8 things to take away from round 6 of the BT Premiership

Image: ©Fotosport/David Gibson - www.fotosportuk.photoshelter.com
  • A fourth consecutive five pointer for Heriots against Boroughmuir – up to second spot in the league – and a successful defence of the Bill McLaren Shield – but they did lose impetus and discipline somewhere in the second half. Just a case of fixing the little bits according to Phil Smith– knowing that they need fixing before next Saturday’s arduous away encounter with resurgent Ayr.
  • The wheels came off disastrously for Glasgow Hawks at Malleny – leaving the proverbial parrot feeling in rude health compared to their coach Finlay Gillies as he lamented a 27 point lead vanishing amidst two yellow cards and “a million penalties”. Discipline has been a problem for Hawks all season – and on Saturday it morphed into a nightmare.  Stuart Bathgate’s analysis was neat and brutal: ‘Their brains were scrambled”.

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