has been playing’ . Collectively the journalists on this site appear to be obsessive around the birthplace of non scottish born Scotland international players. Is there some underlying agenda being promoted here. If yes please let us all in on the point you are trying to reinforce, if not give it a rest. Its frankly unbelievably tiresome.


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