Ali Price moves from Glasgow Warriors to Edinburgh on loan

Switch has happened after an approach was made by the Scotland National Team and Edinburgh Rugby

Scotland ambitions was a key factor in Ali Price's move from Glasgow Warriors to Edinburgh on a season-long loan. Image: © Craig Watson -
Scotland ambitions was a key factor in Ali Price's move from Glasgow Warriors to Edinburgh on a season-long loan. Image: © Craig Watson -

ALI PRICE has moved from Glasgow Warriors to Edinburgh on a season-long loan and will be in the selection mix for next Friday’s URC clash against the Vodafone Bulls at the Hive Arena.

A statement from Glasgow Warriors explained that this switch east along the M8 has happened “after an approach was made by the Scotland National Team and Edinburgh Rugby”.

“Price felt this was an opportunity that would be beneficial for his own personal development,” the statement added. “The club has agreed, considering this factor, the move being in the national interest, and the timing of the proposal meaning Price can move straight into Edinburgh following his post-Rugby World Cup break and the subsequent return to play protocols he has been managing for a groin injury.”

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The 66-times capped scrum-half, who was a Test player for the British & Irish Lions in South Africa in 2021, has fallen behind George Horne and Jamie Dobie in the pecking order at Warriors. Sean Kennedy is also on the books at Scotstoun, while former Scotland Under-20s captain Ben Afshar is on a partnership contract with Stirling Wolves Super Series side but is yet to play for the pro team.

He will now compete for game-time this season against Edinburgh club co-captain Ben Vellacott, Charlie Shiel and Scott Steele, who has not yet played for the club due to a hip injury after his summer move from Harlequins but is expected to be fit again later this month.Academy prospect Hector Patterson made his first appearance in the match-day squad in last weekend’s loss away to Leinster,.

The 30-year-old made 130 appearances for Glasgow Warriors in nearly a decade at Scotstoun. In December 2021, he signed an extension to a contract which was going to run out in the summer of 2022, but it wasn’t revealed at that time how long the new deal was for.

“Glasgow Warriors thanks Ali Price for his service over the past ten years,” said the club statement, which RATHER sounds like he may have played his last game for the club.

“Ali  is a Test Lion and brings to the club a wealth of experience at the very top level of international rugby,” said Edinburgh ‘senior’ coach Sean Everitt. “We’re delighted to welcome him to Edinburgh and I’m sure he’ll be eager to get started straight away.

“We’re blessed to have a really strong group of nines at the club, who all have unique strengths and abilities. Scott [Steele] unfortunately continues to work his way back from a hip injury that has kept him side lined since October, which was also a factor in this move.

“Ali is a player with great vision and understanding of the game, and those qualities will only rub off on our scrum-halves.

“His arrival also breeds competition for places, which is only a good thing for us as we compete in both the BKT United Rugby Championship and EPCR Challenge Cup.

“Ali has been one of Glasgow Warriors’ most consistent performers in nearly a decade of rugby at Scotstoun – we appreciate their help in getting this move over the line.

“We’re looking forward to welcoming him to the club where he’ll get the opportunity to compete for a place from the get-go.”

Price added: “I’m looking forward to finding my feet amongst a new group of players and seeing how I can work alongside the Scotland boys I’ve been in camp with before. This is a new challenge that I look forward to seeing where it can lead.”

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  1. This is another bad outcome fromnot having a third Pro side
    We have too many Pros at Edinburgh and Glasgow not getting enough game time . Let’s get more game time for people like Price and many other frustrated young players by scrapping Super 6 and redirecting the money saved into even a low budget Connacht style 3rd Pro side

  2. Does the SRU coaching team have a specialist scrum half coach? Was such a position considered by them? Price is still an asset. Use him to best serve the needs of Scottish Rugby! Warming the bench is wasteful.

  3. Does the SRU coaching team have a specialist scrum half coach? Was such a position considered by them? Price is still an asset. Use him to best serve the needs of Scottish Rugby! Warming the bench is wasteful.

  4. Obviously something else going on behind the scenes IMO, let it play out…. I do agree though that Price should have been allowed to move on at the last renewal date, may have helped keep himself at the top of his game… also surprised that is wasn’t a swap or maybe Price said No to that….

  5. The whole scrum half situation is reaching the point of becoming a debacle. In the one position where Scotland ha a wealth of options and upcoming potential Price should have been allowed to leave when his contract ended. It might have enabled him to take his game to a new level just like Russell since leaving Glasgow. Instead there has been a steady performance decline for someone on a mega contract.
    Horne’s career has stalled to the point that while he is finally getting the opportunity to regularly start it is too late in his career. He should have moved on some time ago to get the chance to develop his game as a starting player.
    People have been talking about Shiel for years but his chances to start have been extremely limited.
    What happens if Price
    , when everyone is fit, is only 3rd or 4th choice ? Will Townsend pick the Edinburgh team?

  6. Just out of interest…
    What happens when Edinburgh play Glasgow surely Price has to play? Though in similar situations (not sure if its happened in the past when players are on loan across the cities) but generally in Football its common for on loan players not to play against the team they are contracted to…

  7. Makes perfect sense -three top scrum halves at Glasgow, all of who wanted more game time. Good for Jones, good for Dobie, good for Price, good for Scotland. What doesn’t make sense is why Edinburgh signed Steele, who must surely be fourth choice now. Always a makeweight in my view and didn’t add quality to the Edinburgh squad.

  8. Some very unwarranted & unfair comments about the player.

    He wants game time. He’s not getting it at Glasgow, and it looks like he might at Edinburgh.

    He’s played for the Lions, Scotland, Glasgow, Ayr, and Stirling and has proved his worth. He has been a great servant & representative to Scottish Rugby as a whole. Not a bad return on investment so far.

  9. Talk about having your teeth kicked in… young mr Paterson must be pretty miffed today, bench on Saturday 4th choice on the Monday. Let’s hope Edinburgh A get a few more games for him to get decent game time

  10. Well that’s a surprise. The problem we have is that scrum half is the only position in Scotland where we have too many to choose from and its impossible to give them all sufficient game time. I’d said the other week that Dobie needs to get more game time to develop and so this will help him.

    However at Edinburgh they are now going to have a bit of a surplus. Take Charlie Shiel, who I thought was Edinburghs only shining light last week, does he now become 4th choice at Edinburgh behind Price, Vellacot and Steele. This is no good for Charlie and he is going to hardly get any game time when all are fit. And young Hector Paterson who made the bench last week may never get near it for years.

    You do wonder why Edinburgh signed Steele now that Price is moving across. Surely this could have been foreseen. Not sure what the right answer is here but we have too many scrum halfs. I think one or more need to move on to pastures new but where?

      • They certainly wouldn’t be short of scrum halfs but after this weeks financial statement just not going to happen.

      • A £10.5m loss last year indicates the SRU are some way off being able to underwrite another pro team. Sadly.

      • No third pro team but what’s the betting they still have enough money to pay Dodson and his acolytes another massive bonus?

    • Yes but still enough money to pay Dobson his scandalous salary and never mind all his lackeys and his huge golden handshake pot that is getting topped up each year. He needs to be the first to go as he does not give a toss about club and grassroots rugby as no potential for commercial gain to keep his gravy train running.

  11. Townsend unhappy about one of his favourite players being behind others at Glasgow so stepped in and got him over to Edinburgh. There’s no such thing as a rivalry between Glasgow and Edinburgh as they are just the SRU’s East and West teams.
    Stevie Clark would never have a say in what happens in club football, but Townsend gets to dictate who plays when in regards to club rugby. Glasgow and Edinburgh will never reach their full potential if their coaches are controlled by someone else.

  12. Largely agree with the surpise here.Shiell was excellent amongst the general mediocrity on Saturday v Leinster.Vellacott recently appointed club captain and (internationalist Steele due back from injury in about three weeks.Why do Edinburgh need another (top) 9?
    Sure Price will likely get more game time than at Glasgow but not necessary from a “resource” point of view…and disrupts Edinburgh’s budgets surely.

    • I read that Vellacott had not played at the weekend for personal reasons. I wonder if this significant in Price moving? I also wonder if Steele’sinjury is more serious than is being admitted?

      • Vellacott being out for longer is my suspicion as well. If he was due back soon then surely Price would only be on a short-term loan. I feel like Price and Shiel will cover until Steele is fully fit, and then the 3 of them will be on rotation throughout the season.

        Who really knows? Maybe Price has kicked up a fuss and threatened to leave Scotland or maybe Townsend pushed for this. It does feel very out of the blue though.

  13. All comments to date appear to be narrowly focused “fan” material directed at specific detailed issues – the player, the professional & international teams…. But, there is a bigger picture.

    A wider, more informed and honourable view would suggest that this is but another example of why it is contrary to the spirit and ethics of sporting competition when one organisation (in this instance the National Governing Body) owns and controls two so-called competing entities in the same league.

    Spirit / ethics / honour / sporting integrity / organisational culture – would anyone expect the people in charge at Murrayfield to recognise, far less understand, any of that?

    Isn’t this the role of the SRU’s ridiculously-contrived Custodian Board (possibly after these apparently constipated nonentities have stopped preening, posing and their out-of-depth, fish-out-of-water chairman has found a better way of sounding sincere in his cringe-worthy utterings, e.g. re the tragic demise of Siobhan Cattigan, and creating a personal PR Annual Report)?

  14. Totally disagree with Rugby Fan and Mark Long.

    Ali Price will be a much better foil for Healy than any of our present incumbents and I expect to see a much better degree of game control than we’ve been used to. We need this before we begin to “play fast”.

    Besides Price has shown in the past he can definitely up the pace if required.

    I’m now much more confidant that we will get the full benefit from Healy rather than with the harem scarem approach provide by Vellacot

  15. What a situation for Ali to be in. How a player takes this on board at first I can only imagine must be hard. He is going to have to buckle down. Not that he hasn’t before. This could be the making of him as he is going to have to work smarter and harder. His mindset has to change and what better way to do it as he has a lot of people to prove wrong. What a great opportunity. I wish him the best of luck.

  16. Don’t see any benefit for Edinburgh here….Shiel and Vellacot are both much slicker. If he’s being parachuted into the team ahead of better players then that will go a long way to explaining the choice of coach. Price offers nothing at a serious level now. GT will no doubt persist with him though….

  17. We don’t need or want him at Edinburgh. Much happier with vellacott shiel and Steele (obviously haven’t seen him in our colours yet). Much faster and suit our game style better rather than price who is slower and more tactical / defensive.

  18. Understandable. On a considerable wage from the sru (circa 150k) and they’ll be wanting their investment back in playing time which is unlikely to happen as he’s 3rd choice under Franco.

    I think the surprise is seeing how far he’s fallen- from a test starting lion to 3rd choice and tbh that is probably the correct position for him. It wouldn’t surprise me if he was 3rd choice at Edinburgh behind vellacott and Steele but Sru wouldn’t let that happen.

  19. Understandable from a Scotland point of view – it’s important Dobie gets more playing time to help fulfil his considerable potential, and Horne has an opportunity to show he can be relied on as a regular starter rather than lively option from the bench.


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