2022-23 Premiership Leaderboard – after six rounds

Kerr Gossman moves to third in the top try scorer table after crossing whitewash four times for Edinburgh Accies versus Musselburgh

Finlay Scott kicked 21 points for Jed-Forest on Saturday. Image: Rob Gray/Photojournalist


9 – Kody McGovern (Currie Chieftains)

6 – Craig Robertson (Heriot’s Blues)

5 –Ruairi Campbell & Kerr Gossman (both Edinburgh Accies) and Amena Caqusau (GHA)

4 – Lewis Wells (Edinburgh Accies), Harris Mitchell (Glasgow Hawks), Ronan McKean (Hawick) and Mason Cullen & Paulo Ferreira (both Jed-Forest)

3 – Martin McCaig, Cairn Ramsey, Cody Roman & Ewan Stewart (all Currie Chieftains), Cole Imrie (Edinburgh Accies), Luca Bardelli & Archie Falconer (both GHA), Ross Darroch (Glasgow Hawks), Nicky Little (Hawick), Clark Skeldon (Jed-Forest), Scott Bickerstaff (Marr) and Bruce Riddell (Selkirk)

2022 Super6 Leaderboard – after nine rounds

Super6 round nine: TOL team of the week

Premiership Dream Team for weekend of 8th October


38 – Currie Chieftains

34 – Edinburgh Accies

25 – Glasgow Hawks

24 – Hawick and Jed-Forest

21 – GHA and Marr

17 – Heriot’s

16 – Musselburgh and Selkirk


45 – Andy McLean (Glasgow Hawks)

39 – Jamie Forbes (Currie Chieftains), Kirk Ford (Hawick) and Colin Sturgeon (Marr)

37 – Danny Owenson (Musselburgh)

36 – Matthew Reid (Selkirk)

34 – Chris Hyde (GHA)

21 – Finlay Scott (Jed-Forest)

20 – Graham Wilson (Heriot’s Blues)

18 – Sam Leto (Currie Chieftains)

17 – Vincent Hart (Edinburgh Accies)


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6 – GHA

5 – Jed-Forest (including two red which count as two)

4 – Glasgow Hawks

3 – Currie Chieftains and Hawick

2 – Edinburgh Accies, Heriot’s Blues, Marr, Musselburgh and Selkirk



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