Core squads unveiled for Super Series Sprint

Look who's back!

Look who's back! Stevie Longwell will make his return to Super Series for the 2024 Sprint - although this time he will be in Stirling Wolves colours. Image: © Craig Watson -
Look who's back! Stevie Longwell will make his return to Super Series for the 2024 Sprint - although this time he will be in Stirling Wolves colours. Image: © Craig Watson -

THE squads for the six core teams in the 2024 Super Series Sprint – which will be the final campaign the part-time professional league before disbandment in early summer – have been unveiled. Edinburgh and Glasgow Warriors A teams will also compete in three rounds of matches (rounds one, three and five) with the expectation being that they will draw on fringe players from their senior squad, supplemented by some top club performers from the domestic leagues.

There are some returning well known faces, including tight-head prop Stevie Longwell, who has previously represented Ayrshire Bulls and Watsonians, and will now pull on Stirling Wolves’ jersey having recently enjoyed spells playing professionally with Jersey Reds and Bristol Bears.

Each of the teams has also been allocated five contracted academy players.

2024 Super Series Sprint schedule unveiled

Edinburgh to face Gloucester in pre-season friendly

Co-operation will be key to creating a successful post-Super Series pathway

Ayrshire Bulls:

  • Coaching Team: Pat McArthur (Head Coach) and Frazier Climo (Assistant Coach)
  • Props:  Jamie Drummond, Jake Shearer, Craig Miller, Calvin Henderson and Callum Smyth*
  • Hookers: James Malcolm, Grant Stewart, Alexander McGuire and Rhodri Tanner
  • Second-rows: Edward Bloodworth and Rory Jackson
  • Back-rows: Ruairidh Airlie, Lewis McNamara, Tim Brown, Ryan Sweeney, Oscar Baird, Blair MacPherson© and Jonny Morris*
  • Scrum-halves: Reiss Cullen and Fergus Johnston
  • Stand-offs: David McCartney, Richie Simpson and Matthew Urwin*
  • Centres: Christopher Elliot, Andrew Stirrat, Robert Beattie and Kerr Yule*
  • Back-three: Thomas Glendinning, Jamie Shedden, Luca Bardelli, Marcus Kershaw, Mason Cullen, Robbie Orr and Amena Caqusau*

* = contracted Academy players aligned with Glasgow Warriors

Boroughmuir Bears:

  • Coaching Team: Graham Shiel (Head Coach), Davey Wilson (Assistant Coach), Alex Toolis (Forwards Coach) and Henry Pyrgos (Assistant Coach)
  • Props: Callum McFeat Smith, Martin McGinley, Luca Alessandri, Chris Anderson, Callum MacGregor and Tom Banatlava*
  • Hookers: Arthur Allen, Zak Griffiths and Corey Tait
  • Second-r0ws: Max Loboda, Jack Fisher, Myles Lowe and Ryan Burke*
  • Back-rows: Lewis Calder, Liam Habib, Drew Davison, Scott McGinley, Albert Taylor and Ewan Guy
  • Scrum-halves: Josh Beveridge and Ruaridh Swan
  • Stand-offs: Andy McLean and George Paul
  • Centres: Ronan Kerr, Scott Robeson, Alex Thom, Max Wallace, Duncan Munn and Jonny Ventisei*
  • Back-three: Matt Reid, Rowan Stewart, Euan Muirhead, Fergus Watson* and Kerr Johnston*

* contracted Academy player aligned with Glasgow Warriors




  • Coaching Team: Ben Cairns (Head Coach), John Hardie (Defence & Collision Coach), Fin Gillies (Forwards Coach), Stuart Edwards (Backs, Skills & Transition Coach) and Mark Sinclair (S&C Coach)
  • Props: Chris Keen, Euan McLaren, Josh Scott, Lawson Porter and Ollie Blyth Lafferty*
  • Hookers: Cammy Fenton, Duncan Hood and Michael Liness
  • Second-rows: Pat Spence, Jamie Campbell, Ronan Seydak and Euan McVie*
  • Back-rows: Charlie Jupp, Ruaraidh Leishman, Wallace Nelson, Jason Hill, Fergus Wood, Sam Wallace, Liam McConnell* and Ollie Duncan*.
  • Scrum-halves: Euan McAra, Sinjin Broad and Seamus Smith.
  • Stand-offs: Liam Richman© and Christian Townsend
  • Centres: Fergus Wood, Angus Hunter, Matt Davidson
  • Back-three: Calum Anderson, Dan King, Lewis Wells, Sam Pecqueur,  Finlay Callaghan, Jack Blain and Jack Hocking*

* contracted Academy Players aligned with Edinburgh Rugby

Southern Knights: 

  • Coaching Team: Rob Moffat (Head Coach), Scott Wight (Attack Coach), Iain Chisholm (Defence Coach) and James Head (Forwards Coach)
  • Props: Zenon Szwagrzak, Dan Gamble, Jack Dobie, Angus McGregor, Calum Crookshanks
  • Hookers: Marcus Brogan, Finlay Scott and Harri Morris*
  • Second-rows: Angus Runciman and Michael Badenhorst
  • Back-row: Monroe Job, Allan Ferrie, Garry Young, Dylan Cockburn, Will Ferrie, Robert Singer, Marcus Rhodes and Freddy Douglas
  • Scrum-halves: Patrick Ritchie, Callum Davidson, Ethan McVicker and Hector Patterson*
  • Stand-offs: Gregor McNeish, Ross Wolfenden, Roly Brett and Isaac Coates
  • Centres: Adam Hall, Jeremy Civil and Ewan Greenlaw
  • Back-three: Robbie Chalmers, Sandy Watt, Callum Grieve, Mark Glen and Finn Douglas

* contracted Academy Players aligned with Edinburgh Rugby



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Stirling Wolves:

  • Coaching Team: Eddie Pollock (Head Coach), Duncan Hodge (Assistant Coach), Scott Lawson (Assistant Coach), Sean Kennedy (Assistant Coach), Craig Jackson (Player Coach) and Luke Guerin (Head of Athletic Performance)
  • Props: Ben Cullen, Steven Longwell, Lliam Quarm, Alasdair Rogers, Marius Tamosaitis and Callum Norrie*
  • Hookers: Gregor Hiddleston, Joseph Roberts, Bryce Robertson
  • Second-row: Archie Clarke, James Pow, Olujare Oguntibeju, Fergus Read, Ruairdh Hart* and Harris McLeod*
  • Back-row: MacEnzzie Duncan, Edward Hasdell, Ruaridh Knott, Shaun MacDonald
  • Scrum-halves: Ben Afshar, Eric Davey, Kyle McGhie
  • Stand-offs: Euan Cunningham and Craig Jackson
  • Centres: Callum Ferrie, Marcus Holden, Ryan Southern and Ben Salmon.
  • Back-three: Glenn Bryce, Michael Heron, Ross McKnight, Samuel Rockley and Logan Jarvie*

* contracted Academy players aligned with Glasgow Warriors


  • Coaching Team: Fraser Brown (Head Coach), Nikki Walker (Assistant Coach), Richard Sneddon (Specialist Skills Coach) and Grant Gilchrist (Lineout Coach)
  • Props: Bobby Bratton, Craig Davidson, Cole Lamberton, Donald Voas, Ryan Whitefield and Robbie Deans*
  • Hookers: Finn Duraj, Gavin Parry, Matt Pritchard and Jerry Blyth-Lafferty*
  • Second-rows: Andrew McInnes, Jake Parkinson, Cristen [Kwagga] Van Niekerk and Kieran Watt
  • Back-rows: Luis Ball, Sebastian Cecil, Neil Irvine-Hess, Guy Napier and Tom Currie*
  • Scrum-halves: Connor McAlpine, Murray Scott and Finlay Burgess*
  • Stand-offs: Jason Baggott, Scott Clark
  • Centres: Lewis Berg, Hugo Flinn, Findlay Thomson
  • Back-three: Dominic Coetzer, Ryan Coetzer, Andrew Lamb, Lomond Macpherson, Josh Mitchell, Freddie Owsley and Jack Brown*

* contracted Academy players aligned with Edinburgh Rugby


2024 Super Series Sprint schedule unveiled

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  1. Adam you sound surprised.Stirling wolves and bourghmuir will be looking to win the 1 div next year.It will be an interesting time 3 teams down from the premier and 1 up.Thats why stirling wolves have signed longwell they need that spot.Who knows there might be a couple of more names added before the start of next season.You might see youth development taking a side step till they secure that spot.

    • Oh not surprised at all Oracle, firmly sarcasm. They have let there club side fall apart to focus on Wolves throwing cash at players to try and win a trophy.
      Non payment of players needs to be enforced next season.

  2. Best part of 200 odd players here, where are they all gonna go after the summer, that will be very interesting to see.

  3. What is the point of this .?
    It’s went belly up .
    Someone explain why this is going ahead when it’s failed miserably

    • Giving extra chances to a lot of young lads that can’t get a slot in just two pro teams, it should be under 25’s still With Scottish ambitions only for me 🤷‍♂️

  4. Except Steven Longwell has left to the MLR. Offsidelineside reporting has always been under par and this highlights that fact. Out of touch, bias reporting, as usual.

    • Better tell Stevie that because he’s planning on being at Millbrae in a Wolves shirt with a three on his back this weekend!

    • The oracle.I hope your not trying to pass your self of as me the real Oracle get a life and change your name

  5. Exciting times – let’s end Super Series on a high note for Dodson boys – I eagerly look forward to exciting high paced games. Nice so see so much young talent throughout the squads.

    Super Series – you will be missed when you’re gone!

    • Aye look at the success it generated for the u20s….a stellar 100% record this 6n whilst helping to trash the SRU finances…..Stirling not even pretending this is about player development and hoping for a trophy noone else cares about…. precisely the ‘sustainable’ approach that has seen so many of the their youth players abandon their senior system and head back to original clubs.

      • Remind me how many U20s played in the recent Inter District championship by the four teams.

    • Angry Gala 2 .
      Crowd numbers will be interesting .tell the truth mind
      Especially at your local
      You keep harping on about them.
      There will be more supporters at Murrayfield for Hawick’s final then the whole of Notsosuper 6 combined
      .thats a gimme

  6. Why single out an 18 years old with a wee dig at his club.
    Why do we put a young lads down, half a season as senior rugby as a 17 years old in a very competitive league is a great achievement. Looked assured for u18 and was obviously the first choice 10, surely he is exactly what the Sprint should be about.
    You seem like a great example why the Borders Pro team failed and why Knights never took off, a Borders who can’t see past his own club loyalties.

    • Aye well said Adam – There is a lot of pressure on young borders players not to take part in super series by certain clubs purely out of spite i suspect. Shame – young talents missing out on the opportunity due to petty politics.

  7. Interesting squads as always. Shows how much rugby has become a global game now. Quite a few Scottish lads who have played in last couple of Super Series are away playing in Australia, New Zealand or USA now. Others have come from elsewhere to join this short sharp tournament.

    Noteable Absentees – Andrew Nimmo, Trystan Andrews, George Breese, Grant Hughes, Aidan Cross, Gregor Scougall.

    Exciting exile additions (all Scotland U20 caps) – Drew Davison, Ewan Guy, Olujarie Oguntibeju, Archie Clarke, Gavin Parry, Jake Parkinson

    Exciting Young bolters (not in academy squad) – Jake Shearer, Mark Glen, Pat Spence (all Under 19) Joe Roberts, Ross Wolfenden, (both Under 18)

    • Be interesting to see where the likes of Wolfenden and Glen go once the super series is done. Presumably the SRU will want them playing in the Prem?!

  8. Interesting selections in Southern Knights , basically no Hawick 1st XV players ( Brogan was a fringe player) , no Gala players , 2 Selkirk players, a general apathy from the Borders clubs / players and looking more like a Northumberland / Melrose select …
    Need to be very careful with young Wolfenden , half a season behind a dominant pack at Peebles in Nat 2 and a couple of rather erratic performances for Scotland U18’s doesn’t make him ready for this level , would be better letting him have a break and continue to develop with Peebles where they will both have a much more challenging season next year.
    Don’t see the point in picking 4 stand offs , they essentially only played McNeish in this position last year in both the Sprint and Series , Harris Rutherford hardly got a a look in , god knows what they are going to do with 4 of them in on 6/7 games …
    Predictably with Rob Moffat as head coach , a high number of Melrose players albeit many of the names in the list have not played for Melrose for some seasons.
    Pretty predictable looking outcomes again albeit unsure of what Edinburgh and Glasgow are going to pull together…. Ayr and Watsonians string with Boroughmuir and Knights at bottom end

    • Gala Hanna, no Hawick players in the SK sqaud because they’re still in the Cup Final and Premiership play off, you numptie. I’m told 25 of them are on £1000 a man if they do the double ! And we don’t pay our players is the cry from Mansfield Park. I’d respect you more Hawick if you were honest and up front !!

  9. Ayrshire Bulls are a bit light on the coaching side…..surely a backs coach at least ! Is Peter Horne unattached just now ?? Just an observation

      • Stirling Wolves strangely not backing the youth the development they have been banging on about while demanding promotion to top flight.

    • Horne is a Scotland assistant coach. Frazer Climo is a backs coach I’m sure, certainly played in the backs

      • There are 52 players listed who are eligible for under 20 team this season.
        That us 25% of the players listed. A pretty good rate.

        The respective numbers of under 20 at each team are
        Ayrshire Bulls 6
        Boroughmuir Bears 11
        Heriots 10
        Southern knights 9
        Stirling wolves 8
        Watsonians 8

      • Interesting David. Not bad (could be better) but finding the balance is difficult between youth, and experience for the youth to learn from i suppose. That is 52 young Scots players being given the resources they need to put themselves in the spotlight for a pro rugby contract. We may see even more U20 players when Edinburgh & Glasgow put out their teams.

        Any idea how in addition to this are under the age of 23?


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