8 things to take away from round 12 of the BT Premiership

Image courtesy: Graham Gaw




  • After Currie Chieftains’ disappointing show at Myreside last week, Ben Cairns was probably not unduly discomfited by a spare week in which to reinvigorate his troops and re-establish their ‘resilience’ – though the Malleny faithful would surely have been whetting their lips at the prospect of Adam Hastings and Charlie Shiel operating in tandem.


  • Bringing the bacon home against Stirling County has pushed Watsonians far enough up the food chain for them to be a reasonable outside bet for the play-offs – but Stevie Lawrie surely needs to find a starting slot for Euan Dods somewhere in the back five of his scrum.




  • Lady Fortune finally smiled on Boroughmuir at Malleny, when Jack Frost absolved them fromthe twin threats of Hastings and Shiel. But results elsewhere mean the pressure is building.