UPDATED: Glasgow confirm Adam Hastings’ departure for Gloucester

Warriors coach Danny Wilson says everything possible was done to keep the stand-off in Scotland

Adam Hastings
Adam Hastings will leave Glasgow in the summer after three seasons as a Warrior. Image: ©Craig Watson - www.craigwatson.co.uk

GLASGOW have confirmed that Adam Hastings will leave Scotstoun in the summer to join Gloucester. The Warriors and the English club issued similar statements this afternoon (Tuesday), quoting the Scotland international stand-off about the move.

“The chance to return to play in the English Premiership with a club like Gloucester has been an ambition of mine,” Hastings said on the Glasgow website. “However, this was an extremely tough decision. Glasgow made a very good offer and I absolutely love being at the club and with the boys here.

“I’m still thoroughly enjoying being at the Warriors and have grown as a player and person since arriving in 2017. I’m extremely focussed on my rehab to return as soon as possible and can’t wait to pull on a Glasgow shirt before the end of the season, hopefully in front of a packed Scotstoun.”

On the Gloucester website, meanwhile, Hastings added:  “I’m really looking forward to linking up with Gloucester next season. The vision that George [Skivington, head coach] and Alex [Brown, chief operating officer] presented to me was an opportunity too good to turn down, and I’m eager to play my part in a bright future for the club. There’s still plenty more rugby ahead of me this season, but when the time comes, I look forward to pulling on the Cherry & White.”

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The 24-year-old playmaker has been out of action since injuring a shoulder while playing for Scotland against Wales at the end of October. He is recovering well from an operation, and has been reporting for duty at Scotstoun since the middle of last month.

Hastings signed for the Warriors in 2017 from Bath, where he spent three years, at first with the academy team. A Scotland age-group cap from under-16 level upwards, he made his full international debut on the 2018 summer tour against Canada.

Warriors coach Danny Wilson admitted it was a blow to lose Hastings, but insisted everything possible had been done to keep him. “It is a blow, and frustrating, losing Adam,” Wilson said. “We wanted him to stay in Scotland and stay in Glasgow. 

“I believe there was a real effort made by Scottish Rugby to keep Adam in Scotland – I believe it was a very competitive offer. That was exactly what we all wanted to happen. But he wanted to play in the Premiership – that seemed to be the big reason he wanted to take the opportunity.

“He has developed really well and become a really good player and done well on the international stage, and when that happens clubs will come looking. It is an opportunity he deemed too good to turn down, so he has made that decision.” 

Wilson’s priority now is to sign a replacement for Hastings in addition to another back-up stand-off and a full-back, although the budgetary restrictions that are currently in place mean that none is likely to arrive before next season. Munster’s Scottish-qualified fly-half Ben Healy is understood to be top of Glasgow’s list, though yesterday the coach declined to mention him by name.

“There is nothing I can say today until I can clarify, confirm or deny anything,” he added when asked about Healy. “I am trying to sign more than one. There is a fair bit of work to be done around 10 and hopefully we can confirm something around that sometime soon.” 

Shortly before Gloucester and Glasgow announced Hastings’ move, the West Country club said that England international Danny Cipriani was to leave them with immediate effect. The announcement prompted some speculation on social media that the 33-year-old was about to move to the Warriors, but Wilson intimated that the kind of salary he was used to commanding would put Cipriani well out of reach.  

For the time being, then, Glasgow will persist with Pete Horne as their first option at stand-off, and Brandon Thomson as back-up. Hastings needed a shoulder operation after sustaining damage while playing for Scotland against Wales at the end of October, and is around two months away from making a comeback. When he does, it will probably be for the national team, Wilson thinks, with a reappearance for the Warriors to follow.

“He will play for Scotland first in terms of his route to recovery. When he comes back he will play passionately for Glasgow, I have no doubt about that.”

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  1. Can’t really blame him. Glasgow have let all their best players leave in the last few years and either replaced them with academy players, 2nd teamers from other sides or not replaced them at all. The Irish provinces meanwhile bring in marquee players from the Southern Hemisphere. Can’t see DVM playing any where other than France once his contract is up. The Glasgow side of 2-3 seasons ago and Edinburgh of last season seem distant memories. The SRU seems to be in the Arsenal mind frame, the bottom line is more important than the trophy cabinet. We are back in Groundhog Day of struggling to contain opponent’s 2nd XVs. Very depressed, I’m struggling to watch the games now as it only puts me in a foul mood. I didn’t expect Glasgow to beat Exeter but to be nilled, that’s taking the Michael!!

  2. I hope I’m wrong but this feels like defining moment coming on the back of Russell, Hogg, Gray – seems Glasgow now trapped as a ‘feeder’ club. I predict it will be a very long time before we see a Scottish, Italian or Welsh club win anything again. Edi and Gla need to look carefully at how they can cooperate and pool resources into the future.

  3. Maybe good for Scotland but really bad for Glasgow. We have no replacement in the offing either, Pete Horne is fine at 12/13 but not 10 , Thompson played so infrequently I think they just forgot about him and forgot to stop paying him. I hear rumours that VDM is leaving Edinburgh. Our clubs are in crisis and no one at the SRU seems to care , they are getting their wedge from the Scotland setup and Glasgow and Edinburgh just cost money. They seem to forget without the clubs there would be no Scotland team. Can we also stop thinking the semi-pro-clubs are the answer , they are not. When Leinster can put out a 2/3rd string team and run away with the pro14 we are in trouble.
    When Finn left i thought Cipriani would be a solution to our problems even if temporarily, he is only 33 younger than Sexton and play’s a style of rugby that would suit Glasgow. It will be an interesting summer from the point of Scottish moves.

    • Scrap the Pro teams John, is that remotely feasible? So in 5 years’ time Andrew Cotter announces the Scottish team as they take the field at Twickenham, ” and there’s Billy Bigbaws the Scottish Number 8, who finished his shift at the Trump Bifab yard at 1 o’clock this morning before driving through the night to meet up with the team for breakfast at the Potters Bar Premier Inn. His Kirkcaldy RFC team mates will be cheering him on no doubt as he makes his debut opposite Sam Simmonds”.
      If you follow your preference Scotland will be less competitive at all levels from U-16 to Senior XV than they are now, with no ambition, no direction, no future and the game will die.

  4. The snouts need dragged out of the troughs so we can use the cash to keep our best players.

    And when I say keep I don’t mean at these artificial ‘pro clubs’. Scrap them both, scrap the Super 6 and instead start ploughing the previously wasted millions into the club game. No reason great clubs like Ayr and Melrose couldn’t compete in the latter stages of the Heineken Cup if funded to the same tune as “Glasgow Warriors”, whatever that is.

    • I would not scrap both John.
      Similar to Argentina who only need 1 team to beat the All Blacks is what im thinking. One better team with around 60 to 70 % of the combined prop club budget would allow millions to be invested into the amateurs.

      Would allow us to compete in both the Pro14 finals regularly as well as the Heineken cup, giving our internationals meaningful games while allowing us to rest them and blood our best up and coming youngsters alongside good players as opposed to the likes of Ryan Wilson and Chris Dean.

      On top of this having such a successful team would help us retain our star players.

      • Their plan was not to stop at one pro team, but Argentina have scrapped the one pro team team and told the squad to find other jobs
        Not sure what’s happening with the 2nd one they entered in the Currie up in SA

  5. Agree with previous comments particularly those of Neil. Horne has been a great servant to Glasgow and Scotland but his best days are long behind him. Brandon’s career at Glasgow was summed up in that conversion miss last week. Not good enough and should not be renewed. That said he probably will get a new contract as we can’t afford anyone of real quality. I feared for this season for Glasgow…I’m now fearing for the next 5 years.

  6. Its well documented that Hastings has ambitions, and I don’t think he saw his future at Glasgow purely based upon the players he has seen leave over the last two years. We have failed to keep key players and have not replaced with others of the same calibre.

    He has seen a downward trajectory in performance and wants to be in a position to showcase his talents in a team where he will shine.

    Is that Gloucester? I m not sure…But from what I’ve heard Glasgow did try to keep him, and they failed. That’s speaks to a bigger problem within the Glasgow set up.

  7. The BBC Scotland Rugby pod at the weekend talked about ambitious players leaving E&G. Not only for the cash but to play in winning teams. That’s the reality of where our pro sides are at the moment. Trying not to lose rather than expectations of winning things.

  8. Instead of shelling out nearly One Million Pounds to Dodson and paying him an appropriate remuneration for his value could well have helped keep Russell, Hogg, Gray and now Hastings representing Scottish Clubs and offering up continuity to the National team.
    If I could buy Dudson at his value and sell him for his worth, I could be a rich man.
    As an afterthought no doubt there are other ‘Suits’ wondering around the corridors of Murrayfield whose value and input to the benefit of Scottish Rugby would be worth investigation as well as the Dud.

      • James I am afraid you missed the point therefor your jocularity at what you thought I meant is somewhat misplaced.

      • I suspect some of them are already being paid so another quarter of a million each would go a long way.

    • apart from still peddling the £1m lie (3 years bonus, approved not by Dodson but the non execs and blazers), £1m would not pay for Hogg and Russell for one season. And no-one works for nothing
      Dodson is an easy figure to dislike, even easier to blame, but the gulf in financing now is just unbridgeable and getting worse.
      Despite selling out every test at ticket prices you no doubt think exorbitant. Harsh realities I’m afraid

      • Just a point for those who think that, quote, ‘could well have helped’ suggests anything other than a contributory factor toward better management of the money that the SRU had, or borrowed if you get my drift.
        Perhaps reconsider my critique of what appears to me to be mismanagement, indeed a history of mismanagement and of a great deal more than just the fiscal aspects..
        That mismanagement involves a great deal more than off field bonuses, in any event I defy anyone to suggest that buying a ticket is anything other than support for the Scottish Rugby team rather than a covert indication to pay someone extra for doing their job.
        As regard the comment that nobody works for nothing, and that the bonuses were over a 3 Year period, my attitude remains, he was generously paid in the first place without a bonus structure that no doubt he lobbied for himself.
        We are not discussing an individual with a proven track record in running an organisation like the SRU, he was in charge of a small adds sales team for a local newspaper group and was so successful that when a multi-national took over the group he was not wanted on voyage.
        With regard to the non-execs or Blazers, note my comment about the ‘Suits wandering the corridors’ and who also have a history of being sold by glib talk of the bovine waste variety particularly of the Australasian kind.
        One aspect is clear and that is for whatever reason the move to professional rugby in Scotland has lost its way, if indeed it ever found it.

  9. Disappointing and suggests Hastings did not see anything serious happening with Glasgow going forward.

    Pete Horne is a 12 and at this stage in his career should not really be making the 23 as a 10/12 is we have title Ambitions going forward.

    Thomson is just not consistent or confident enough as a pro, his contract should no be renewed.

    • Hastings is not going to win much at Glos. He will fill his wallet though. And that is what most folk including players want from their job. Of course he will say the usual naff stuff like GLos are the only club I wanted to play for if I left Glasgow etc etc which is how to translate GLos ae ambitious etc

      Hoggs and Russels can pick and choose and genuinely go to win stuff. No-one goes to Glos to win stuff these days


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