Duhan van der Merwe returns to Edinburgh on ‘long-term deal’

Winger leaves stricken Worcester Warriors to move back to club which he left in summer 2021

Duhan van der Merwe
Duhan van der Merwe will get the second phase of his Edinburgh career under way tomorrow against Benetton. Image: © Craig Watson.

EDINBURGH have announced the signing of Duhan van der Merwe from Worcester Warriors. The Scotland winger returns to the capital club after little more than a season anyway, and has signed what Edinburgh have called “a long-term deal”.

The return of the 27-year-old, who first joined Edinburgh in 2017 from Montpellier, was announced by the club at 5pm on Twitter. “Burgh fans, he’s coming home,” the tweet read. “Scotland star and British & Irish Lion Duhan van der Merwe has rejoined the club on a long-term deal. Welcome back to the capital, Duhi!”

Edinburgh head coach Mike Blair first talked publicly about a potential return for Van der Merwe several weeks ago, after it became clear that Worcester were in severe financial difficulties. Since then, the English Warriors have been suspended from all competitions by the RFU and gone into administration, and yesterday the subsidiary company which holds the Worcester players’ contracts was also wound up.

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That meant the players and staff would have their contracts terminated and need to look elsewhere for employment. “This is the darkest day for English rugby,” Worcester rugby director Steve Diamond said. “We thought we could turn the tanker around but it’s ended up like the Titanic, sadly.

“The ship has sunk, the captains are nowhere to be seen. The RFU/PRL band played in the background. There are a privileged few who have jobs.”

Worcester prop Rory Sutherland had also been linked with a possible return to Edinburgh, but that is now off the cards.

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  1. Not entirely sold yet on Duhan’s return. We are playing a good style of rugby but it is often pretty fast moving with tricky handling. not sure that was the big guy’s forte. Kind of needed to place the ball direct in his big mits in the past.However if he now comes looking for work and has picked up a few skills and tricks down South, then it could be a masterstroke.
    It’ll be a heck of a ride either way.

    • How much of that was Cockerills ‘game plan’ was having him waiting on the wings? Think Blairs’ style of play will have him much more involved and hungry for the ball.
      Good that his playing time will be better managed now that he is back.

  2. Shocker! Irrespective of what the regulations permit, non-Scottish carpetbaggers like that VdM guy have no rightful place within the Scotland set-up.

    • Well said Ein Stein! Send this Saffer back to where he belongs to chew on some biltong! Pure-bloods only in the Scotland set up.

      And remove Mark Dodson from office!

      • I am genuinely flabbergasted at the negativity of some of the posters re VDMs return.
        The big lad is a wonderful asset to have and may be the difference between no play off and a play off.
        Either Ein Stein & Tinfoil are barrack room lawyers or Flat Earthers

    • Agreed Ein Stein and Tinfoil, We don’t want his kind stealing opportunities and dreams off homegrown talent from the grassroots.

      These ‘Scottish’ mercenaries sicken me to death, they must be purged from our professional clubs, along with the likes of Dodson who continues to rape the grassroots of resources so he can give himself a 500,000 bonus, or waste millions in the Super 6 malarky.

  3. Heartwarming to see likes of Darcy n Hoyland possibly being bumped for a juicer with no real interest in Scottish rugby grassroots…..it’s astonishing that we haven’t banned these awful Scottish state school kids yet ugh

  4. Great news – what a back 3 – VDM, Darcy and Boffelli and all with different skill-sets – now Glasgow need to do a deal with Sutherland and McCallum as their set piece is dire.

    • Agreed. Important for Sutherland in particular to find a club where he can get regular game time. Perming 3 from Boffell, VDM, Immerman and Graham not easy. Just need the right combo at 10 and inside centre.

  5. Tremendous news, VDM is a world class scorer of tries. He adds so much to the squad and should get loads of chances/ball given Edinburgh’s style

  6. Great news – just what we need – a bit more power in the backline and when we’ve got Boffelli to come.


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