Full house of negative Covid results for France squad

Decision will be made on Wednesday night on whether Sunday's Six Nations clash against Scotland can go ahead

There was no new positive results returned from the round of Covid testing conducted on the French squad last night. Image: © Craig Watson - www.craigwatson.co.uk
There was no new positive results returned from the round of Covid testing conducted on the French squad last night. Image: © Craig Watson - www.craigwatson.co.uk

THE French rugby squad have returned a full house of negative Covid results from the round of testing carried out last night, which will boost hopes that Sunday’s Six Nations clash can go ahead as scheduled.

The squad will be tested again tonight, and will continue to train  “with restricted movement and no close contact” until a Six Nations Testing Oversight Group meets tomorrow evening to make a final call on the weekend’s match.

With 10 players (11 according to reports in France) having tested positive to Covid since Friday, the match continues to hang in the balance.

France appear keen and Scotland very keen to get the game played this weekend if safe to do so.

Scottish Rugby issued a statement last night stressing that they would be unhappy about the game being pushed back by a week because of the challenges that would raise in terms of securing player release from English and French clubs.

With a hectic fixture schedule running through to the end of the Lions tour (if it goes ahead) in mid August, finding another date in the calendar for this match would be a major headache for the tournament organisers.

France v Scotland: Wednesday evening decision on whether game can go ahead


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  1. have a google for pis of maskless Galthie and Dupont holding some award they collected at an event last week. Then tell me why France should not forfeit the math

  2. It isn’t clear to me in the report whether there are no more cases or the 10 that were affected are now showing negative, sorry if I am being dense. If it is just that no more have shown up in the remaining squad I still think there are potential problems to consider.
    Firstly the incident of the Wuhan lurgy is on the rise in Paris and across France [check the Internet] and the authorities have just extended the quarantine period from 7 to 10 days: not exactly the time anyone would want to visit, would you? Surely not, I certainly wouldn’t.
    IF the FFR are unable to put a team on the pitch on Sunday taking into account the current situation in Paris [and France in general] then moving it back to the following weekend is just as problematic, in my humble opinion of course.
    Secondly even if the French do get a team together what are the implications for the Scottish team going forward with the possibility of the trip to France and the possible implications of those in the Squad and Staff of contracting the lurgy with the resultant problems for the Scottish team for future 6Nations fixtures?
    Third regarding moving the match to the following weekend it could well be that some of the Scottish Squad are not available because French and English Clubs will not release them, again an unfair position to put the Scottish team in, and honestly will the infection rate decrease significantly.
    Fourth I can only see disadvantage to the Scottish Team in any of the options mentioned, in fact some might well argue that regardless of the circumstances on Wednesday the facts and circumstances at the moment are sufficient to give the cancellation of the fixture more than a moments thought.

  3. That sounds promising! As I’ve said in another thread, though, I don’t understand all the lead-in times but didn’t all the players who recently tested positive, get negative results before that. Is it possible that some of these negative results could change to positive? Fingers crossed all goes ahead

  4. Great if the match can be safely played. If not, postponement or cancellation are the only sensible options, but the inconsistent approach in rugby is all too clear.
    France has Covid in its squad – push their match forward to a non-international-window weekend to the potential severe detriment of their opponents.
    Glance back a couple of months… Fiji has Covid in its squad – cancel the match, give them a 28-0 loss as it’s somehow “their fault”. Award those points to, would you believe it… France.
    Yes, I know circumstances were different and this is the 6N, etc., etc., but come on.


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