2022-23 Premiership Leaderboard – after all 18 regular season matches

Plus a team selected from those players who have appeared in every one of their team's 18 matches

Hawick's Connor Sutherland is one of 126 players to have featured in all 18 of their respective club's Premiership regular season matches. Image: Malcolm Grant

Please note: the top try-scorer and golden boot races will continue into the play-offs.


15 – Craig Robertson (Heriot’s Blues)

14 – Kody McGovern (Currie Chieftains)

11 – Mason Cullen (Jed-Forest)

10 – Luca Bardelli (GHA), Ruairi Campbell (Edinburgh Accies) and Robbie Shirra-Gibb (Jed-Forest)

9 – Lewis Ferguson & Andrew Mitchell (both Hawick) and Lewis Wells (Edinburgh Accies)

8 – Archie Falconer (GHA), Paulo Ferreira (Jed-Forest) and Ronan McKean (Hawick)

7 – Scott Bickerstaff (Marr), Amena Caqusau (GHA), and Ross Darroch (Glasgow Hawks)

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91 – Currie Chieftains

80 – Hawick

76 – Edinburgh Accies

69 – Jed-Forest

63 – Marr

60 – Heriot’s Blues

58 – GHA and Glasgow Hawks

50 – Selkirk

44 – Musselburgh

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137 – Kirk Ford (Hawick)

128 – Colin Sturgeon (Marr)

104 – Finlay Scott (Jed-Forest)

102 – Chris Hyde (GHA)

93 – Graham Wilson (Heriot’s Blues)

88 – Danny Owenson (Musselburgh)

68 – Andy McLean (Glasgow Hawks)

63 – Jamie Forbes (Currie Chieftains)

50 – Jamie Loomes (Edinburgh Accies)


16 – Musselburgh

13 – Selkirk

12 – Hawick and Heriot’s Blues (including one red which counts as two)

11 – Currie Chieftains, GHA and Jed-Forest (including two reds which each counts as two)

10 – Edinburgh Accies (including one red which counts as two)

8 –  Glasgow Hawks

7 –  Marr

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58 – Glasgow Hawks

53 – GHA

52 – Edinburgh Accies and Heriot’s Blues

46 – Currie Chieftains

41 – Jed-Forest, Marr and Musselburgh

40 –  Selkirk

36 – Hawick





16 players have been involved in all 18 of their clubs matches throughout the regular section of this season. We have arranged these durable warriors into a select team, with hookers swapping at half-time to make sure everybody gets a game. Also, Jack Hamilton of Selkirk, who is usually a scrum-half, will be asked to help out on the wing, while the multi-talented and adaptable Finlay Scott (normally a hooker) – he’ll likely be asked to kick the goals too!

15. Finlay Scott (Jed-Forest)

14. Jack Hamilton (Selkirk)
13. Ryan Cottrell (Selkirk)
12. Andrew Mitchell (Hawick)
11. Robbie Shirra-Gibb (Jed-Forest)

10. Calum Inglis (Marr)
9. Graham Wilson (Heriot’s Blues)

1. Shawn Muir (Hawick)
2. Bruce Riddell (Selkirk) / Ryan Stewart (Currie Chieftains)
3. Craig Miller (Marr)
4. David Andrew (Marr)
5. Callum Folan (Marr)
6. Connor Sutherland (Hawick)
7. Dario Ewing (GHA)
8. Luke McCutcheon (GHA)

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  1. Interesting player stats. Hawick with 36 players used is the one that stands out. That is impressive – and hugely fortuitous.

    A further 5 clubs were under 50 players – again a positive sign.

    Would be interesting to understand what happened at the clubs who were over 50. A bad run of injuries? Players used in U20s? Selection decisions?

  2. Well done to the two 18 year olds, Amena Caqusau (7 in 11 games) and Ross Darroch (7 in 10 games), for getting their names on the top try scorer list in their first season of senior rugby. Two flyers.

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