Borders Rugby TV and Radio to provide wall to wall coverage from Melrose Sevens

45-minute documentary featuring vintage footage from previous tournaments has been released

Borders Rugby TV and Radio will provide wall-to-wall coverage of this year's Melrose Sevens. Image: © Craig Watson -
Borders Rugby TV and Radio will provide wall-to-wall coverage of this year's Melrose Sevens. Image: © Craig Watson -

BORDERS RUGBY TV AND RADIO will provide comprehensive radio coverage of the Melrose Sevens Pre-Qualification Tournament and the Melrose Wasps Under 18 competition on Friday afternoon, plus a mammoth live radio broadcast on Saturday of almost 10 hours non-stop action featuring every single tie from the first game of the main tournament at 11am to the final which will end just before 8pm.

The radio coverage can be heard all over the world at as well as on community stations TD1 Radio (Galashiels) and TD9 Radio (Hawick).

Borders Rugby TV have kicked off its coverage with a documentary looking back at last year’s tournament at the Greenyards when it returned after a two-year Covid-19 enforced hiatus with a brand new 3G surface and floodlights.

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The programme, ‘Behind The Melrose Sevens’, was produced and presented by Stuart Cameron and features star guests including World Sevens legend Cecil Afrika, Chris Paterson and Bryan Redpath, as well as some vintage footage from previous Melrose Sevens events. It is available at the Borders Rugby TV & Radio website and on YouTube.

The Friday radio show will be on air at 2.30pm through to 8pm with TV highlights of both the Pre-qualification and Under 18 tournaments available from Monday.

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  1. What I find annoying is that the Border clubs who were the bedrock of the original Melrose sevens are rewarded by Melrose rugby club by all being put/drawn in the preliminary round.Surely these Border clubs who have supported these sevens for all these years should be rewarded with a place in the 1st round proper.

  2. Perhaps the plus side is the probable further dwindling of the numbers there to be ‘seen’ at the sevens rather than to see the sevens.
    Will be great to see a more genuinely competitive tournament rekindling old rivalries.

    • Au contraire, Michael. Regrettably, it appears that “old rivalries” and those clubs and teams that have over many decades supported, participated in and occasionally won the Melrose tournament are now marginalised in favour of an entirely new approach, contrived in the name of “progress”, owing little to tradition & history, as you suggest.

      • For progress read money I would suggest Ron. Clubs increasingly need to look to their bank balances probably understandably so given the marginalisation of the club game by those running Scottish rugby.

  3. Sad facts but the melrose 7s is not longer the showcase spectacle that it used to be. No bbc television coverage, very average guest sides with very few exceptions over the last 5 years and above all else, the ridiculous costs for entry etc. The only plus side is that amateur teams have a better chance of competing and perhaps winning the tournament. I take my hat off to stuart cameron for all his hard work and willingness to provide coverage for this and all other tournaments on the borders circuit.

    • History is bunk (Henry Ford) and traditions are meaningless (attributed to Ned Haig).

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