‘FOSROC Future XV’ to compete in Super Series

Former Scotland international Scott Lawson will be head coach of the new team, which is to have strong links with the national under-20s

Scott Lawson. Image: © Craig Watson - www.craigwatson.co.uk
Scott Lawson has been appointed head coach of the new FOSROC Future XV team. Image: © Craig Watson - www.craigwatson.co.uk

THE seventh team in this year’s Super Series will be known as the FOSROC Future XV, Scottish Rugby has announced. As previously stated, the new side will have strong links with the national under-20 squad, the aim of its inclusion in the tournament being to better prepare young players for representative rugby at the highest level.

Former Scotland hooker Scott Lawson will be head coach of the Future XV, with Euan Clark and Shade Munro as his assistants.  Members of the national under-2os coaching group, including Fergus Pringle and Scott Forrest, will work with those three once the squad has returned from next month’s World Under-20s trophy in Kenya.

“Scottish Rugby has today announced that the new ‘FOSROC Future XV’ team will join the Super Series ahead of the 2023 FOSROC Super Series Championship,” a press release from Murrayfield said. “The new side, who will be built upon the next generation of young Scottish players, will compete against the six existing licenced clubs – Ayrshire Bulls, Boroughmuir Bears, Heriot’s Rugby, Stirling Wolves, Southern Knights and Watsonians – all challenging for the coveted FOSROC Super Series Championship trophy.

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“The FOSROC Future XV has been introduced to the FOSROC Super Series Championship to better prepare Scotland’s young players for the challenges of international U20 rugby and beyond. The induction of the new team will not only help to ensure our aspiring future Scotland U20 players can better compete and improve their performance at Six Nations & World level, but also provide an additional challenge for the six existing licenced clubs against an exciting new opposition.”

The Championship, which kicks off at the end of next month, will see the teams play each other home and away – with the exception of the Future XV, all of whose games will be away.

“We are committed to providing more high-performance opportunities for our players,” SRU performance director Jim Mallinder added. “After the inclusion of the two professional [Glasgow Warriors and Edinburgh] A squads in this year’s FOSROC Super Series Sprint, this is yet another exciting step towards bridging the performance gap between the amateur and professional game.

“Providing a higher-level competition and increased time in high-performance environments for our U20 players ensures that we are best preparing them for the ever-increasing demands of international rugby.”

The Future XV will play in red and black.

Melrose 7s confirm dates early to avoid another Super Series clash

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  1. So a team made up of 19 year olds are going to compete against teams made up of semiprofessionals.
    Seems a tad irresponsible to me.

    • So other u20s age players in the other teams won’t be deemed good enough to be in age grade comps if they’re not included in this made up team ?
      Who’s thought this situation up .

      The Heed Honchos at Dodson Land just making things up every day to get themselves out of this big mess

  2. So……the other 6 teams now don’t need to pretend the competition is about youth development…??!! As someone has said this is a dogs dinner being made up on the hoof and bears no resemblance to the original statements about what S6 was going to be and what it was for. It’s a financial disaster with unsustainabily small crowds and every effort has been made to alienate the rugby public meaning it’s never going to work. Even more disastrous is the toxic effect it’s had on our age grade players. Plastic franchises continually playing each other multiple times with some players appearing for 3 of the 6 teams is just ludicrous. No wonder noone cares about it enough to actually buy tickets (even given away free they get laughable crowds). It’s a zero credibility ‘league’ failing on every possible metric. It’s no wonder that when a deal was struck with the WRU to get their clubs involved, their clubs instantly said no. Had the money simply been made available to the top two league tiers of what was already a semi pro club system, then we would have seen much better more organic development. Our u20s have only won one game (and it needed Wales to get 5 yellow cards for that to happen) since the inception of S6 and the margins of defeat are getting bigger. We are now comfortably below Italy and Georgia at that level. Still astonishing that some think this train wreck is salvageable when the truncated inter district tournament brought more excitement and drama in four games than S6 ever has or will. That should be our template moving forward.

  3. Whatever development opportunities may be created, Premiership player drain is likely to reach altogether higher, continuing levels….

    • Ron its not Premiership as they pay too, my club have lost 5 players this summer, most will sit on the bench for a team that they have little allegiance too but feel they must comply with age group management.I also thought S6 was to develop young players – why remove another 30 from clubs?

  4. A good idea and a better way to select U20’s for the national team if the initial squad selection is widened beyond the FOSROC academy. This is a great opportunity for backs and centres to show their potential . However The Scrum has been awful in this seasons U20’s and is the area that needs transforming. Blooding 19/20 year old props against older stronger props may well be a great learning curve but its borderline dangerous. Stirling County’s front row last season had the average age of 20 and got hammered in the scrum playing guys a lot older despite having probably the best young prop in the country Cameron Murphy (bizarrely over looked for the U20’s btw). l assume that they will play older props to address the balance which defeats the purpose of producing good U20’s,

  5. Seems like an obvious move, maybe even an overdue one. Be interesting to see how it is implemented and how it goes.

  6. They’re just making things up as they go along to try and justify this farce.
    This is bleeding money from Scottish rugby

    • Who made that money for Scottish Rugby?

      Mark Dodson. The man who has put us in the best financial situation of the pro era.

      In Dodson we trust.

      • Angry Gala .( aka Dodson’s best pal )
        Won’t have much coffers left when this shyyte goes belly up .
        Won’t see him for dust then

  7. So not impressed, an artificial team , here was chance to base a team in Glasgow and they blew it

    • This ‘Future XV’ team is badly needed as a development conduit for the SRU’s chosen U20 players, and as a way of verifying their potential against capable & experienced players. This also gives an opportunity for any U20 player, or older, who hasn’t been part of the SRU age-grade academies (e.g. due to being late developers or ignored/ missed by the SRU age-grade selectors) to showcase their abilities, through one of the other FOSROC teams, directly against these SRU favoured players, in the same arena & under the same playing conditions. But what happens with the Scotland U20 squad players who aren’t based in Scotland? How will their development & comparative abilities be assessed prior to competitions?

      As there’ll now be 7 teams in the Super Series, adding another one (ideally from the Glasgow area) would be a logical addition, especially for populating all the quarterfinal slots. I would be astonished if the SRU management aren’t planning for this, but time will tell!

    • Absolutely right Andy. Yet another artificial team added to an artificial competition that offers nothing to the club game whilst taking so much from it.

  8. Well done Scott, the pathway for coaches from Super Series rugby is obviously providing great opportunities.


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