Al Kellock’s taskforce invites Glasgow clubs to express interest in Super 6

The license agreements for new league have still not been fully signed-off, but SRU are already pressing ahead with plans to expand

Al Kellock
Former Glasgow Warriors and Scotland captain Al Kellock is heading the taskforce which is looking into potential bid from Glasgow clubs to be part of an expanded Super 6. Image: Craig Watson© -

WE are still waiting for the licence agreements between the SRU and Super 6 clubs to be fully agreed and signed, and for details to be released on a number of key issues relating to how the new league will look and operate (such as season structure and the identity of the coaches of these new teams). However, the SRU appear to be unperturbed and are pressing ahead with plans to expand this new tier of the game at some point in the future.

Former Glasgow Warriors and Scotland captain Al Kellock has been appointed Chair of a taskforce which has been set-up to “develop, consider and progress proposals from all clubs, syndicates or entities in the City of Glasgow who believe they can put forward a competitive application to the Super 6, or an expanded form of the competition, if such an opportunity should arise and that should be the desire of stakeholders in the future”.

In a letter sent to all Glasgow clubs yesterday [Monday], Kellock invited those interested in getting involved to get in touch before 30th November so that the taskforce can start work on helping to develop potential bids.

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Kellock wrote –

“Following the Super 6 application process in April 2018, the Scottish Rugby Board commissioned the Executive to organise taskforces to work with all clubs who believe they can put forward a competitive application to the Super 6, or an expanded form of the competition.”

“In September 2018, we met with Glasgow Hawks as an individual club. This was in respect of their application in April 2018 being the only bid received from the City of Glasgow. However, Scottish Rugby want to discover whether there are other clubs or entities in Glasgow (or the surrounding area) who are interested in being part of this process.

“Once we have a clear picture of the Glasgow landscape, the Taskforce will aim to learn of interested parties’ readiness and ambition to be part of Super 6.”

A similar taskforce in the Borders, chaired by Scotland cap centurion Chris Paterson, met at the start of October with Hawick and Gala – who were unsuccessful applicants in the original Super 6 selection process – as well as Jed-Forest, Selkirk, Kelso and Peebles, but there has been no progress on that front since then.

A taskforce in the Caledonia region has met once with Dundee HSFP – who were also unsuccessful applicants back in April – but didn’t get past discussing generalities.

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  1. I think the most important thing in all this is that the spell-checker used for the article should be set to proper English, not American English.

    Licence, not license. People take note – it is with such big picture thinking like this that I am nailed on for a consultancy job with the SRU.

    • Noted and revised, thank you. With your support as a contributor to The Offside Line we will be able to dedicate more resources to ensuring grammatical precision and employ you as a subeditor. If you need a reference for that consultancy job… We will make sure it is all in the most improper English.

  2. Im not sure what the better analogy is for this – Nero fiddling while Rome burns or the band continuing to play on the Titanic.

    We just need to look at Saturday past to see the crisis in Scottish club rugby. That one Cup game was postponed for lack of players is bad enough. To follow that up with three National cup ties being off surely sounds the alarm bells.

    And what do the SRU do – continue to advance a project that is half baked and currently no one knows what it is

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