2023-24 Premiership Leaderboard – for weekending 19th November

Two more tries for Hawick's Andrew Mitchell takes his tally for the season to 13, which is three clear of the pack

Selkirk playmaker Aaron McColm's try against Jed-Forest on Saturday took his tally for the season to five. Image: Grant Kinghorn
Selkirk playmaker Aaron McColm's try against Jed-Forest on Saturday took his tally for the season to five. Image: Grant Kinghorn
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13 – Andrew Mitchell (Hawick)

10 – Paul Christie (Heriot’s Blues) and Sandy Watt (Musselburgh)

8 – Scott Bickerstaff (Marr), Paul Cairncross (Glasgow Hawks), Bruce McNeil (Kelso), Shawn Muir (Hawick) and Patrick Ritchie (Edinburgh Accies)

7 – Michael Badenhorst (Musselburgh), Conor Bickerstaff & Blair Jardine (both Marr), James Couper (Glasgow Hawks) and Kirk Ford (Hawick) 

6 – Ali Bain (Currie Chieftains), Robbie Chalmers (Edinburgh Accies)  and James Pinkerton (Glasgow Hawks) 

5 – Ryan Daley & DJ Innes (both Currie Chieftains), Finlay McNeill (Edinburgh Accies) and Aaron McColm (Selkirk) 

This weekend’s Premiership match reports:

Premiership: Heriot’s Blues revive play-off push with bonus-point win over Edinburgh Accies

Premiership: clinical Currie Chieftains blast past Musselburgh

Premiership: Marr win swamp battle against Glasgow Hawks

Premiership: short-handed Hawick show their resilience to edge out Kelso

Premiership: Selkirk scrum provides platform for win over Jed-Forest


63 – Currie Chieftains

56 – Heriot’s Blues

53 – Hawick

52 – Edinburgh Accies

50 – Marr 

49 – Musselburgh

47 – Selkirk

45 – Glasgow Hawks

43 – Kelso

32 – Jed-Forest



137 – Kirk Ford (Hawick) 

116 – Colin Sturgeon (Marr)

81 – Dwain Patterson (Kelso)

49 – Kenta Kutsuna (Heriot’s Blues)

47 – Charlie Brett (Currie Chieftains)

45 – Jamie Loomes (Edinburgh Accies) 

43 – Danny Owenson (Musselburgh) 

42 – Ben Appleson (Edinburgh Accies)

40 – Jamie Forbes (Currie Chieftains) and Gary Munro (Jed-Forest)

38 – Gavin Cruickshanks (Glasgow Hawks) 



12 – Hawick (eight yellow and two red which counts as two)

11 – Currie Chieftains

Heriot’s Blues (seven yellow and one red which counts as two)

8 – Musselburgh (six yellow and one red which counts as two)

7 – Glasgow Hawks, Jed-Forest and Marr

6 –  Kelso and Selkirk

5 – Edinburgh Accies 

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44 – Jed-Forest

41 – Heriot’s Blues

40 – Edinburgh Accies

42 – Glasgow Hawks

37 – Hawick

35 – Currie Chieftains 

33 – Musselburgh

32 – Kelso

31 – Marr and Selkirk


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  1. Dom, that’s the point I was making. The amount of fixture unfulfillment is lower in the National Leagues than it is in the regional and reserve leagues where the travel requirements are less. We’re in agreement.

    As for what you’re saying Iain, my point is that it is all very well trying to localise the game as much as possible but that’s much easier in an area like Edinburgh where there are a higher concentration of clubs. For most of the country a significant degree of travel is necessary to play competitive fixtures. Of course, less travel is desirable just not often realistic.

  2. Scot abroad, this phenomenon has nothing to do with post codes! I spent years delving into team travel and the effect it had on, not 1st xv rugby but 2nd xv rugby and the cancellation of matches. Why do you think the Border clubs, correctly made their 2nd xv league regional. I would be interested to see your facts you base your statement on!

  3. 40+ players used by four teams for 12 matches. Even more eye popping for Hawks with 42 in 11 matches.

    Hawick already one more player used in all of 22/23 league campaign.

    • This has been the case for years and is the same if not worse when you go down the leagues. There are many reasons but travel is a major issue as players are unavailable to be away the whole day. This of course affects the ability to field 2nd and 3rd xv’s. Time to only have 2 subs at club level and 3 National leagues.

      • All very well when your club has an EH postcode. Unfortunately your argument fails to recognise the reality of Scotland’s population distribution. In any case, the rate of fixture unfulfillment is lowest at National League level and greatest in the regional leagues and regional reserve leagues. Go figure!

      • I don’t know what data you are looking at Scots Abroad but that’s factually incorrect.

        The lower the league level the more likely it will be called off.

        Intercity reserve league – two Glasgow clubs called off Sat 11 Oct

        East res 2 – first call off due to no team 16 Sept!

        Have a look at the East and West reserve development leagues for examples of calling off.

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