Eroni Sau and Murray McCallum join Edinburgh’s list of leavers

The names of ten departing players have been announced in addition to five who have already left

Eroni Sau
Eroni Sau in action for Edinburgh against Connacht. Image: ©INPHO/Craig Watson

ERONI Sau has enjoyed some impressive outings for Edinburgh in recent months, but he will still be leaving the club at the end of the season. The Fijian winger is joined on the list of departures, announced this afternoon, by prop Murray McCallum and eight others in addition to the five players who have left during the course of the season.

Of the ten who leave at the end of the season, it has been known for some time that most will be on their way. Duhan van der Merwe’s move to Worcester, for example, was announced at the start of the year, while Simon Berghan’s and Ally Miller’s switch to Glasgow was also agreed some time ago. It was also known that Andrew Davidson was going to Gloucester in time for next season, and Mike Willemse’s release was announced by Edinburgh some time ago.

Van der Merwe and Berghan have made the most appearances for Edinburgh from the ten departures, followed by McCallum.

Edinburgh’s 2020-21 leavers (appearances in brackets):

Murray McCallum (63)
Eroni Sau (26)
Jamie Farndale (15)
Andries Ferreira (9)
Duhan van der Merwe (67)
Mike Willemse (39)
Simon Berghan (90)
Ally Miller (24)
Dan Nutton (2)
Andrew Davidson (13)

Left earlier this season:

Nic Groom (22)
Rory Darge (1)
Korie Winters (0)
Fraser Mackenzie (119)
Matt Gordon (1)


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  1. Remember McCallum got there with two props leaving their contracts, so done well to get the caps he got. About as mobile as a static spin bike.

  2. Remember McCallum got there with two props leaving their contracts, so done well to get the caps he got. About as mobile as a static spin bike.

  3. I hope Murray goes elsewhere and flourishes, he would be the first to show a remarkable resurgence after leaving Edinburgh. But there was absolutely no point in him staying he never played and was very average when he did.

    • Yes but he hasn’t shown enough to cement his place as a regular in the team. Its harsh but you can’t keep players on sentimental grounds.

    • Why is it a big mistake? Why do coaches decide to sign other props rather than promote him to a starting berth?
      Surely you can see he just hasn’t stepped up. He has not lived up to his potential at Edinburgh. Hopefully, he can do that elsewhere, and all the best of luck to him!

      • Yeah, I was quite shocked to see he’d got so many appearances. Obviously most have been from the bench but it’s not like he’s never had a look in.he needs to go to a championship of proD2 club if he can get it and work hard, he’s still got a chance to resurrect his career somewhere he can start regularly.

    • Absolutely correct. The other comments below yours claiming he hasn’t ‘shown enough’ are utter nonsense. He can scrummage properly on both sides. That makes him unique for a start amongst Scottish pros. Actual Scottish pros…he gets his shoulders n feet in correct places….he may not hit the gym numbers like a fagerson who gives away a shocking number of cheap pens by refusing to learn basic techniques n he may not have the years of ‘conditioning’ that our South African ‘qaulified’ players have….but he doesn’t take a backwards step in scrums. He can point to an excellent record in scrums on both sides despite the nonsense spouted on here by those who know very little about either position he can play in. He has absolutely done everything a good pro prop should. Perhaps sru should forget the nonsense that every forward should be a flanker….that might mean we would have props that can scrum, hookers that can both hook n throw in n second rows that can get off the ground n catch …when u nail fundamental skills you achieve what new Zealand does.

    • Especially with Duhan going, I thought Sau was really coming onto some form, ref tonights performance v Scarlets …

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