Autumn Nations Cup broadcast deal confirmed

All 21 matches to be shown be shown live exclusively in the UK and Ireland on TNT Sports and discovery+ pay-per-view channels

The 2024 Autumn Nations Series will be shown exclusively in the UK and Ireland on TNT Sports and discovery+. Image: © Craig Watson -
The 2024 Autumn Nations Series will be shown exclusively in the UK and Ireland on TNT Sports and discovery+. Image: © Craig Watson -

THE 2024 Autumn Nations Series will be shown live exclusively in the UK and Ireland on TNT Sports and discovery+ pay-per-view channels.

A total of 21 fixtures are scheduled, with Scotland’s four games being against Fiji on Saturday 2nd November, South Africa on Sunday 10th November, Portugal on Saturday 16th November and Australia on Sunday 24th November (all at Murrayfield).

Meanwhile, in France, TF1 will be covering each of the France fixtures, with beIN SPORT offering every other fixture, while Sky Italia will cover the series Italy, and further worldwide broadcast coverage and free-to-air broadcast distribution will be announced in due course.

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Scotland’s Autumn Nations Series schedule confirmed

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“This year’s Autumn Nations Series stands to be an unbelievable experience on and off the pitch, by bringing together fans from all over the world, to enjoy the best that international rugby has to offer,” said Tom Harrison, CEO of Six Nations Rugby, the organisation responsible for delivering the Autumn Nations Series alongside its six member unions.

“It is a significant moment to welcome TNT Sports into our broadcast family of international rugby for the first time given our commitment to deliver the best possible experience for fans.”

Scotland’s Autumn Nations Series schedule confirmed

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  1. Rugby has been on council telly since the year dot, it has literally had decades to ‘grow the game’. There are bills to be paid so no wonder the unions/cvc sell to the highest bidder. If that means it goes behind a pay wall then so be it. Those who want to watch the games will find a way, whether by subscribing to tnt or using a firestick/Internet feed

  2. These sponsors pay more to countries when there is a greater following (registered players). This is why Scotland needs to grow its grassroots rugby to be the same or better than the likes of Wales or Ireland. Otherwise we end up at the begging bowl end of commercial negotiations where the other nations take a bigger slice of the pie.

    • Scotland’s share of the investment is estimated at £44.5m. England get the lion’s share at £95 million, Wales will receive £51 million and Ireland £48 million

  3. It all comes down to one thing. You can’t be a little bit pregnant.

    Two options:
    1. Stay funded by match attendance, merchandise, and national TV broadcasters and stay static.

    2. Create more global interest in the game and generate more revenue from broadcasters that are private entities wo are willing to pay substantially more than national broadcasters. That in turn generates more merchandise sales, attracts more sponsors, creates more revenue for unions, creates stronger pathways for developing talent, creates better facilities, and ensures the survival of the game.

    Regardless of the outcome all of the above is dependent on having the right people making these decisions. That is where the SRU have consistently fallen down. BY letting egotistical, narcissistic imbeciles make judgement calls on who runs the commercial & rugby operations of our union, and how they are incentivised.

    • Not sure that putting rugby behind a paywall will create global interest given that access to the subscription providers will be Less than that of national broadcasters. See F1, cricket etc.

      Secondly, this was a 6 nations decision , not the SRU. Whilst some of their decision making be puzzling they are only one of a parcel of rogues on this one.

    • If I understand the CVC deal correctly, media rights are now managed by them. Not sure what control the Unions now have. There are millions of £s reasons why they gave that up.

    • Feel free to explain how smaller viewing figures behind a paywall creates increased interest in the sport?? Why are cricket rugby league F1 etc going the opposite way. It also reduces sponsorship revenue when viewing figures go down, hence Sky n BT hate to release those figures.

  4. I sometimes despair of rugby union in Scotland, the SRU claims to be desperate to grow the sport but ticket prices are continually rising, games are increasingly behind a pay wall/subscription and the cost of replica Scotland/Glasgow/Edinburgh kit and merchandise for the kids we are supposedly trying to attract is eye wateringly expensive. All of this just makes it prohibitive for the ordinary working families who are the very people that the SRU needs to attract to the game in order to grow it and reinforces the reputation of rugby union in Scotland as a game for posho’s and public schoolboys.

    • My advice, go watch your local team for a couple of quid enjoy a few beers that’s what I do

  5. This is a steep and slippery slope and has been gathering momentum for a while already. Can sort of understand club matches being behind a pay-wall, there’s simply too much sport for it all to be free to air. International games are a different beast I would suggest, especially the 6N. I know lots of people who aren’t keen rugby fans and yet enjoy watching the 6N due to it’s history, the sense of occasion and rugby union just has that air of mystery and gladiatorial competition about it. I’m sure nearly all of those casual fans would be lost once 6N requires a subscription or hefty pay per view and putting the autumn internationals behind a less accessible paywall seems like another step in that direction. Rugby union is a relatively minor sport and so needs as much coverage as possible otherwise it becomes even more of a mysterious pastime for the majority of the population. Yes, a lot of people have a Prime subscription but how many would actually take it up specifically to watch international rugby? I used to love the then Pro12 on BBC Alba on a Friday night, I might even have learnt a bit of Gaelic! But I can’t guarantee I’ll watch it every week so a paywall has really put me off, it can get just too much per match viewed. The thought of international matches going the same way is worrying in terms of losing an already limited following.

  6. A very good deal by the looks if it. Mr Dodson may have gone but the legacy of good commercial deals lives on 😃

  7. Totally agree with it going on pay as you view.Rugby was hit hard by COVID and has to recoup the money somehow

    • And yet the last financials show a bigger loss since going behind a paywall!! And that was with £20 million from scotgov.

  8. As an aside a lot of clubs want to show the international games in their clubhouses. Putting games across so many platforms will take that option away given how much more expensive commercial subscriptions are to domestic. Compare the drop in attendances with mens peo rugby behind a paywall to fact that most womens representative and international games are free to air and the Hive is sold out already for the England game. Short termism is killing our sport and the last set of financials confirm this.

    • Rugby Fan, attendance at the top level isn’t impacted by rugby behind a pay wall, Murrayfeild still sells out, pro teams consistent accorss leagues. The biggest impact on attendance is a teams success, this is why the women are doing well now they are winning games, same things happenes with men’s team.
      It’s casual fans and kids that are hit with the paywall, good thing about TNT is that most football oriented houses will already have it.

      • The pro sides attendances have all fallen since the league went behind a paywall. Scotstoun used to sell out for every home game and there are empty seats every week now. Murrayfield may sell out now but since the ticket price has rocketed there’s every chance that will change too. Every sport that has gone behind a paywall has suffered hence cricket and rugby league to name just two are trying to get more of their sport on terrestrial. TNT like Sky are very coy about releasing viewing figures and UEFA was keen to take the Champions League away from BT due to a collapse in sponsorship revenue. The inference is that actually subscription and viewing numbers are too low for the blue chip sponsors. There is no way that rugby will profit long term from being behind a paywall. It’s short sighted and short termism.

  9. I agree with the above, why should a “SPORT” sposidly open too all, and wishing to recruit youngsters?!, suddenly only be visible via a ‘pay wall’!, I strongly suggest that the RUGBY UNION, methinks this plan ASAP

    • It’s not suddenly, good or bad large portions of rugby has been behind a pay wall. Rugby needs the money from TV to survive
      French Rugby has a massive deal with Canal + but their attendances are rocketing. The deal covers the top 2 leagues and dwarfs anything in the UK. I believe that huge deal allows them to keep national games on free to air.
      Professional support doesn’t survey without money and TV money is the biggest pot.

      • Rugby can survive quite happily without TV money. It simply needs to cut its cloth accordingly.

  10. How many more times will sports not learn, take my other sport cricket… all safely hidden behind paywalls now… most kids now never see or interact with it at all… and that’s not just in Scotland… it’s now for the wealthy only I’m afraid. Be warned SRU filthy lucre is fleeting… generations lost NEVER come back. You are cutting your own throats 😢

    • Rubbish, every single county game is streamed, for free, on YouTube. I bet you don’t even got to county games.

      • That is very misleading. Yes County Championship games (not all games) are streamed (not all on YouTube) but with limited cameras and commentary. It serves a purpose for enthusiasts but does very little to introduce newcomers to the game.

  11. godawful decision.
    I stopped BT sport once I found out how much they were charging after my initial trial, with the price increase details hidden in my other BT bills.
    Prime I could cope with, but not TNT and their anglo-centric coverage.
    Goodbye International Rugby on telly.

  12. Terrible decision. Welsh have pushing hard to keep 6n on terrestrial. Every URC side has worryingly large numbers of empty seats now when previously many stadia were sold out. This will affect player participation too. Agree that if it has to be behind a paywall then Prime is the least bad option. TNT is possibly the worst. Incredibly short sighted to spread the coverage over so many different platforms. Noticeable that rugby league is putting more games on terrestrial now! As a sport they seem much more switched on and connected to their fans.

  13. Terrible decision, these Autmumn games were always so accessible for everyone because they were on Prime (free trial, cheap monthly cost) and now most people are not gonna be able to watch them, unless they can find them on in a pub which isn’t exactly ideal. If rugby is going to always be behind a paywall, can we at least have everything in one place? TNT would be worth it if it was the only subscription we needed.

    • Not so sure it would be worth it tbh. They lost their feed for 30 minutes of the Toulouse – Racing game in the 2nd half. Definitely worth the £31! Monthly subscription (which i’m sure they will find a way to stretch the games so you have to pay for two months).

      Hey at least we will get to hear Ugo Monye, Chris Ashton and Lawrence Dallaglio spout their nonsense over all the Scotland Games.

      • Really? Jeezo, I didn’t even know that. Very much not worth it then! I honestly think Prime is a great place for all rugby – the service has been good and the monthly cost is unbelievable when you consider what else you get with that. The other thing I think that should be considered is how many people have Prime: there’s a whole new rugby audience that could be reached if it’s easy to tune into on Prime. Seems like a no-brainer to me.

      • The loss of the TV feed was down to the French organisers and nothing whatsoever to do with TNT and the first time I can remember it ever happening to games covered by TNT/BT.

      • Facts are facts but I understand how this would be difficult for some perpetually angry posters to grasp.

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