Berwick Sevens: Watsonians are beginning to look untouchable

Myreside men are now 16 points clear at top of the Kings of the 7s table

Charlie McKill of Watsonians in action against Melrose
Charlie McKill of Watsonians in action against Melrose ***Image courtesy: Graham Gaw ***

WATSONIANS extended their lead in the Kings of the 7s table with their fourth win in five tournaments at Berwick yesterday [Sunday]. The Myreside men have now opened up a 16 points gap ahead of second placed Melrose at the halfway stage of the ten tournament series.

They defeated Selkirk 22-7 in the final at Scremerston, having waltzed past Gala [34-0] and Jed-Forest [52-5] in the pool stage, before despatching Melrose [34-15 ] in the semi-final. Next up is Langholm this coming Saturday.


Pool 1: Kelso 0 Melrose 45; Kelso 12 Powerbombs 24; Melrose 26 Powerbombs 19

Pool 2: Gala 24 Jed-Forest 5; Gala 0 Watsonian 34; Jed-Forest 5 Watsonians 52

Pool 3: Berwick 12 Hawick 5; Berwick 10 Peebles 14;  Peebles 24 Hawick 7

Pools 4: Earlston 0 Edinburgh Accies 64; Earslton 0 Selkirk 47; Edinburgh Accies 24 Selkirk 29

Semi-finals: Melrose 14 Watsonians 33; Peebles 19 Selkirk 12

Final: Watsonians 22 Selkirk 7



Selkirk: C White, R Cook, J Houston, D Clapperton, R Banks, R Hamilton, C Wagman, F Anderson, G Ross.

Watsonians: C McKill, E Miller, M Fedo, A Harris, A Skeen, W Thomson, E Fox, J Miller, J Ferguson, C Scott.

Kings of 7s table
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